The Design Thinking Playbook

Innovation Excellence

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Michael Lewrick, author of The Design Thinking Playbook. The book has been released recently in English and has become the preferred book for many Universities which aim to teach students about Design Thinking in Europe, Asia and the US.

Lateral Thinking Puzzle Books

Destination Innovation

Here are our most popular lateral thinking puzzle books: 290 Wally Test puzzles – trick questions designed to catch you out and make you groan when you hear the answer. The post Lateral Thinking Puzzle Books appeared first on Destination Innovation.

Study 142

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Book Excerpt: How to Avoid the Post-Design Sprint Slump

Innovation Leader

What exactly is a post-Design Sprint slump, and how do you know if you’re in one? Author and facilitator Douglas Ferguson lays out the symptoms in an excerpt from his new book, “Beyond the Prototype

Ridiculous Deal on Co-Founder Braden Kelley’s Latest Book

Innovation Excellence

Today was one of those times when an email dropped into my inbox stating that Palgrave Macmillan, the publisher of my latest book Charting Change is offering it at a ridiculous Cyber Week Sale price of $9.99 Change Design Disruption Innovation News Association of Change Management Professionals Books Business Authors Business Change change management Change Planning Canvas Change Planning Toolkit Cyber Monday deals Lean Change Management Project management project managers special offers

Books about Behavioral Economics

Train yourself on the trending field of behavior change with our recommended books about behavioral economics. These are some of the best books in the field to apply to make better choices, build positive habits, and change behavior for the better.

Designing Your Culture for High Performance

Innovation Excellence

If you embrace the thinking in the popular management book, Culture Eats Strategy for. culture Design Innovation Bottom-up Culture Design Designing Culture Organizational DesignIf you follow this column you know that we live in paradoxical times.

Design 107

How to Design for Outcomes

Tim Kastelle

This is a lesson that Timothy Prestero and his organisation Design that Matters learned painfully. In 2010, DtM came out with an incubator designed for use in developing countries that won a ton of awards. It’s always a bit dangerous to be “inspirational.”

Design 277

Book in Brief: Designing Interface Animation

Boxes and Arrows

Editors’ note: We’re introducing a “Book in Brief” feature here on Boxes and Arrows. We’ll publish an excerpt, up to 500 words, of your book. The catch is that we’ll only publicize one book a month; first come, first serve. Book in Brief

Do Shorter Design Sprints Work?

The Future Shapers

In Richard Banfield’s book Enterprise Design Sprints , he talks about how Design Sprints have become “a trusted format for problem-solving at many large companies.” So, why are people turning to shortened Design Sprints? The Allure of the 3 & 4 Day Design Sprint.

7 Must-Read Books on Innovation Strategy


Much of economics is designed around physical stuff, things we pick up and put down, and things we often trade physical tokens to buy in the first place. Remember, innovation moves almost as fast as we can print books. Part of good business is reading business theory.

The Book that Took 9 Years to Publish

Stephen Shapiro

One week from today, my 6th book, Invisible Solutions , will be released. I’ve been asked, “How long did it take to write the book?” December 2 – 10, 2018, I locked myself in a hotel room and started working on the book.

Video 56

Top Human-Centered Design Resources

Discover our guide to human-centered design books, articles, tools, and other resources. One up-and-coming innovation framework is human-centered design, an approach centered around the end user and their unique problems and needs. What is Human-Centered Design?

Pirates in the Navy Book Excerpt

This guest article from Tendayi Viki is a selection from his latest book, Pirates In The Navy. There are three main elements that intrapreneurs need to think about before they start working; Leadership Support Organization Design and Innovation Practice.

Book in Brief: Orchestrating Experiences

Boxes and Arrows

Editors’ note: This “Book in Brief” feature here on Boxes and Arrows is from. Orchestrating Experiences: Collaborative Design for Complexity by Chris Risdon and Patrick Quattlebaum. We’ll publish an excerpt, up to 500 words, of your book. Designing principles as a system.

Creative Construction – Book review

The Inovo Group

Well-respected Harvard Business School professor and HBR contributor Gary Pisano has weighed in on the topic of large company innovation in his new book ‘Creative Construction’. This book is a worthwhile, albeit high-level, treatment of the topic with a rich set of descriptions and examples.

