11 Templates for Brainstorming


These top ideation and brainstorming templates from Miro can be used with your team remotely or in the same room. Interested in templates for brainstorming that you can even use with a team online? In this guide we will share some of the most popular brainstorming frameworks. In today’s post, we’ll cover yet another useful tool to help you collaborate virtually with your team members: digital templates for brainstorming and ideation sessions.

Creativity Is Where Innovation Starts

Gregg Fraley

Creative Thinking Can Be Trained. Train Creativity First, Innovation Next . My new message about innovation is — get back to basics first — and that means the spark of it all, creativity. Yes, I’m an innovation writer, trainer, and consultant, AND, without a creative culture you’re building innovation on a mound of sand. With creativity activated, facilitators like me help others innovate, using advanced frameworks and tools.


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Fast Company’s Brainstorming Fail

Gregg Fraley

Fast Company Article “Brainstorming is Dumb” Misses the Point. Brainstorming, Done Properly, Is Not a Tool, It’s A Multi-Step Process. And yet another major publication publishes a misleading article about brainstormingBrainstorming is Dumb. The big picture the article misses is that brainstorming is not a single tool, it’s a system. They mention Osborn in the article but don’t accept his definition of brainstorming.

Optimizing Meetings to Maximize Individual Brainstorming Time


You’ve been trying to make some real progress on your creative project, but the constant meetings have really been cutting into your individual brainstorming time. Organization & Culture Strategies brainstorming meeting planning strategyAre you overwhelmed by unnecessary meetings ? We’ve all been there: one more meeting, and you feel like you’re going to scream.

Get More Creativity Now

Gregg Fraley

Creativity is a Choice and a Habit. Join the Creative Flow Challenge. 11th — 18 Days to Creative Power. Learn How to Apply Creativity to All Your Projects. Yes, you can improve your creativity. Experienced “creatives” can up their game.

80% Of Brainstorming Sessions Don’t Work

Gregg Fraley

80% Of Brainstorming Sessions Don’t Work. Redefine Brainstorming and Get Better Results. I might be getting to old to hold back on saying this about ideation, aka idea generation, aka brainstorming. As the drawing suggests, please, let’s redefine brainstorming. Here’s the list of brainstorming fails — and the solutions to avoid them: Seven Brainstorming Fails, with Solutions. Brainstorming is all group work.

Seven Ways to Prepare for Effective Brainstorming

Gregg Fraley

Prepare, Then Brainstorm. Most brainstorming doesn’t work. The literature bashing brainstorming is extensive. I’m going to focus on one problem with brainstorming in this post: lack of preparation. There is not enough mental preparation done with participants before brainstorming/idea generation sessions. Start thinking of idea generation as a project that takes a few weeks, not a one day session. Broaden the range of knowledge in the project.

How to Run a Virtual Design Thinking Project with Remote Teams


In this guest post, learn how to effectively implement a virtually-led design thinking project. A growing body of research shows that organizations that have adopted this innovative approach based on customer-centricity, creative problem-solving and experimentation, are significantly outperforming their competitors. Losing Momentum : Virtual projects are notoriously difficult to keep moving. HMW) questions that will serve as the basis for brainstorming in the following step.

Artificial creativity (A.C.): Can a computer be creative? It’s scarily close

Idea to Value

In 2013, I wrote a breakthrough article on the nascent examples of computers beginning to generate ideas in a way similar to human creativity. Here I revisit the article with all-new evidence showing how close we are to artificial creativity. In the not too far future machines and robots will not only become more advanced, they will also begin to exhibit aspects of Creativity, and may soon exceed people in the ability to produce simple creative outputs.

Brainstorming with an expert, Richard Ahern


Welcome to the second part of our new “Brainstorming with…” series, where we interview two sets of people – the innovation challenge winners and the product developers and innovation experts that sponsor the challenges. From the winners, we learn brainstorming tips, how they arrived at their winning ideas, and the inspiration they use. You can check out our first Brainstorming with a winner edition, where we interviewed Dan Pick.

