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Guest Blog Post: How to plan for creativity; The power of divergent and convergent ideation


We are excited to bring you Joyce Wycoff , an author and expert on gratitude and creativity. The Betterific memberbase is comprised of design thinkers, product developers, and smart creatives. So we like to bring content that helps expand the mind around creativity and brainstorming. Below is Joyce’s version of breaking down the science of creativity. Read on to learn more! There is one over-riding rule of creativity: Separate the two phases.

How to Come Up with Disruptive Ideas Using ‘Random Words’? [Including Video]


We only need to be creative and come up with original, new ideas 2% of the times on an average day, yet disruptive solutions are the key to any successful business in the 21stcentury. So, it’s more than high time to train our creative brains and expect both employees and students to come up with surprising ideas on any usual weekday. As a company, we follow the market leaders or already set-up lower-risk processes.

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6 Creative Innovation Exercises for Online Whiteboards


Innovation is a process that relies heavily on creativity and individual thinking, and these are things that don’t come easily. Advantages of Creative Thinking Exercises. Here are some of the advantages of using creative thinking exercises.

Naming Workshop

We can take our decades of experience to design an innovative learning and naming workshop experience just for your organization. After learning our process you’ll be able to create names, names, names, and more names for anything new that pops up.

How to develop innovative ideas together – online

The BMI Lab Blog

At the beginning of 2021, we are mostly used to the new digital reality, yet many still feel that online meetings might be appropriate for coordination but not suitable for ideation. What is ideation? In the process of business model innovation, ideation is the second step.

Design Thinking Tools: how to use them to solve complex problems


This is because they break down the complexity of processes so that the designer has a full 360-degree view of the problem, anchoring them in their way of thinking. To make it even simpler, you could say that Design Thinking is an innovative approach based on the designer’s thoughts, combining creativity and empathy to create innovative solutions. Ideation: collaborative brainstorming sessions with the help of tools to create innovative solutions. Ideation Tools.

Idea Champions Helps All Kinds of People Originate Great Ideas

Idea Champions

Since 1987, Idea Champions has been helping a wide variety of forward thinking organizations tap into their innate creativity and originate breakthrough ideas. Through your brainstorm facilitation, we gained more than 100 original ideas of high quality. Brainstorm Champions

THE QUESTION: Who Created "The Year of Living Creatively?"

Idea Champions

If you are thinking about subscribing to The Year of Living Creatively , one question you are likely to ask is this: "Who created it -- and what are his credentials?". FREE THE GENIE BRAINSTORMING : Facilitated, online creative thinking sessions for individuals and small teams.

Mystical guidelines for creating great user experiences

Boxes and Arrows

” The Jewish mystical tradition explains that these utterances correspond with ten stages in the process of creation. Every creative process in the world ultimately follows this progression, because it is really a part of the continual unfolding of the world itself, in which we are co-creators. The process of creation. The ten stages in the process of creation progressively create four realms. The realm of ideation. Creative activity.

Interested in Becoming a Zoomstorming Facilitator?

Idea Champions

Idea Champions has recently developed an extraordinary online, ideation service which we call "Zoomstorming." Mitchell Ditkoff , Co-Founder and President of Idea Champions -- a thought leader in the field of creative thinking, innovation, and the creative process.

The Big Secret of Design Thinking? Doing.


Back then, this process wasn’t called design thinking. It was simply what you did when you gathered together a bunch of creative professionals (like engineers and industrial designers) who were experts at making things, and had them collaborate with another bunch of creative professionals (like psychologists and human factors experts) who focused on understanding human experience. Our process is what makes us special! million.

Can Innovation Work in a Work-from-Home World?

The Inovo Group

Done the right way and in the absence of a pandemic, a proper mix of WFH and in-office can increase productivity AND creativity AND reduce stress levels. more joy); and the potential for deeper and more creative thinking (more productive). Ideation.


Idea Champions

Neither my mother or father were particularly "creative", but they had whatever it took to spark new life and I was very glad they did. learning consultant to an Islamic school in Australia… and now – creator of THE YEAR OF LIVING CREATIVELY. I did. Mitch Ditkoff. Who am I?