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AI for Ideation | How to use AI to brainstorm and generate ideas

Here’s a demonstration of how to use AI to help you brainstorm or generate ideas. AI can be a powerful tool to use in your innovation, design thinking, or ideation projects. Follow along with the video and try it yourself for a different way to brainstorm or ideate new ideas or directions.

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The 10 Commandments of Effective Brainstorming

Gregg Fraley

The Sins That Ruin Idea Generation. Redefine Brainstorming If You Want Results. . It’s okay to hate Brainstorming. ” Well, you bother because you need ideas. There have been many studies of brainstorming and articles written. Rarely does a casual brainstorm generate a breakthrough idea.


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Idea Generation Process: The Various Approaches to Gathering & Implementing Employee Ideas


Employee ideas are the backbone of any corporate innovation initiative, and therefore a strong idea generation process that can be scaled across your organization is key. Asking the Right Questions Before the digital age, ideas were mostly shared through physical suggestion boxes.

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Top 12 ideation techniques to brainstorm your way to new ideas


Does your ideation session with your teammates turn into just another meeting with a few people squabbling and the rest keeping quiet? How do you enhance the likelihood of having successful ideation sessions? It’s time to let go of conventional, boring idea generation tactics. Techniques That Encourage Ideation.

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ChatGPT Workshop Course

We’ve been coaching professionals on using ChatGPT for their projects in their work. Now, we’d like to offer a live virtual workshop that will help our participants learn ChatGPT and how to use this tool (and other similar generative AI tools) in their work for their own unique projects and programs.

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80% Of Brainstorming Sessions Don’t Work

Gregg Fraley

80% Of Brainstorming Sessions Don’t Work. Seven Idea Generation Fails. Redefine Brainstorming and Get Better Results. I might be getting to old to hold back on saying this about ideation, aka idea generation, aka brainstorming. Brainstorming is all group work.

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The 5 Worst Things You Can Do in an Ideation Session

Flying Fish Lab

Coming up with new ideas is hard. Ideation sessions are hard too – but only if you let them be. What if we could free you from the chains of running ideation sessions where ideas are few and far between and participants get distracted from their only role in the session – coming up with ideas – any ideas – and nothing else!