Strategic Thinking Exercises – 3 Responses to New Ideas


Since all the companies competed with one another, each one needed to determine its own business strategies. Strategic Thinking Exercises – 3 Responses to New Ideas. If it was off-target, we’d suggest alternative strategic thinking exercises to try.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – An Alternative Vision Statement Approach


During in-person and online strategic planning workshops , we regularly use a strategic thinking exercise that helps leadership groups quickly identify a shared future vision statement. Pushing Back on a Strategic Thinking Exercise.

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Strategic Planning Exercises – 6 Ways to Organize Lists of Ideas


We have been working with a client that had done a lot of strategic planning exercises about a new initiative. 6 Ways to Organize Ideas from Strategic Planning Exercises. They need strategic thinkers who can develop strategy and turn it into results.

Strategic Thinking Exercises – 11 Things Running through a Facilitator’s Head


We facilitated a two-day innovation strategy workshop for an industrial company. The company wants to make significant changes to a major production process. During the innovation strategy discussions, we addressed the production process changes from five different perspectives.

When Is the Right Time for Brainstorming in Strategic Planning?


When is the right time for brainstorming in strategic planning , or really any other type of planning for that matter? Brainstorming CAN make sense throughout a strategic planning process. The Right Time for Brainstorming in Strategic Planning.

41 Surprising Things about Community Collaboration Done Well


In nearly every Brainzooming community collaboration workshop, we conclude with a Plus-Minus-Interesting-Recommendation-Question exercise (a PMIRQ for short). Brainstorming for technological advancements”. Effective Exercises and Process. Loved the Boom / Bust exercise.”.

Creative Thinking Skills – Protecting Yourself from Creative Thinking Challenges


Brainstorming – 7 Things a Brainstorming Session ISN’T. Brainstorming Is Challenging with these 6 Brainstorming Session Types. In short they need strategic thinkers who can develop strategy and turn it into results.

Team Collaboration – 14 Benefits from Pre-Meeting Outreach


In the new Brainzooming strategy eBook 321 GO! , we share common situations standing in the way of successfully implementing your most important strategies. Creative Thinking: What Is the Right Size for a Brainstorming Group?

12 Resources to Lead a Strategic Planning Process When You’re New


Someone downloaded a free Brainzooming strategy eBook, noting his biggest strategy challenge is “how to do a strategic planning process when you are new.” Secure copies of previous plans and strategy documents, and don’t settle for the first things people offer you.

Ideation: Anatomy of a New Product Idea


Ideation: Anatomy of a New Product Idea. Getting New Product Ideas Flowing. If you have teams close to customers, working in the field, using your product everyday – they’ll often be a great source for early indicators of where existing products are missing the mark.