In Search of the Perfect Brainstorm: An Update of Collaborative Ideation


The post In Search of the Perfect Brainstorm: An Update of Collaborative Ideation appeared first on InnovationManagement. Imaginary scenario: you have been invited to a meeting to explore new approaches to a wicked problem. Loudmouth Number 1 describes his solution.

A Remote Innovation Brainstorm Method

Destination Innovation

In 2001 two musicians, Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tambrello, wanted to collaborate on some new compositions. There have been many other such long-range collaborations. Creative people do not have to be in the same room in order to collaborate on innovations. Gibbard and Tamborello.


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How to Break the 5 Habits That Hurt Ideation


Many companies find it hard to prioritize ideation. The post How to Break the 5 Habits That Hurt Ideation appeared first on InnovationManagement. Here are five ways to break the pattern and gather a wealth of ideas for your organization.

10 Clever Ways to Stop Ideation Bullies from Hogging Your Brainstorming Sessions

Innovation Excellence

And one way you can create … Continue reading → collaboration Creativity Innovation brainstorming

Brainstorming Techniques - How to Brainstorm by Yourself

HYPE Innovation

In general, people tend to brainstorm in groups. However, due to globalisation, organisational challenges, time, and resources, you see more and more companies organising idea campaigns in the cloud where participants are brainstorming and coming up with ideas on their own. In this post, I'm going explain to you solo brainstorming techniques that work. Ideation & Collaboration

The 10 Commandments of Effective Brainstorming

Gregg Fraley

Redefine Brainstorming If You Want Results. . It’s okay to hate Brainstorming. There have been many studies of brainstorming and articles written. The original guidelines of brainstorming (defer judgment, quantity of ideas, build on ideas, combine, etc.)

11 Templates for Brainstorming

These top ideation and brainstorming templates from Miro can be used with your team remotely or in the same room. Interested in templates for brainstorming that you can even use with a team online? In this guide we will share some of the most popular brainstorming frameworks.

29 Innovation Activities for Your Next Ideation

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I often get asked what activities a team should do in ideation to get better results and keep it fun. Consumer Innovation Creativity Feature Of The Week Innovation Processes & Tools Product Innovation Brainstorm collaboration competitive claims Corporate innovation empathy ice breakers ideation activities immersion Innovation Platforms Insights Team building

4 Brainstorming Exercises for Introverts


How do we make brainstorming enjoyable, valuable and fun for everyone involved? Get 4 brainstorming exercises that get everybody’s creative juices flowing. Open office spaces, coffee machine chats, and brainstorming sessions. Today we’re tackling the brainstorming beast. Inspired by how we work as a team here at Ideanote and this post by Susan Cain, we have comprised a list of 4 brainstorming designs that introverts can get behind.

Structured Brainstorming – Walking the Tightrope


The post Structured Brainstorming – Walking the Tightrope appeared first on Ideanote. Digitalization Idea Management brainstorming collaboration Digital transformation digitalization fuzzy front end idea management idea management platform ideation innovation technology

There is such a thing as a bad idea! 10 Mistakes to avoid when brainstorming

The Future Shapers

While it can be fun to brainstorm at a round table strewn with multi-coloured markers, oddly-shaped sticky note pads, scattered candy, and Rubik’s Cubes, ideation sessions often prove to be wasted effort. Here we explore 10 common mistakes made when setting up brainstorming sessions.

The US Coast Guard and Rapid Adaptation: “There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Textbook Hurricane’ or a ‘Standard Oil Spill'”


Collaborative Innovation Leadership Organization & Culture Podcast Best Practices brainstorming coast guard employee recognition empowerment idea frenzy idea management Ideation innovation council united states coast guard us coast guard

Solution Focused Reflective Practice in Collaborative Learning


Collaborative learning - the Core of the Hub We are excited to turn the wheel to interactive use-case driven ‘Spark Creativity’ sessions and dive deep into identifying success factors of remote facilitation techniques with our Partner Hub Members based on their projects, methods and use cases?—?this

Solution Focused Reflective Practice in Collaborative Learning


Collaborative learning - the Core of the Hub We are excited to turn the wheel to interactive use-case driven ‘Spark Creativity’ sessions and dive deep into identifying success factors of remote facilitation techniques with our Partner Hub Members based on their projects, methods and use cases?—?this

Top 12 ideation techniques to brainstorm your way to new ideas


Does your ideation session with your teammates turn into just another meeting with a few people squabbling and the rest keeping quiet? How do you enhance the likelihood of having successful ideation sessions? While producing new ideas might not be difficult considering how frequently ideas come and go, producing great ideas often requires some inspiration and implementing some scientifically proven techniques of ideation. Techniques That Encourage Ideation.

