Adjusting to a changing world

Paul Hobcraft

The issue we must tackle today, is how we go about adapting to the changing world? One that will be able to take all the advantages of the changes all businesses are undergoing, how societies will be adjusting and responding. We are in a period of (great) change.

Change 165

#1,541- Reverse Trailers, Film Tapas, and the Future of Entertainment

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

But I am hoping to change that. All in all, this technology wouldn’t just change the game, it would create a whole new one: a way to game the Hollywood system that has been meticulously engineered with an endless stream of sequels and remakes specifically designed to bleed our pocketbooks dry and consume our every waking moment. EntertainmentIf you miss a sporting event you can catch up by watching the highlights on SportsCenter.


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Apple Announces Name Change to App-le

Braden Kelley

First Apple changed its name from Apple Computer to Apple to better reflect a business focus that was extending beyond computers to music players, smartphones, digital music sales, and more. And last week Apple announced a flurry of new products … Continue reading → Apple Innovation Technology Apple TV applications entertainment future ipad iphone ipod television Trends

Change 128

Driving force, thought leader, and entertainer


As a keynote speaker, workshop moderator, and consultant, Michael Durst is THE expert for disruptive change and innovation management fighting for the vision of a digitized and open-minded future. The post Driving force, thought leader, and entertainer appeared first on. Let’s start today and get things done! It is finally here: Mike’s speaker site !

Life-Size Hologram for Speakers, Educators, and Entertainers

Daniel Burrus

We’ve seen it in sci-fi movies, television series, and the music and entertainment world. How could a band or entertainer be more anticipatory in their thinking on how to deal with the struggles of today’s music industry? However, if you pay attention to the hard trends that are shaping your industry, both inside and out, you’ll start to anticipate what’s to come and capitalize on new, game-changing opportunities.

#1,596 – Best of CES 2020: Quibi, Sero, and the Future of Entertainment

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

The idea that content has to be designed with the format in mind because it means that technology is actually profoundly changing the way that entertainment is designed and performed. Other than the shift from silent films has their even been a similar instance of technology changing the way that performers act? We’ve all been there. Wanting to blow something up to full screen mode, only to be denied by the limitations of our devices. Thankfully, Samsung has a solution.

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Career-Long Lessons from a Once-in-a-Lifetime Disruption

Daniel Burrus

For some, the post-coronavirus “new normal” is a frightening concept that rattles their status quo, while others are taking this moment to seize new opportunities afforded to us by a global disruption, as COVID-19 has proven to be.

Solve the Real Problem with Exponential Thinking

Daniel Burrus

I have discussed at length the importance of making sure that the problem you and your organization are facing is the correct problem to be focusing on. Currently, we are moving toward a post-pandemic “new normal” as we navigate the tidal wave of COVID-19.

How Technology Changes Our Home in the Most Unexpected Ways


Technology is constantly changing our lives. It improved our communication and transportation, it increased the pace of business and development, it’s changed government and our families. As we head towards a fully-automated future, w e can see many indicators of how technology changes our house. 3) Home Entertainment. These entertainment ways are still the same except that they have evolved.

Change and Transformation—Know the Difference

Daniel Burrus

If you’re a Baby Boomer, you may have had only a handful of channels from which to choose—not to mention the headache of adjusting the antenna, putting aluminum foil on the rabbit ears, and let’s not forget getting out of your chair to change the channel. This illustrates the stark difference between change and transformation. Broadcast television to cable is a form of change, a relatively modest, incremental step. Change Defined. Turning Change Into Transformation.

Changing Lanes

Boxes and Arrows

This kind of introspection can be illuminating in that it can help you consciously account for the factors that could lead you to stay in a role as it exists, make changes to the role so that you continue to reap rewards in the current position, or determine it is again time to look for that next great adventure. A few types of job changes. One type of job change can be thought of as linear progression. This type of change can be very challenging, but very rewarding as well.

