#1,541- Reverse Trailers, Film Tapas, and the Future of Entertainment

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

But I am hoping to change that. EntertainmentIf you miss a sporting event you can catch up by watching the highlights on SportsCenter. If you haven’t read a book but want to be able to talk about it you can get the Cliff’s notes version.

Apple Announces Name Change to App-le

Braden Kelley

First Apple changed its name from Apple Computer to Apple to better reflect a business focus that was extending beyond computers to music players, smartphones, digital music sales, and more.

Change 166

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#1,596 – Best of CES 2020: Quibi, Sero, and the Future of Entertainment

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

The idea that content has to be designed with the format in mind because it means that technology is actually profoundly changing the way that entertainment is designed and performed. We’ve all been there.

Driving force, thought leader, and entertainer


As a keynote speaker, workshop moderator, and consultant, Michael Durst is THE expert for disruptive change and innovation management fighting for the vision of a digitized and open-minded future. The post Driving force, thought leader, and entertainer appeared first on.

Life-Size Hologram for Speakers, Educators, and Entertainers

Daniel Burrus

We’ve seen it in sci-fi movies, television series, and the music and entertainment world. How could a band or entertainer be more anticipatory in their thinking on how to deal with the struggles of today’s music industry?

How Technology Changes Our Home in the Most Unexpected Ways


Technology is constantly changing our lives. It improved our communication and transportation, it increased the pace of business and development, it’s changed government and our families. 3) Home Entertainment.

Change and Transformation—Know the Difference

Daniel Burrus

If you’re a Baby Boomer, you may have had only a handful of channels from which to choose—not to mention the headache of adjusting the antenna, putting aluminum foil on the rabbit ears, and let’s not forget getting out of your chair to change the channel. Change Defined.

Innovation in Digital and Virtual Immersion Will Change The Way We Live

Innovation Excellence

However, the movie’s impact wasn’t confined to its entertainment value; the movie centered around metaphysical themes popularly attributed to Western philosophers Plato and Descartes, and reframed them in modern, digital fashion.

Changing Lanes

Boxes and Arrows

This kind of introspection can be illuminating in that it can help you consciously account for the factors that could lead you to stay in a role as it exists, make changes to the role so that you continue to reap rewards in the current position, or determine it is again time to look for that next great adventure. A few types of job changes. One type of job change can be thought of as linear progression. This type of change can be very challenging, but very rewarding as well.

2017 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards

Innovation Excellence

Change Conferences Creativity Disruption education Entertainment Entrepreneurship Innovation Global Innovators Innovation awards Innovation Stories

3 Months in Virtual Reality, 6 Lessons Learned

Innovation Excellence

Change Cognition Consumer Innovation Creativity Disruption Entertainment Product Innovation Technology gaming Oculus product innovation technology Virtual_Reality vrSo now I finally have my own VR setup at home. I’ve spent many hours in VR. I visited the Himalaya. I went to Pluto.

The Wonderful World of App-le Television

Innovation Excellence

First Apple changed its name from Apple Computer to Apple to better reflect a business focus that was extending beyond computers to music players, smartphones, digital music sales, and more.

#1,660 – Tom Cruise’s Space Movie

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Something that we desperately need to start doing again as we face relentless turmoil on Earth in the form of global pandemics and irreversible Climate Change. Entertainment Space

Born in the USA – 5 innovations that changed the world


Little do we know, there are many other inventions that changed the way we live today and were born and raised in the USA. If we talk about the inventions that changed our lives, well then obviously we need to mention the chocolate chip cookies.

Changing Minds

Boxes and Arrows

We are living in a continual shift of focus, and this article aims to provide some understanding on how our minds are adapting to constant changes in train of thought. Each individual experiences a different set of processing patterns during the dialog of a text interaction, whether the text is an informal chat, meeting plans with a potential lover, a detailed work email mail, or interactions with entertainment.

#1,521 – Hit Record

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

As a creative who gets zero attention and who has virtually nothing to show for seven years’ worth of effort I am all for changing our priorities. I’m never going change my style and write click bait stories. Am I going to change who I am to do that? Entertainment

Learning to Manage Opportunity in the Unknown

Daniel Burrus

Crisis is a form of change or disruption coming from outside of your organization that greatly impacts the status quo and must be dealt with. This is why change must happen by way of implementing anticipation—allowing you to become an opportunity manager instead of a crisis manager.

How Big Brands Move to Brand Journalism

Innovation Excellence

They are meant to inform, entertain and engage in much the same way that articles on any mainstream media site accomplish the same goal. Case Study Change Customers Digital marketing Advertising brand journalism Consumer EngagementThe stories aren’t meant to sell corn flakes.

Redefine Risk in the Face of the Unknown

Daniel Burrus

For instance, it’s a definite Hard Trend in this quarantine that people are searching for entertainment while staying safe at home, and are willing to pay to be entertained.

The Rage Podcast: Voices All Around Us


I began hearing from readers all over the world who had suffered personal losses similar to the employees of the fictional EnvisionInk Systems and Atom Heart Entertainment. It’s been said by many that change happens when the pain of change is less than the pain of staying the same.

#1,355 – PlatformPass

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

What can you do to change this fact? Entertainment MediaI recently discovered the greatest TV show of all-time. A TV show that is even better than Lost, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Westworld, Dark Matter , or even my latest obsession, Rick and Morty.

#1,328 – Cobra Kai

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Cobra Kai changes all that. EntertainmentGreat ideas come in all shapes and sizes but one sector that I’ve rarely touched on are the great ideas hailing from Hollywood.

