Crowdsourcing Case Study: Polaris Industries

Planview Spigit

Polaris Industries’ crowdsourcing case study is inspiring people both internally and externally—and their story is still relevant today. A few years later, an industrial designer and vehicle dynamics engineer conceptualized the Polaris Slingshot, a new form of three-wheel motorcycle that would shatter preconceptions about hybrid or trike-style bikes and attract an entirely new buyer segment. Making the Case for Spigit—Crowdsourcing breakthrough innovation at Polaris.

Case Study: Digitizing an Industry


Software Design & Delivery. The startup handed Taivara a typical binder and said, “Turn this into an app design.” The company successfully acquired funding and they re-engaged Taivara to complete the full product build. Case Study: Testing for the Perfect Market.

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Case Study: Regional SME Development Project Brings Innovation Lift to Manufacturing Hub

Innovation 360 Group

Acknowledging the need for pursuing deeper impact over a wider area, the Growkomp Regional Development Project was designed to develop the innovation capacities of 22 manufacturing companies in the Småland regionof Sweden over a two-year period. Blog case study GrowKomp

Case Study: Improving Customer Experience and the Bottom Line


Software Design & Delivery. Design a visually appealing interface that could easily be white-labeled for each new brand. However, each data-collection strategy requires a unique workflow with unique edge cases. Case Study: Testing for the Perfect Market.

Case study of agile and UCD working together

Boxes and Arrows

Large scale websites require groups of specialists to design and develop a product that will be a commercial success. This case study shows how the ComputerWeekly user experience team integrated with an agile development group.

Culture of Innovation Video and Case Study: Cambia Health Solutions Transforms the Health Care Landscape Through Innovation

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Cambia is an exemplary example of how organizations can create a culture of innovation by engaging their most valuable resource—their people. The Cambia Health Solutions Case Study: Creating a Culture of Innovation.

Siemens Case Study: Crowdsourcing Solutions to Turn Gridlock into Green Lights

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Although Siemens has an extremely robust R&D department, they needed a platform that various internal business units could use for their individual innovation programs as well as one that could easily engage non-employees in a coherent manner. “We The global scale of the external contest clearly requires an IT platform, as our intent was to engage the public in a way that was comfortable and easy to use,” said Collar. “We

Business Model Patterns: A Sneak Peek at the Invincible Company

Strategyzer Innovation

The book builds upon Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design , and it takes a deep dive into how world-class companies continuously reinvent their business models. We thought we’d highlight three of our upcoming cases as a sneak peek into our new book. Books Case Studie

The Magic of Process: Department of Labor


And although they have great engagement stories and interesting policy-level impacts as part of their programs, what sets the Department of Labor apart is that they are true masters of process. Case Study Department of Labor dol innovation process workflow youthact

One Weird Thing About Customer Satisfaction


Perhaps their most effective strategy was the extensive planning and design surrounding the implementation of the innovation initiative. Not only did they have a system in place for gathering and evaluating ideas, they also created a comprehensive strategy to stimulate internal engagement.

Non-Profit Innovation: NCARB Brings New Product to Market

Moves the Needle

How The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards Used Lean Innovation to Create New Value for Their Customers Take this Case Study with you! Download the PDF version of this case study to take with you for reference.

How Schibsted Media Group Used Empathy and Evidence to Validate New Ideas

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Schibsted Media Group Case Study Founded in 1839, Schibsted Media Group is a Norwegian media group with operations in 29 countries, the most important being Norway and Sweden. Download this case study to save for your records or to show to your leadership team here: Download Case Study.

How Used Lean Innovation to Make Their Mission a Reality

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Lean Innovation Case Study: Bringing a New Product to Market Don’t have time to read the whole article? Download this case study to show to your team, colleagues or boss: DOWNload Case Study.