Brainstorming with Innovator Dan Pick


We want to make you famous for your creativity. ” This is the first in our “Brainstorming with…” series. Below is an interview we had with Dan, where we ask him about his techniques, some insight into how he brainstorms, and for some suggestions on how to make Betterific even better! MW: What do you when you’re not brainstorming on Betterific? Then, I pause for a few days and typically try to return for another brainstorming session.

Magical Ideas and Creative Solutions

Innovation Excellence

When the Magical Idea is in some way transformed into a realizable project, it becomes a Creative Solution. Transform it into a Creative Solution. Creative Solution: the phonograph. Creative Solution: King Kullen, the world’s first self-serve supermarket. Their Creative Idea: organize a presentable group of people to visit homes. Taking a flight of fantasy followed by a sound return to the ground leads to more unusual ideas than brainstorming.

Seven Facilitation Fails

Gregg Fraley

Innovation projects are about a lot of meetings. Meetings about getting a project mandate, visioning, what to innovate, how to innovate, challenges to take on, jobs to do, experiences to create, research exploration, insights development, problem framing and problem reframing, project road-mapping, concept development, prototyping, pitches, strategy, check-ins, and all the variations.

Future Squared Episode #108: Flow Genome Project's Jamie Wheal on Why Creativity is a State of Mind | Collective Campus

Collective Campus

In this episode, listen to Jamie Wheal, the Executive Director of Flow Genome Project, talk about what flow is, spiritual materialism, why brainstorming and all-nighters don't really work, and many more topics

15 most important Innovation Theories your company should be using

Idea to Value

In fact, creativity is becoming a core skill which companies know they need in the future. Companies which want a structured system to manage a funnel of ideas and projects (e.g. 9 – Understanding the science of creativity. What it is: For a long time, there was a lot of crap advice out there about improving creativity. In the last few decades, there has been an explosion of excellent, scientific research into creativity and what affects it.

Extreme Creativity – History of Rock


Looking for Extreme Creativity ? Are you REALLY looking for extreme creativity? Close the door, or put on the headphones, and settle back for extreme creativity in a unique rock music mashup style! – Mike Brown. Boost Your Extreme Creativity with “Taking the NO Out of InNOvation”. Download our FREE “Taking the No Out of InNOvation eBook to help generate extreme creativity and ideas! Brainzooming - All Posts Collaboration Creativity extreme creativity

In Defense of Brainstorming

Idea Champions

In the past few years I have noticed a curious trend in the media -- one I can no longer ignore -- and that is the appearance of seriously derisive articles about brainstorming by self-declared pundits and free lance writers. While the previous two quotes do have some degree of truth associated with them, likening a brainstorm session to a "crowd" is not only a poor choice of metaphors, it is patently untrue. or poorly facilitated brainstorming sessions don't work.

5 Reasons to Bring Your Team Together for a Remote Design Thinking Project Now


Here we share five reasons why now’s the time to bring your team together for a remote design thinking project. Colleagues don’t need to be in the same country, let alone the same room, to run innovation projects. This is a guest article written by Sprintbase. .

Brainstorming with an expert, Matt Nelson


In this installment of “Brainstorming with an [innovation] expert” we invite Matt Nelson from Hyundai. Every company I’ve seen use DesignThinker creates their own “special sauce”, from the naming of the process phases to the helper terms that aid in brainstorming. Purchasing will source suppliers for parts, suppliers and anything else required in support of the project. MW: What impressed you most about the Betterific member base of creatives?

3 Innovative Projects with Ideanote to Get '19 Started


An Ideanote project can help you with that. We’ve picked out three of the most interesting Ideanote projects, with our best tips and tricks on each. And you guessed it, open innovation in an excellent Ideanote project to get started with. Find better solutions faster - Businesses that use open innovation platforms enjoy 74% average return on investment on submitted projects. The second Ideanote project we propose is breaking down organization silos.

