4 Ways to Sharpen Your Strategic-Thinking Skills


In a recent survey, 97% of 10,000 senior leaders surveyed said that being strategic was the leadership behavior most important to their organization’s success—but another study indicated that fully 96% of leaders say they lack the time for strategic thinking.*.

The Elusive Skill – Strategic Thinking – How To Get and Measure

Innovation Excellence

How to Get and Measure Strategic Thinking As leaders, we know that it is critical to today’s changing times to think differently about what’s in front of us. Change collaboration Creativity culture Innovation Leadership Decision Making High performance strategic thinking Teamwork


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Strategic Thinking Exercise – Switch the Characters Around


We frequently facilitate a strategic thinking exercise that uses a character outside a situation as the perspective. Here are situations where you can use it: If it’s a discussion for or against an idea, shift the protagonist and antagonist roles to see how the argument might change or develop. There’s no guarantee this strategic thinking exercise works in every situation.

13 Strategic Thinking Questions to Imagine a Radically Different Future


Originating in a long-term future visioning exercise we designed and facilitated for a client, we developed these questions to prompt a group’s thinking about dramatic future change. Strategic Thinking Questions to Imagine a Radically Different Future. Once you provide hypotheses on what you suspect the future will be like in your market, these strategic thinking questions are productive to reinforce dramatic changes ahead.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – Use a New SWOT Nobody Expects


Here is a way you can turn a typical strategic thinking exercise into something new and fun that both adds variety to your strategy meeting AND could trigger some new ideas to get our strategy out of a rut! In many companies, the list of items on the SWOT analysis does not change all that much from one year to the next. Are you up for changing that? Use a New SWOT Strategic Thinking Exercise Nobody Expects.

26 Strategic Thinking Questions to Truly Understand Yourself


Late at night while reading the daily mass readings for the next day and thinking about how one can better understand oneself, I started writing. This list of strategic thinking questions emerged. Strategic thinking questions aren’t only for businesses and organizations. Individuals can also strategic thinking questions to more thoroughly explore what’s important, where they are headed, and how consistently their actions support their goals.

7 Strategic Thinking Questions When Things Aren’t Working


7 Strategic Thinking Questions When Things Aren’t Working. When things took an unexpected turn the other day, I mentally flew through various strategic thinking questions trying to comes up with ideas to adjust what we were doing. When you have solid planning (maybe even over-planning), good strategic thinking questions to identify ways to adapt, and an appreciation for flexibility, unexpected events become a wonderful opportunity for learning and developing.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – 17 Questions to Find Innovation Case Studies


While that might be a comforting perspective if you’re fond of business isolationism, it’s rarely true once you start to explore the business strategically. But given our unwillingness to settle for that easy answer, we created a rapid fire strategic thinking exercise to push for ideas. Strategic Thinking Exercise – 17 Questions to Find Innovation Case Studies. Who are our strategic partners?

Try Nook and Cranny Strategic Thinking Exercises for a Huge Impact!


Nook and cranny strategic thinking exercises. The nook and cranny strategic thinking exercises term popped into my head during a Brainzooming client workshop. Each strategic thinking exercise poster had four or five brand dimensions on the Y-axis. You do the math with this strategic thinking exercise. You’ll quickly see why we love the productivity of nook and cranny strategic thinking exercises so much! – Mike Brown.

4 Strategic Thinking Exercises to Envision Future Strategy


How can you develop strategic thinking exercises to envision the future when it’s so easy to let previous experience cloud your imagination? Romano shared an important insight into the challenge of developing strategic thinking exercises to envision future strategy: “Until you drive an EV, you are colored by 135 years of going to the gas station. Understanding this change, however, is challenging when your perspective hasn’t broken from the past.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – 18 Ideas to Re-imagine a Threatened Business Model


The article inspired a laundry list of strategic thinking exercise prompts to re-imagine a threatened business model when your service offering is under assault from online offerings, bots, or some other form of complete automation. A New Strategic Thinking Exercise. Here is how we see this new strategic thinking exercise coming together. This strategic thinking exercise is straight from the Brainzooming R&D Labs.

Strategic Thinking Questions – Teeter-Totter Rules of Life


Here is a quickie strategic thinking question for you: If you saw your life as a teeter-totter, what rules of life would guide your behaviors and how you treat others? If teeter-totter rules of life guided your strategic thinking and actions, would you. Think about how you being on top means another person is not and treat them with respect, particularly knowing the positions are easily reversed?

A Strategic Thinking Framework Is Better than an Answer


Or you receive confirmation from a speaker that what you have been thinking is right (or pretty close to right), and you can take that back to the office and tell the boss. A Strategic Thinking Framework Is Better than an Answer, Really! Instead, I include lots of strategic thinking frameworks for decision making. While these strategic thinking frameworks aren’t answers, they allow you to quickly develop answers even in areas where you lack experience.

Renew Strategic Thinking without Rewriting your Strategic Plan

Focused Momentum

Strategic thinking requires a shift in mindset from the problem-solving, now-oriented practice relied upon to manage transactions to a less linear, more chaotic future-oriented process in which problem-solving structures reaches their limits. Because making this mental and process shift is difficult when managing operations, time to take on more complex planning discussions is frequently labeled “strategic planning.” Strategic Management

8 Strategic Thinking Experiment Starters for Anticipating the Class of 2025


His keynote got us thinking about how today’s ten-year-olds (the Class of 2025) will change the landscape for brands, following in the wake of the impact millennials have created. A Future-Looking Strategic Thinking Experiment. Reviewing the copious notes, here are strategic thinking starters for thought experiments as you imagine your future organization and market. With devices talking directly to devices, the dynamic changes even more.