How SAY San Diego is Using Lean Innovation to Create Real Change

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Co-Authored by Heather Hiscox and Amelia Klawon Get the full case study to save for your records or to show to your leadership team here: Download Case Study. The goals of these engagements were to: Remove silos in the organization Discover new revenue streams Improve recruitment practices and employee retention 1. Case Study Social Impact


IM Award Lessons: Rapidly Iterating on Promising Ideas


The QED Group has been a pioneer in the area of Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting, an approach designed to foster continuous improvement through stakeholder engagement and change management. To learn more about QED’s award-winning efforts, download the case study today!

Students Under-Served by Higher Education


Heavily steeped in the traditional model of on-campus students who dedicate their university time exclusively to their studies, they were excluding a large portion of potential students who were just as dedicated to academic success. Case Studies Adjacent business strategy

Emotional Design with A.C.T. – Part 2

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model, a user-friendly take on using existing frameworks for designing emotional experiences. Designing relationships. When we engage in conversation with another person, we make both unconscious and conscious evaluations of them. Design Goals. Emotional Design with A.C.T.

Designing Progressive Web Applications for the Future

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In a study performed by Google, the findings show an average of 22% faster page loads for mobile users and 30% faster page loads for desktop users. Image from Google study showing the percentages of people installing the PWAs. Design Principles Interfaces

How to Engage the Business Units to Lead Innovation


One of the main challenges in leading innovation processes in a large corporation is to engage the Business Units’ leaders and the employees of the company and persuade them that although everything works great (for now), doing things differently might be the right thing to do.

The Power of Collaboration

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This effort was an interesting challenge since it involved me—a non-Aboriginal designer—trying to design for Aboriginal students from multiple cultural backgrounds. My final project was a prototype design that I then tested in paper form. Importance of Visual Design.

Content Strategy — in 3D!

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The church had met a design challenge by constructing a narrative in an environment that advanced its messaging goals and met the goals of its audience. The final implementation, we knew, would need content, design, and user interfaces that spoke to everyone at once. Case Studies

Images and Metaphors - Finding the Right Agile Organization Design

Legacy Innovation Group

Images and Metaphors — Finding the Right Agile Organization Design. Mid–sized and larger organizations often struggle immensely with finding an organization design that allows them to grow and stay agile at the same time. Engage an entire organization around that image.

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Are Design Patterns an Anti-pattern?

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Design patterns are generally considered a good thing, but do they actually help run a user experience group? As a user experience group manager and an observer (and sponsor) of design pattern exercises, I’ve come to have serious questions about their actual utility.

Qmarkets & Amer Sports – An Innovative Partnership that Created Unprecedented Employee Engagement


From mobile innovation solutions to analog internal marketing, gamification, and employee meeting spaces, read our case study to learn all about Amer Sports' approach to innovation today.

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Finally a framework to manage holistically Industrial Revolution 4.0

Paul Hobcraft

This is requiring total company engagement as you transform your present physical world into a highly connected digital world, totally dependent on technology. This SIRI Prioritization matrix is a great place to start and engage with their clients.

Are We Taking the “U” Out of UX?

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What is a UX designer? Some excerpts: Work with the development team to follow a user-centered design approach as you work collaboratively to brainstorm and design innovative solutions to complex problems. Ability to create clear and engaging visualizations.

Design 106

Why You Need An Innovation Coach


You’ve gone through training or read about things like design thinking and lean startup. But somehow the project doesn’t go as smoothly as the exercises and cases studies you read through. This doesn’t mean that the innovation methods you learned don’t apply; it means you need to be intentional as you apply them, thinking about how they will work in your organization and iterating on the design of your organization’s unique innovation blueprint.


Scaling-Up: The Foundation

Integrative Innovation

Its uniqueness lies in designing a distinct ‘Playing Field’ between the explorative (radical or disruptive) innovation domain, managed by corporate units and the exploitative (mostly incremental) innovation domain, managed by BUs. Design Thinking, Lean Start-up or Sprints).