The One Question Innovation Culture Assessment

Gregg Fraley

Solving an innovation culture problem isn’t easy, but your solution had better include interesting, compelling, and fun, Projects. Projects are how cultures actually change. Self-expression is the faucet of creative thinking, and without creative thinking you won’t have much innovation. Are You Having Fun? Innovation Should Be Fun, Joyful, and About Playing With Concepts. The One Question Innovation Culture Assessment.

12X More Ideas Than Brainstorming for Any Innovation Need, Any Time, and For Any Business

Innovate2Grow Experts

You will get an overview of how you can consistently generate at least 12 X more ideas than brainstorming for any need, at any time, in any kind of business. Here is what is in this blog: You will confidently know that there is a powerful alternative to traditional brainstorming. produces 12 times more ideas than brainstorming. delivers at least 12 times more ideas and brainstorming. Almost everyone can be equally creative but they are creative in different ways.

Top 12 ideation techniques to brainstorm your way to new ideas


Brainstorming. Brainstorming is the most common and the most popular ideation technique in almost every industry. Brainstorming is all about the quantity of ideas and not the quality. The intention of a brainstorming session is to think collectively. However, freestyle brainstorming might not lead to substantial ideas. The linear brainstorming process at Google includes the following steps: Know the user. The father of brainstorming, Alex F.

GFi Innovation — Fall Training Course Schedule

Gregg Fraley

This essential training for leaders and project managers provides answers, and from an industry thought leader. Innovation Intensive will help you improve the effectiveness of innovation projects. The course covers management mandates, project cycles, resourcing, idea management systems, idea generation tools, concept development, prototyping, and pitch presentations. Streamlined management of innovation projects. It grows your capacity to run effective projects.

Welcome to The Gold Standard of Brainstorm Facilitation

Idea Champions

Here's what Idea Champions' clients have to say about the value they've received from engaging our brainstorm facilitation services. Through your brainstorm facilitation, we gained more than 100 original ideas of high quality. As a result of Idea Champions' efforts we have implemented more than 250 value-added Big Idea projects." -- Joe Belinsky, Professional Development Manager, Goodyear Rubber and Tire. Your High Velocity Brainstorming sessions were wonderful.

Digital Technology MoshPit

Gregg Fraley

Discover Ideas for Long Term and Tactical Innovation Projects. Chicago, IL, August 1, 2018 — The MoshPit Innovation Service is an innovation project discovery service marketed by GFi (Gregg Fraley Innovation). Ideas for innovation projects emerge from the intensive sessions. Digital Technology MoshPit finds undiscovered tactical and strategic innovation project ideas. This is not your Dad’s brainstorming.

Re-thinking Innovation – the Keys for Successful Innovation Projects


Re-Thinking Innovation Keys for Successful Innovation Projects Just for a moment – let’s try a quick exercise together. Close your eyes, and imagine an innovation project or challenge… What comes to mind? There’s a pretty good chance that you picture a group of enthusiastic people gathered together, creatively brainstorming a list of new ideas.

Ten Things United Airlines Might Have Done

Gregg Fraley

Creative Training Would Have Helped. Two Points to Make related to Creativity and Innovation: 1.) Culture change doesn’t happen without a project. How United could change would be to organize an innovation project to improve that would involve every person in their organization. Training in customer service and creative thinking would be at the heart of a program, but would also need to find breakthrough new ways to serve customers.

Video 59

How to Get a Quantity and Quality of Ideas That You Will Never Get From Innovation Brainstorming.

Innovate2Grow Experts

In the previous blog I covered: Quantum idea generation produces at least 12 times more ideas than brainstorming. Very challenging project – “good luck.” ” How we developed diversity for this project. Their career progress could be significantly influenced by a positive result on this project. She personally led more innovation projects than probably any other person in America.

Creative vs. Strategic Thinking: What’s The Difference?

Idea Drop

There are two distinct (though complementary) ways to work through a problem and develop a solution: we might label them ‘creative thinking’ and ‘strategic thinking’. There are many possible definitions for these two modes of thought, but practically you can think of them in terms of the following principles… The key principles of creative thinking Take your time: a creative thought can strike any time, day or night.

