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Strategic Thinking Exercises – 3 Responses to New Ideas


The objective was to help them become better strategic thinkers and marketers. Since all the companies competed with one another, each one needed to determine its own business strategies. It seems ridiculous to help a company become better at strategic thinking and marketing without being allowed to tell them how to do it. Strategic Thinking Exercises – 3 Responses to New Ideas. 10 Keys to Engaging Stakeholders to Improve Strategic Results.

9 Big Strategic Thinking Questions to Start Addressing Now


This time of year, preparing for upcoming strategic planning exercises may seem like something far in the future. Whether strategic planning is months away or close at hand, however, it’s always smart to get a head start tackling big strategic thinking questions that warrant in-depth consideration. As we look ahead to clients’ strategic planning processes, we’re developing new strategic thinking questions to freshen our Brainzooming strategic planning exercises.


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Strategic Thinking Exercises – 11 Things Running through a Facilitator’s Head


We facilitated a two-day innovation strategy workshop for an industrial company. The company wants to make significant changes to a major production process. During the innovation strategy discussions, we addressed the production process changes from five different perspectives. In each of the five mini-innovation strategy workshops, we had a group of core team members, plus people familiar with each perspective.

41 Surprising Things about Community Collaboration Done Well


The open-ended questions in a PMIRQ allow participants to share invaluable reactions and ideas; we use them directly to shape what we do in future innovation workshops. I was thinking I may not be as included since I’m not from or otherwise generally associated with (the community).”. Thinking of ideas for different categories.”. Brainstorming for technological advancements”. One of best group brainstorming sessions in a long time.”.

12 Resources to Lead a Strategic Planning Process When You’re New


Someone downloaded a free Brainzooming strategy eBook, noting his biggest strategy challenge is “how to do a strategic planning process when you are new.” ” That question relates to something we do all the time: walk into a new client in an unfamiliar industry to design and facilitate a strategic planning process. Secure copies of previous plans and strategy documents, and don’t settle for the first things people offer you.

Creative Thinking Skills – Protecting Yourself from Creative Thinking Challenges


Sometimes creative thinking challenges come from inside your own head. In many organizations, however, substantial creative thinking challenges come from leaders and cultures that may say they want new thinking, but seem to do everything they can to scuttle creativity. If so, this Brainzooming compilation on various ways to combat creative thinking challenges is for you. Organizational Creative Thinking Challenges. Cultivating Personal Creative Thinking Skills.