Qmarkets Named Idea Management Market Leader in Winter 2020 Customer Success Report


Offering a detailed analysis of innovation and idea management tool vendors, the report is intended to assist potential B2B buyers make informed purchasing decisions through validated customer success content – such as testimonials, success stories, case studies, and videos.

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Ignite 2018: Registration for the Premier Conference for Innovation Leaders is Open

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XPRIZE is the leading expert in designing and implementing innovative models that utilize gamification, crowdsourcing, incentive competitions, and exponential technologies to solve the world’s grandest “unsolvable” social challenges – such as Adult literacy, Women’s safety, and Water abundance.

How to Avoid Innovation Blockers and Activate Amplifiers

Innovation 360 Group

We’ve put together some advice on how to move past the blockers and turn on the amplifiers: The First Design Decision. Every innovation project begins with a series of design choices, but each of these choices has implications for the sort of blocks you can expect to encounter along the path.

50+ Business Cases on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Open Innovation EU

During a course we developed at Avans University this winter, we asked students to gather relevant business cases on innovation and entrepreneurship in order to analyse them and prepare discussions around organization design. Part of the cases are in Dutch.

Mapping Networks


Case Study. This design allowed for a clearer understanding of how data is organized as well as great interaction with thousands of data points through zooming, filtering, and highlighting. Case Study: Discovering Near-Term Revenue Potential. Case Study: Bringing Business Focus to Technology R&D. Case Study: Cultivating a Startup – From Seed to Harvest. Case Study: Unveiling Customer Insight. Mapping Networks.

IDEATION 2020: Just-in-Time Brainstorm Facilitation Coaching

Idea Champions

A few case studies. In honor of the year 2020 and the classic meme it represents (i.e.

IDEATION 2020: Online Brainstorm Facilitation for Purple Strategies

Idea Champions

A few case studies. In honor of the year 2020 and the classic meme it represents (i.e.

IDEATION 2020: Online Brainstorm Facilitation Coaching

Idea Champions

A few case studies. In honor of the year 2020 and the classic meme it represents (i.e.

IDEATION 2020: Online, Just-In-Time Brainstorm Facilitation Coaching

Idea Champions

A few case studies. In honor of the year 2020 and the classic meme it represents (i.e.

If You Build It They Will Come: How a Unique Customer Experience Grows Your Business


This one engagement is designed around resolving a problem quickly so the service agent can get the customer off the phone and on to the next call. Customer Experience is one of the least understood aspects of delivering an excellent product.

Customer Experience Strategy – Brand Expectations and Experience


I fielded a request for a few ideas on social engagement for an upcoming eBook an online company is creating. One of the questions related to how brands can set themselves apart through a customer experience strategy and outstanding customer engagement.

10 Inspiring Innovation Podcasts


You look to them for information on trends, emerging technologies, psychology studies, and more. Why We Like It: This type of in-depth psychology gives us ideas for how to better engage the crowd, inspire creativity, and drive innovative thinking. If you’re like us, you love podcasts!

36 Articles to Explore Strategic Planning Process Activities


Yesterday, we identified the six types of strategic planning process activities we use to design a client’s strategic thinking workshop. Making Case Studies in Presentations More Valuable. 5 Employee Engagement Ideas When Turnover Is High.

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Top 5 Consulting Firms for Innovation and Digital Transformation in 2019

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They offer case studies, white papers and other original insights. Based in NYC, this relative newcomer combines the discretion of a prestige consultancy with the high-touch engagement of a boutique. Konrad , based in NYC, with offices in San Jose, Toronto and Vancouver, delivers a “full-spectrum” approach rooted in design thinking. Digital transformation is more than saying “We are doing business in the 21st century, using 21st century tools.”

How to Get Buy-in for Your Innovation Project

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However, this need not be the case. Case Studies. Present case studies of similar organizations and competitors having successfully used said initiative to deliver measurable outcomes. Engage decision makers in innovation days.