The limitations, criticisms and new pathways for Design Thinking – Part One

Paul Hobcraft

Let me summarize where we are today in design thinking. In the past couple of weeks, I have been spending a fair amount of time on investigating design thinking. This is part one of my thoughts that came out of investigating and researching design thinking in the past couple of weeks.

Innovation Process: Develop…Then Design Later?

Beyond the Obvious

In the traditional R&D process, the product is developed and then handed off to the design team to “wrap” it and make it look pretty. The drawback is that this approach is out of date; in the last ten years consumers have become much more design-savvy. Consumers want functional, usable design that highlights ease of […]. Book Book Excerpts best ideas design and development Ford Fusion Ford Motor Company JetBlue product research and development sell your product

Design Thinking Books & Articles to inspire

Board of Innovation

What Can Design Bring to Strategy? – Kathryn Best Design Thinking Comes of Age – Harvard Business Review Design for Action – Harvard Business Review The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design – IDEO Design Thinking – The Book and Tools – The post Design Thinking Books & Articles to inspire appeared first on Board of Innovation. Board Of Innovation design thinking Inspiration

The Design of Value Proposition Design with Alex Osterwalder

Innovation Excellence

Book Review Business Models Interviews Author Interview Business Model Canvas innovation managment Product Management product managers Value Proposition Design

The limitations, criticisms and new pathways for Design Thinking – Part two

Paul Hobcraft

This is part two of my thoughts that came out of investigating and researching design thinking in the past couple of weeks. The ‘product of my work’ itself is presently being worked through to be available as an e-book in the coming weeks.

The Real Startup Book Update

Grasshopper Herder

Publishing update on the Real Startup Book - Craft the best experiment or research project to bring clarity to the unknowns of your current business model The post The Real Startup Book Update appeared first on Lean Startup Evaluative Market Experiment Evaluative Product Experiment Experiment Design & Template Generative Market Research Generative Product Research Hypothesis Driven Development Minimum Viable Product

Book in Brief: Living in Information

Boxes and Arrows

Editors’ note: This “Book in Brief” feature here on Boxes and Arrows is from. Living in Information: Responsible Design for Digital Places by Jorge Arango. We’ll publish an excerpt, up to 500 words, of your book. Are you sitting in a room while reading this book?

Design Thinking Books & Articles to inspire

Board of Innovation

What Can Design Bring to Strategy? – Kathryn Best Design Thinking Comes of Age – Harvard Business Review Design for Action – Harvard Business Review The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design – IDEO Design Thinking – The Book and Tools – The post Design Thinking Books & Articles to inspire appeared first on Board of Innovation

Design-Test-Repeat Cycle Visual

Strategyzer Innovation

Over the years, we have used these principles to refine one of our favorite visuals: the Design-Test-Repeat cycle. Over the past 10 years we have worked on our Design-Test-Repeat visual to clarify the process and increase user adoption. Version 2 from Value Proposition Design.

Making Design Thinking Work in Complex Ecosystems

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Book Review Design Innovation Leadership Uncategorized Design Thinking health healthcare Healthcare Policy Innovation Ecosystem Value Creation

Innovate and Design over the Competition

Beyond the Obvious

No matter what business we are in, we are all fighting essentially the same fight—designing a product that a customer will prefer over that of our competitor.

Real Startup Book: 2nd Update

Grasshopper Herder

We have a new update for the Real Startup Book available here: For those unfamiliar with this project, please read our first update. Since the Real Startup Book is under Creative Commons, anyone will be able to use, remix, and rehash what we come up with under the terms of that license. If you’re not familiar with Creative Commons, it […] The post Real Startup Book: 2nd Update appeared first on

#1,581 – The Greatest Books of 2019

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

This is a list of books that I read in 2019, not necessarily a list of books that were published in 2019. The 50 Greatest Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy – Books that cover a wide range of topics can be hit or miss. 2019 was a great year for books!

2 Rising Travel Innovators and the Advantages of Direct Bookings

Innovation Walk

When we want to book a hotel we automatically go to our favourite online travel agency (OTA), also known as a booking portal. Sometimes there are deals on a certain hotel and you immediately book to save money. It’s designed to do 2 unique things.