How Consulting Will Likely Change Because of the Pandemic

Innovation Excellence

If you work with consultants or have your own consultancy, take note: Things are changing, fast. But with the dramatic overnight changes in work and society caused by the coronavirus crisis, the disruptive transformation of the consulting industry will only accelerate. The entertainment industry was already undergoing digital disruption. The consulting industry was already being disrupted before the coronavirus. Now the disruption is accelerating.

Innovation in Digital and Virtual Immersion Will Change The Way We Live

Innovation Excellence

However, the movie’s impact wasn’t confined to its entertainment value; the movie centered around metaphysical themes popularly attributed to Western philosophers Plato and Descartes, and reframed them in modern, digital fashion. In 1999, the Wachowski siblings released a monument to modern film-making: The Matrix. Stylistically, the world really had never seen anything like it.

Industry 4.0: How to guide organizational change


This movement involves a systemic change in many sectors and aspects of human life: the cross-cutting impacts of emerging technologies are even more importance than the resources they represent. transforms the way we communicate, learn, entertain and relate to each other, as well as how we understand ourselves as human beings. how to guide this change in your company. Check out some tips below on how to guide organizational change towards Industry 4.0

All Work and No Play May Not Help Your Bottom Line

Daniel Burrus

Consider how even the most entertaining games labeled as being “just for fun” can be applicable in business training as well. It is no secret that children are attracted to video games like moths to light.

#2,049 – 2021 Breakthrough Nominee: Shopatainment

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

And increasingly, I believe we’ll shop as a form of entertainment. In Asia, the powerful force of video entertainment shopping has spawned a livestream ecommerce industry akin to professional movie production. This is not a trend—it’s a game-changing movement.

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2017 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards

Innovation Excellence

Change Conferences Creativity Disruption education Entertainment Entrepreneurship Innovation Global Innovators Innovation awards Innovation StoriesTribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards celebrate individuals and ideas that have broken through and had an impact in business and far beyond.across a wide array of critical fields including technology, biomed, politics, education, healthcare, spirituality, religion, economics, sports, fashion, and philanthropy.

3 Months in Virtual Reality, 6 Lessons Learned

Innovation Excellence

Change Cognition Consumer Innovation Creativity Disruption Entertainment Product Innovation Technology gaming Oculus product innovation technology Virtual_Reality vrSo now I finally have my own VR setup at home. I’ve spent many hours in VR. I visited the Himalaya. I went to Pluto. I’ve had front row seats (and better) in concerts and I’ve been inside games like never before. But I’ve learned more.

The Wonderful World of App-le Television

Innovation Excellence

First Apple changed its name from Apple Computer to Apple to better reflect a business focus that was extending beyond computers to music players, smartphones, digital music sales, and more. And last week Apple announced a flurry of new products including: Continue reading → Apple Technology apple TV applications entertainment future ipad iphone ipod television Trends

#1,848 – Acoustik Attak

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Could Acoustik Attak’s Attak Piks change that? Entertainment InventionsHere’s another cool audio idea: a newly designed guitar pick that actually creates enhanced sound waves. An invention that could revolutionize music as we know it.

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#1,825 – Pilot Episodes To The Rescue

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

You know that wholesale changes are coming. Entertainment writer/editor Matt Patches had this to say on Twitter recently: And I couldn’t agree more. Entertainment

Born in the USA – 5 innovations that changed the world


Little do we know, there are many other inventions that changed the way we live today and were born and raised in the USA. If we talk about the inventions that changed our lives, well then obviously we need to mention the chocolate chip cookies. Today, broadband entertainment is delivered to Americans by wireless networks. The post Born in the USA – 5 innovations that changed the world appeared first on Ideanote | Idea Management | Innovation Software

Changing Minds

Boxes and Arrows

We are living in a continual shift of focus, and this article aims to provide some understanding on how our minds are adapting to constant changes in train of thought. Each individual experiences a different set of processing patterns during the dialog of a text interaction, whether the text is an informal chat, meeting plans with a potential lover, a detailed work email mail, or interactions with entertainment.