Edutainment No More


About a year ago I wrote the following article at the request of ACM Computers in Entertainment for the debut of their redesigned site, which launched last week. ” by Ken Goldstein (ACM Computers in Entertainment: May 1, 2012). My definition of entertainment is engagement.

#1,353 – Random Thoughts Edition

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Perhaps I could have changed the angle of my shot accordingly. Entertainment Life Misc

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Innovating Now for a Post COVID19 World

Innovation Excellence

COVID19 will change the way we behave, conduct business, and indeed how we innovate for years to come. Exactly how much change we’ll see and what those changes will actually be is still unfolding.

Fix the Planet – Protect Our Species

Innovation 360 Group

It might seem like something happening far away, but the impacts of climate change are all around us if we only open our eyes. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded that we have less than 12 years before global mean temperatures rise more than 1.5 Crowdsourcing has changed nearly everything in the 21st century, from computing to business operations to startup funding to entertainment, redrawing markets and reshaping political life.

Embracing the Power of Blockchain Technology

Daniel Burrus

Digitally optimizing our lives has enabled us to remove shelves, cabinets and dust magnets while we get our entertainment fix from the likes of Netflix, Spotify and the endless list of streaming alternatives. We often forget just how much technology has changed our lives in the last few years.

Discover New Opportunities Never Before Available

Daniel Burrus

Here are three that come to mind: Sports Entertainment. Disruption is a central component of the Anticipatory Organization Model , focusing closely on how Anticipatory Organizations and individuals can look at disruption and see enormous opportunities.

Use Anticipation to Turn Disruption Into Opportunity

Daniel Burrus

In order to thrive in this time of exponential change, it is imperative to actively scan far outside of your industry looking for new ways to disrupt yourself first. However, digital disruption is different, as it tends to be game-changing with a low cost of entry.

Stop Itemizing Everything: Move Beyond Competition

Daniel Burrus

In so many words, while industries as big as the music and entertainment industry hunkered down in competition, others were using redefinition and reinvention to move well past that. Change the Definition of Benchmarking.

15 Must Watch TED Talks on Creativity

Innovation Excellence

You may already be familiar with TED (short for Technology, Entertainment and Design), but in case you are not, it is a media company that hosts talks by thought leader with the purpose of igniting change and innovation.

How to lead intrapreneurship and innovation

The Future Shapers

The premise is that with climate change we are running out of time and startups are too slow to scale. However, by some estimates, about 70% of organisational change efforts fail. Finally, building innovation capabilities involves profound cultural changes. Speed of change.

How To 102

Nope, Digital transformation is NOT just about tech!

The Future Shapers

Rather, it is the radical rethinking of their business in the transportation, entertainment, and accommodations industries (respectively) while utilizing technology to be able to scale or as a channel to deliver more value that have made them giants today.

Data 64

Stan Lee: 3 Lessons To Unlock Your Inner Visionary


Up until then it never occurred to me to ask who created these characters; that changed when the first Spider-Man movie came out in 2001. The only constant is change, and we’re not the first and only ones to go through changes. Illustration by Christian Laborin.

How Does Playing Video Games *Actually* Affect Your Brain And Well-Being?


When my mom bought me the Nintendo entertainment system my life changed. Anyone who plays video games likes the entertainment aspect of them, but what we really like is how they enable us to get into a state of flow.

Video 141

Seizing the day with principles of Improv Comedy | Anil Abraham | TEDxSJMC

Rmukesh Gupta

You can’t change what has gone before, you can only shape what comes next via how respond to this stimuli. One of the things that I talk about in my book Thrive , is about the mindset of “Yes And” This comes from the world of improvisation comedy.

Which is better – Planned or Emergent Innovation?

Destination Innovation

Most people work in their departments on the current model while a handful of innovators drive change initiatives or new product developments. Sometimes the show flops but more often the results are brilliantly entertaining. Most innovation initiatives are planned and programmatic.

The Ten Types of Innovation

Destination Innovation

E.g. Zipcar radically changed the car hire process. E.g. Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft gives players a collaborative gaming experience. How many types of innovation are there? The simplest way to categorize innovation is into two forms – incremental and radical.

Business Model Shifts: A Sneak Peek at the Invincible Company

Strategyzer Innovation

In Business Model Generation we discussed business model patterns, and in The Invincible Company we are taking this one step further with Business Model Shifts and Transformations — how existing companies reinvent themselves to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world. Have you heard?

Nine Short Innovation Lessons from Lego

Destination Innovation

He created a sense of urgency to undertake the changes ahead. Knudstorp sold all the peripheral activities including many overseas properties and the Legoland parks which are now owned by Merlin Entertainments.

The Anatomy of Innovation


It was a cold, rainy night in upstate New York, and I was snug inside the spacious studio loft that my friends Frank and Mae (names have been changed to protect the guilty) built on their property. By Emma Alvarez Gibson.

Innovate your way through tough times

Values Centered Innovation

Our habitual sources of entertainment, access to healthcare, ways of working, supply chain management… all put aside. That means the opportunity for innovative change is both ripe and necessary.

4 Simple Ways to Get Lucky

Rmukesh Gupta

We need to actively seek out variety in life (in what we read, in the people that we interact with, in the kind of work that we do, in the routes that we drive to and from office, in the way we entertain ourselves, in what we learn and how we learn). 4 Ways to Get Lucky by Mukesh Gupta. In an experiment, social scientist Richard Wiseman , placed advertisements in national newspapers and magazines, asking for people who felt consistently lucky or unlucky to contact him.