Top Remote Working Software Tools to Innovate & Collaborate

Online collaboration tools for innovative work remotely. If you and your teams have found yourselves working more remotely, you may be interested in this collection of top remote working, meeting, communication and facilitation tools that can increase your collaboration, impact, productivity, and ease while working virtually or from home. They have great collaboration tools like breakout rooms and whiteboarding that can make your meetings more engaging and interactive.

Designing Circular Business Models: From Ideation to Implementation

The BMI Lab Blog

The company should fundamentally ideate new value propositions and value creation mechanisms along a circular ecosystem. Two methods of ideation can be distinguished – the structured and unstructured method. Sometimes, partner companies stop collaborating or have internal struggles.

What is Miro and How to Use Miro for Virtual Collaboration

Learn about the Miro collaborative whiteboard software tool and find tutorials to use it here. With more work being done remotely, it’s more important than ever for teams to be able to successfully communicate and collaborate together. Collaboration.

How Design Thinking Promotes Innovation


In reality, design thinking is a process that overlaps with traditional innovation in many different ways, making it extremely useful for innovative ideation. This process generally has 5 main steps: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test.

Collaboration in the Time of the Coronavirus: How to Innovate Effectively During a Crisis


By having a repeatable method in place to collaborate around ideas and refine solutions for challenges as and when they arise, you can help safeguard your enterprise. However, you may not know that your system can provide an alternative to smaller collaboration sessions.

Why Do Some Brainstorming Sessions Suck?


9 BAD HABITS TO BREAK FOR BETTER IDEATION Time flies, seasons change, and before you know it, the annual barrage of articles trashing the validity of brainstorming is once again upon us. To argue that brainstorming doesn’t work is to simply ignore the thousands of amazing ideas and innovations that came to the world as a result of countless sessions of collaborative creativity that was, for all intents and purposes, brainstorming.

The 60-Minute Brainstorm Training

Idea Champions

Which is why we are now, via our collaboration with GenieCast , offering a 60-minute version of our 3-day brainstorming facilitation training. Well this the 60-minute Brainstorm Facilitator -- a simple way to upgrade your ideation skills quickly. Our longer Brainstorm facilitation training. Our brainstorm websiteOne thing is obvious to those of us at Idea Champions. None of our clients have any time. Like none. Maybe less than none.

What PR Firms Say About Our Brainstorm Facilitation Training

Idea Champions

Idea Champions has trained quite a few PR and Marketing firms in the art and science of facilitating breakthrough brainstorming sessions. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, Idea Champions' ability to quickly and effectively teach my colleagues and me how to facilitate brainstorming sessions changed the future of our business. The learnings from that session instantly changed the way we run our ideation sessions -- both internally and externally with our clients.

How Online Whiteboards Create Lasting Innovation


This is an inherent element to in-person collaboration, as most rooms have a whiteboard or sketchpad that can easily be utilized. This directs contributions and collaboration towards the goals you’re trying to meet. No shared collaborative space. Brainstorming.

Succeeding in Zoomworld


While we don’t think that Zoom will ever fully replace the magic of collaborating and innovating face to face, there’s a surprising amount that you can do online to make it useful and effective (and also less exhausting). Plus ….

Three Ways Work From Home Sparks Innovation


Especially, when they are involved in collaboration, brainstorming, and ideation, innovation is critical to your success. When they manage to integrate the proper collaboration tools, however, they find that working from home actually sparks innovation. Introduction.

Why Visualization Tools are a Logical Next Step for Innovators


In this article, we will discuss why visual collaboration is so important to innovation and we’ll reveal the best tool to implement new innovation strategies. This means that when proposing new ideas, you can brainstorm more options and don’t have to worry about people’s comprehension of them.

Tools 130

IdeaScale Integration With MS Teams Helps Streamline the Idea-Sharing Process


Over the past year, both due to necessity and the more natural process of remote work becoming more popular, Microsoft Teams has taken center stage as the collaboration software of choice. In addition, our integration makes it easier for any meeting to become an ideation session.