#1,660 – Tom Cruise’s Space Movie

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Something that we desperately need to start doing again as we face relentless turmoil on Earth in the form of global pandemics and irreversible Climate Change. Entertainment SpaceIt’s important to remember, as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on and a forthcoming mental health crisis looms, to still have some fun every once in a while. Go for hikes, paint something, complete a puzzle, take up a hobby. Whatever the case may be. Whatever tickles your fancy.

#1,760 – Erica

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

This could change everything. Entertainment TechnologyI didn’t feel like signing up for Disney Plus so I am not one of the people watching Hamilton tonight. Probably one of the only ones. So what am I watching? Well, that’s a good question. Quite frankly, I feel like I’ve already seen everything there is to see. Hundreds of TV shows. Thousands of movies. Sure, there are gaps.

How Big Brands Move to Brand Journalism

Innovation Excellence

They are meant to inform, entertain and engage in much the same way that articles on any mainstream media site accomplish the same goal. Case Study Change Customers Digital marketing Advertising brand journalism Consumer EngagementThe stories aren’t meant to sell corn flakes. Naturally, there is a brand message, but it is subtle. True to the nature and mission of brand journalism.

#1,745 – The Narrow Web

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

And it doesn’t help that it’s all happening during a global pandemic under the existential dread of Climate Change. Entertainment Media TechnologyWhen it comes to the Internet there are basically two different versions of reality. There’s everything we think we know. All the websites and apps we’ve come to know and love. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Amazon, etc. The big players. Recognizable brand names. Familiarity.

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#1,521 – Hit Record

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

As a creative who gets zero attention and who has virtually nothing to show for seven years’ worth of effort I am all for changing our priorities. I’m never going change my style and write click bait stories. Am I going to change who I am to do that? EntertainmentJoseph Gordon-Levitt has had quite the career.

The Rage Podcast: Voices All Around Us


I began hearing from readers all over the world who had suffered personal losses similar to the employees of the fictional EnvisionInk Systems and Atom Heart Entertainment. It’s been said by many that change happens when the pain of change is less than the pain of staying the same. Change has to happen. I’d like your voice to be a part of that change. Our shared voices can bring reform, human innovation, and make change happen.

Fix the Planet – Protect Our Species

Innovation 360 Group

It might seem like something happening far away, but the impacts of climate change are all around us if we only open our eyes. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded that we have less than 12 years before global mean temperatures rise more than 1.5 Crowdsourcing has changed nearly everything in the 21st century, from computing to business operations to startup funding to entertainment, redrawing markets and reshaping political life.

#1,355 – PlatformPass

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

What can you do to change this fact? Entertainment MediaI recently discovered the greatest TV show of all-time. A TV show that is even better than Lost, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Westworld, Dark Matter , or even my latest obsession, Rick and Morty. A show that is fast-paced and hilarious, featuring razor sharp wit and epic performances. A show that knows no bounds and has no equals. Unfortunately, it’s also a show that most people can’t watch.

Edutainment No More


About a year ago I wrote the following article at the request of ACM Computers in Entertainment for the debut of their redesigned site, which launched last week. ” by Ken Goldstein (ACM Computers in Entertainment: May 1, 2012). Here in my mind is the problem—we continue for some reason to want to draw a line between education and entertainment, between learning and playing, between rote study and inspired imagination. My definition of entertainment is engagement.

#1,328 – Cobra Kai

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Cobra Kai changes all that. EntertainmentGreat ideas come in all shapes and sizes but one sector that I’ve rarely touched on are the great ideas hailing from Hollywood. The Karate Kid spin-off, one of the first YouTube Red originals, is a legitimate hit, as it follows the story of Johnny Lawrence, the bully who came up short against Daniel La Russo in the original 80’s classic.