What PR Firms Say About Our Brainstorm Facilitation Training

Idea Champions

Idea Champions has trained quite a few PR and Marketing firms in the art and science of facilitating breakthrough brainstorming sessions. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, Idea Champions' ability to quickly and effectively teach my colleagues and me how to facilitate brainstorming sessions changed the future of our business. Our success as a firm depends on our ability to think about tough challenges in new and creative ways, often on short timelines.

Seven Innovation Fundamentals for Leaders

Gregg Fraley

Frameworks assume: engaged leadership, talent on the team, day to day creativity, curiosity, and domain knowledge. Seven Innovation Fundamentals: Applying creative thinking to problems. There is no innovation without creativity. Individuals and teams need to be creative in order to solve focused innovation challenges. Still, curiosity, freedom of expression, and creative thinking are essential to success. Projects change culture. Projects are essential.

Different Ideas Emerge From Different Doing

Gregg Fraley

You need to embrace Different, and also it’s cousins, Risk and New to enliven innovation projects. For example, instead of doing a classic brainstorm, or ideation, do a MoshPit. Instead of doing Brainstorming, do Brainwriting , or better yet, a BrainWalk. Different Isn’t That Difficult; It Requires … Doing Things Differently. Innovation Programs Based On Best Practices are Doomed to Mediocrity.

To Innovate: Learn, Scaffold, Ideate

Gregg Fraley

Acquiring knowledge across many domains is about broad-based learning, and it’s often where big “I” innovation comes from.This allows creative combinations of ideas and concepts from one area — with ideas or concepts from another. Facilitators who scaffold well are master innovation facilitators and their projects achieve better results. The key is to get creative with how your organize your innovation projects. Innovation is Learning.

How to Be More Creative

Idea Champions

Most people agree that creativity (and it's twin brother, innovation) is a good thing. Accordingly, they want to know how they can become more creative or more innovative. That being said, there are time-tested guidelines and principles which, when honored, will increase your chances of increasing your creativity and innovation. Why make the effort to become more creative? Everyone is creative. What is blocking your creativity? Jump Start Creativity.

Six tools to improve your creativity during an innovation process

The BMI Lab Blog

Creativity is not a gift but a skill we can train with proper tools. When we introduce somebody to innovation methodologies, especially those focused on business models, the role of creativity topic usually comes up. The most common question is whether we need to use creativity or not to innovate. There is a short answer for this: The majority of the most successful innovation methodologies give creativity a strong role.

Tools 48

Evolving a Creative Workplace: Step 1

Boxes and Arrows

We believe cubicles and closed-door offices do not help foster teamwork, communication, or creativity. Many times, employees will hash out ideas while “walking and talking” outside, or could just as easily pop into a café and brainstorm client projects in a different setting. When a company or team experiences rapid growth, it’s exciting. But more often than not, that success comes with a price.

How to Be More Creative

Idea Champions

Most people agree that creativity (and it's twin brother, innovation) is a good thing. Accordingly, they want to know how they can become more creative or more innovative. That being said, there are time-tested guidelines and principles which, when honored, will increase your chances of increasing your creativity and innovation. Why make the effort to become more creative? Everyone is creative. What is blocking your creativity? Jump Start Creativity.

Economic Development Teams Need Innovation Training

Gregg Fraley

But in the spirit of an Economic Development “What If…” What If all those other Amazon bidders had put that same energy, and money, into doing innovation projects that are smaller in scale, but, new, different, and clever in their regions? What kind of innovation projects might they have done instead? What kind of projects might they do in the future instead of chasing the next Amazon-like grand slam homer?

Accelerate Innovation — With Experiential Learning

Gregg Fraley

Sunni Brown , Dave Gray , Dan Roam, and yours truly all use experiential learning tools in innovation projects. They go straight to brainstorming without preparing minds, and that’s a big reason sessions fail. Frameworks become a competitive advantage when you use them in more creative ways. Would you like to learn more about scaffolding, and how to design drawing, and other modes of creative expression, into innovation sessions?