Brainwriting Template

6-3-5 Brainwriting is a group-structured brainstorming technique that is a highly collaborative way to generate as many ideas as possible in groups within a short period of time. During each round, participants are asked to write down three ideas on the topic you’re brainstorming.

The best ways to have good ideas? Have lots of bad ideas!

Idea to Value

They have found that in brainstorming sessions, focussing on quantity of ideas led to more quality ideas as well. Other studies have also supported a link between higher rates of responses on ideation tasks and the creativity of the output.

Is it possible to lead a creative team with some members who are closed-minded?


I’ve been in brainstorms and meetings where people walked out of the room because their long-held beliefs were challenged; they couldn’t stand it and left. Rather, let them ideate alone before joining the group. This is actually the best way to brainstorm. Bottom line: Collaboration is a competitive advantage. Your organization is living a slow death if you’re unable to collaborate with people who don’t think, act and look like you.

Affinity Diagram Template

During the ideation and brainstorming process, exploring as many ideas as possible and collaborating together with your team is key. Virtual innovative teams can easily collaborate online using a design thinking software tool like Miro.

Avoiding Groupthink and Empowering Introverts


There was this great infocomic a few years ago that talked about the virtues of online brainstorming. Although there are lots of benefits that we’ve discussed in our blog before (transparent processes, lower program costs, etc), this comic highlighted two of my favorite benefits that results from online brainstorming: avoiding groupthink and empowering introverts.

What is Invision Freehand?

From Miro , Mural , Stormboard , Conceptboard , and FigJam , there are many different digital collaboration tools out there that can help you brainstorm and ideate with your design thinking teams. Sharing to add collaboration between team members. Brainstorming templates.

What is Lucidspark?

Next up in our list of digital collaboration tools and resources is Lucidspark, another digital whiteboard option for design thinking and innovation focused teams. Lucidspark is another virtual collaboration tool that offers some of the same features as products like Miro or Mural.

2 SCAMPER Templates from Miro

SCAMPER is an acronym for multiple innovation ideation techniques, including: Substitute – Find a part of your concept, process, etc. Brainstorm in a group ideas for each of the 7 ideas (Substitute / Combine / Adapt / Modify / Put to another use / Eliminate / Reverse).

What is Shape? IDEO’s Latest Innovation Tool

Meet the latest visual, collaborative software tool from IDEO. Shape is the latest collaborative digital software tool created by IDEO to help with innovation and design thinking projects. Collaborate smarter – comment and mention your teammates on collections, images, and text.

Tools 56

What is Mural and How to Use Mural for Design Thinking

In our recent post on remote working software tools , we shared some top tools that can be used to innovate and collaborate with your virtual teams. One of these ideation and visualization tools was Mural.

Interview with an Innovator: Luc Michaud


MW: What do you do when you’re not brainstorming on Betterific? MW: What books do you recommend on ideation, creativity or innovation? LM: I look at what we value most and brainstorm as to how to improve these different aspects with this challenge: How could we save money? – I really like the challenges, but I would also like to see some collaboration. Brainstorming with Challenge Winners Uncategorized

How to develop innovative ideas together – online

The BMI Lab Blog

At the beginning of 2021, we are mostly used to the new digital reality, yet many still feel that online meetings might be appropriate for coordination but not suitable for ideation. What is ideation? In the process of business model innovation, ideation is the second step.

Change Management Strategy – 35 Articles for Your Change Agent Role


Extending Brainstorming Ground Rules to Everyday Business Life. The right combination of outside perspectives and productive strategic thinking exercises enables your brand to ideate, prioritize, and propel innovative growth. Brainzooming - All Posts Collaboration Compilations Implementation Innovation Insights Performance Strategic Thinking Strategy Tools creating strategic impact

What is Conceptboard?

This visual collaboration workspace is being used for innovation and design thinking workshops and projects. Integrated screen share and video chat, embedded directly into your canvas for easy collaboration and discussion.

Tools 52

Idea Generation Process: The Various Approaches to Gathering & Implementing Employee Ideas


Defining Your Idea Generation Process The key steps in a traditional idea generation process follow a set path; submission, collaboration, evaluation, and implementation. Collaboration Once an idea is submitted there is still a long way to go before it is implemented.