Learning to Manage Opportunity in the Unknown

Daniel Burrus

Crisis is a form of change or disruption coming from outside of your organization that greatly impacts the status quo and must be dealt with. This is why change must happen by way of implementing anticipation—allowing you to become an opportunity manager instead of a crisis manager. You create change rather than having to react to it. Instead of reacting to change, you effectively create change. We all manage something in our lives.

#1,353 – Random Thoughts Edition

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Perhaps I could have changed the angle of my shot accordingly. Entertainment Life Misc Here’s a quick look at everything I’ve been thinking about lately: The Oscars are getting criticized for adding a new category called “Achievement in Popular Film”, which is a way for the Academy to acknowledge the accomplishments of a movie that isn’t critically acclaimed yet still becomes a blockbuster. Black Panther would have swept this award last year.

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Redefine Risk in the Face of the Unknown

Daniel Burrus

For instance, it’s a definite Hard Trend in this quarantine that people are searching for entertainment while staying safe at home, and are willing to pay to be entertained. However, it’s a Soft Trend in that during a down economy, there’s no certainty that this will continue, although it’s highly likely as individuals will still find the means to pay something to be entertained.

Agile 49

Embracing the Power of Blockchain Technology

Daniel Burrus

Digitally optimizing our lives has enabled us to remove shelves, cabinets and dust magnets while we get our entertainment fix from the likes of Netflix, Spotify and the endless list of streaming alternatives. We often forget just how much technology has changed our lives in the last few years. However, adopting innovation and changing entire ecosystems is not something that the notoriously cautious financial industry and affiliated regulation committees are famed for.

Use Anticipation to Turn Disruption Into Opportunity

Daniel Burrus

In order to thrive in this time of exponential change, it is imperative to actively scan far outside of your industry looking for new ways to disrupt yourself first. However, digital disruption is different, as it tends to be game-changing with a low cost of entry. The connectivity of the Internet has changed so many industries. Believing that your business is immune to changing circumstances is the common thread between all disrupted organizations.

15 Must Watch TED Talks on Creativity

Innovation Excellence

You may already be familiar with TED (short for Technology, Entertainment and Design), but in case you are not, it is a media company that hosts talks by thought leader with the purpose of igniting change and innovation. While innovation is fundamental to a successful and progressive business, finding time, creativity, and inspiration can be challenging.

Innovating Now for a Post COVID19 World

Innovation Excellence

COVID19 will change the way we behave, conduct business, and indeed how we innovate for years to come. Exactly how much change we’ll see and what those changes will actually be is still unfolding. But big life changing events inevitably reshape our long-term thinking, values and behaviors. And the social disruption caused by COVID19 has broken more habits and established behaviors than any global event since WWII, opening the door to unprecedented change.

Stop Itemizing Everything: Move Beyond Competition

Daniel Burrus

In so many words, while industries as big as the music and entertainment industry hunkered down in competition, others were using redefinition and reinvention to move well past that. Moving beyond the idea of competition through reinvention and redefinition doesn’t involve a mere tweak to an existing product or service or some other variation on a theme, but it means complete, utter change; a one-way move into the future, with no doubling back or second-guessing the plan.

Discover New Opportunities Never Before Available

Daniel Burrus

Here are three that come to mind: Sports Entertainment. Disruption is a central component of the Anticipatory Organization Model , focusing closely on how Anticipatory Organizations and individuals can look at disruption and see enormous opportunities. The untimely situation we currently face with COVID-19 is no exception; not only has every industry been touched by the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, every country has.

How to lead intrapreneurship and innovation

The Future Shapers

The premise is that with climate change we are running out of time and startups are too slow to scale. However, by some estimates, about 70% of organisational change efforts fail. Finally, building innovation capabilities involves profound cultural changes. There is a tendency to emphasise how quickly things are changing and how different the future will be from the present (a predictable bias of people who, after all, call themselves futurists). Speed of change.