Human-Centered Design in the Financial Industry: An Innovative Example


Lake Trust Credit Union, which aims to serve some of the most financially disadvantaged communities in America, has decided to buck that trend and use human-centered design instead. Employees have even launched book clubs and talent shows using the platform.

Book in Brief: Digital and Marketing Asset Management

Boxes and Arrows

Editors’ note: The second “Book in Brief” feature here on Boxes and Arrows is from Theresa Regli’s Digital and Marketing Asset Management: The Real Story About DAM Technology and Practice. We’ll publish an excerpt, up to 500 words, of your book. Book in Brief

Design Thinking & the Uncertain Future VUCA

The Future Shapers

Design Thinking and the premises of the future: The ambiguity associated with the lack of clarity in the exposure of the problem that gives rise to interpretations. The same conditions cause different consequences when applying the Design Thinking methodology. There is no Design Thinking for everything and much less for everyone. No recipe always works for everyone; There are so many Design Thinking methodologies as stars on the horizon… Which one is right for you?

Designing for Wellbeing in the Workplace

Rmukesh Gupta

So, it makes perfect sense to build our workspaces with little nudges all along the design of the physical space so that they help us go back home a little more happier and healthier than we came in the morning. . So, the question is who will design these nudges?

Emotional Design with A.C.T. – Part 2

Boxes and Arrows

model, a user-friendly take on using existing frameworks for designing emotional experiences. Designing relationships. Design goals, types of reactions & triune brain. Design Goals. Design goals, types of reactions, and forms of love. New York: Basic Books.

Clarifying Design in Business Sciences: a Design Thinking Taxonomy

Open Innovation EU

This article is an extended book review of The Quest for Professionalism of George Romme , a 2016-published book by Oxford University Press. The book chooses a slightly philosophical approach without getting too abstract. Design Thinking in Business Sciences.

Designing creative workspaces to spark creativity at work

The Future Shapers

All around the world, employees have started demanding something new and different in terms of workspace design. Taking into account the user´s needs is therefore crucial when planning to design a workspace for innovation.

Book Review – Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Perez

Rmukesh Gupta

Overview: I bought this book on Audible after listening to the author talk to Roman Mars on his podcast – 99% Invisible ) and listened to the audio book, which the author has read herself. The book is primarily about three things: Design. This is a 5 star book for me.

The High Art of Designing Scaffolding


A modern variation of a similar design used in the recent restoration of the Sistine Chapel ceiling.[2]. Woodworkers, for example and by comparison, will often design jigs to position a part in relation to a tool in order to augment the function of that tool.

Design 106

Why designers need systems thinking

The Inovo Group

Design thinking is big in the corporate world. Ever since Tim Brown wrote his seminal book ‘ The Art of Innovation ‘ in 2001, the role of design thinking in innovation has grown – and for good reason. The post Why designers need systems thinking appeared first on Inovo.

German edition of Business Model Navigator book updated!

The BMI Lab Blog

When Oliver Gassmann, Karolin Frankenberger and Michaela Csik published in 2013 the first edition of Business Model Innovation book, they wanted to share the outcomes from their research about business model innovation, based on thousands of study cases all over the world.

Tools 52

“Lean Startup, or Business Model Design, or Design Thinking?” is the Wrong Question


A brief history of the Continuous Innovation Framework The early scaffolding for the Continuous Innovation Framework was described in my first book: Running Lean. Stay tuned for more… [link] “Lean Startup, or Business Model Design, or Design Thinking?”

UX Book Clubs

Boxes and Arrows

In early Nov 2008, I started to talk to a few people about the idea of a book club in Sydney to discuss User Experience (UX) books. Russ Unger and Donna Spencer encouraged me to let other people hear about it, and when I did – through the Information Architecture Institute (IAI) Members discussion list, and then through the Interaciton Design Associaton (IxDA) – many people thought it was a good idea. Go away and read the book. The books will be different.

Design Thinking and Scrum: union increases productivity in companies


In this context, the combination of some innovative approaches such as Design Thinking and Scrum – one of the Agile Methodology frameworks – emerges as a strategy in business projects to increase team productivity and make valuable deliveries focused on the end customer. The benefits of Design Thinking. Design Thinking respects and understands the end user needs. Scrum + Design Thinking. Design Thinking: the 3 phases. Agile Design Thinking