Agile Strategy – 16 Strategic Thinking Questions to Explore Disruptive Innovation


Along with the recap, Inside the Executive Suite offered sixteen strategic thinking questions inspired by the Fanatics case study that you can use to explore agile strategy options within your own organization. We thought the list was intriguing, so we secured the go ahead to share the strategic thinking questions with you here. 16 Strategic Thinking Questions to Explore Agile Strategy and Disruptive Innovation.

Strategic Thinking Exercises – Why Do We Give Away So Much for Free?


We, however, routinely share how we do things via our methodology, tools, and learnings from Brainzooming strategic thinking workshops. Why Do We Give Away So Many Strategic Thinking Exercises? And by the way, here are the most frequently referenced compilations: Strategic Thinking Exercises – More than 200 Strategic Planning Questions. Strategic Thinking – Exercises and Tools for Creative Thinking and Strategy.

Strategic Thinking: Short-Term Weakness, Long-Term Strength


We mentioned how frequently we’re being asked to incorporate uncertainty into Brainzooming creativity and strategic thinking presentations. We have considerable content on moving forward amid uncertainty (including the 4 Strategies for Implementing in Uncertain Times eBook), and we’re developing additional strategic thinking pieces on uncertainty and flexibility.

Strategic Thinking – 6 Ideas to Put a List in Order


We have been working with a client that had done a lot of strategic thinking about a new initiative. Because of this, the list was worthless for doing what I suspect everyone hoped it would do: provide a starting point for the strategic thinking needed to back into a definition of and explanation for what the new initiative would turn out to be. Those are six starting places to use when you are doing strategic thinking about big lists.

Creative vs. Strategic Thinking: What’s The Difference?

Idea Drop

If the conditions are right, meaningful change can evolve from the smallest seed of inspiration; an observation, a discussion, or even just an interesting question. There are two distinct (though complementary) ways to work through a problem and develop a solution: we might label them ‘creative thinking’ and ‘strategic thinking’. Creative thinking focuses on capturing the unusual, unique and unchartered.

Creative Thinking – 13 Unexpected Benefits of a Strategic Thinking Workshop


Last week, we presented a creative and strategic thinking workshop for a Brainzooming reader who leads the national sales division of a global industrial manufacturer. We integrated the Brainzooming strategic thinking workshop into their annual sales meeting. While we did that, an early exercise during the strategic thinking workshop shaped the rest of the day. 13 Unexpected Benefits of a Strategic Thinking Workshop.

Strategic Thinking Exercises – 11 Things Running through a Facilitator’s Head


The company wants to make significant changes to a major production process. During the innovation strategy discussions, we addressed the production process changes from five different perspectives. From a facilitation standpoint, it was the most arduous couple of days of going through strategic thinking exercises I recall. Are the people having fun with the strategic planning activities , or do I need to do more funny stuff to keep their heads in the game?

Strategic Thinking on 4 Years of Hoping and Praying


Strategically, it’s smart to avoid experiments at the top of any organization, but this is what we’re facing. . Pick your position, do your strategic thinking, and start creating positive change — today! – Mike Brown. Related posts Praying for Creativity Strategic Living – Integrating Spiritual and Business Lives as an Entrepreneur C-Level Executives and Ethical Missteps – W W WYTYATHTYCEO D? A new national experiment begins.

How Culture Change Works: 3 Lessons


We were proposing a change initiative for a multi-agency department within a city government. As our in-person presentation drew to a close, the review team asked about each of our experiences with comparable culture changes. My answer, rather than detailing the specifics of a particular initiative, focused on important lessons I learned during a significant change in organizational culture. What lessons did I share on how culture change works?

Strategic Thinking – Time for A Moment of Reflection


After an election season where candidates at al levels have done exactly the opposite of this verse, it is time to reflect how we got here and how we change it going forward. Get away from the media today, and have your moment of reflection on what part of the change YOU can make happen! Brainzooming - All Posts Strategic Thinking Bible mass reflectionAs the election season in the United States draws to a close, it’s time for a moment of reflection.

3 Organizational Strategies for Constancy & Change


Steve Lahey, the Number 1 Brainzooming Fan , posted an intriguing quote about developing organizational strategies from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: “I very frequently get the question: ‘What’s going to change in the next 10 years?’ I almost never get the question: ‘What’s not going to change in the next 10 years?’ The two events are a reminder: You need to design your organizational strategies to account for both what will stay the same and what might suddenly and radically change.

Change Management Strategy – 35 Articles for Your Change Agent Role


We’ve written a tremendous amount about change and change management strategy since the Brainzooming blog’s inception. Just HOW MUCH have we written on change management strategy? Well, to identify the articles listed here, a search for “change” on the blog yielded eighty-six PAGES of articles. I reviewed all eighty-six pages to develop our change management strategy primer. 35 Articles on Change Management Strategy in a Change Agent Role.

A Vital Change Management Strategy Role: Sharing an Innovation Vocabulary


What are all the change management strategy roles a change agent plays? We were working with an organization on its future vision while facilitating its strategic planning process. As we worked on strategic thinking exercises to explore the company’s future vision and user experience, the change management strategy vocabulary the group used was conventional, unemotional, and lacking innovative thinking.

Change Management Strategy – 6 Areas to Highlight What’s New


Here is something I do not remember ever seeing before to call out a change in traffic regulations: a NEW sign pointing out a recently-installed stop sign at a street intersection. The NEW sign to point out the new stop sign is a wonderful reminder of something that is easy to overlook in a change management strategy. Whenever you anticipate and implement change, consider ways to highlight the change for audience members.

4 Essential Change-Management Leadership Skills


Being a great leader requires the ability to adapt to change. Because change is inevitable in business, leaders must be equipped with the right competencies, specifically change-management leadership skills. What Is Change Management in Leadership? change management

How to practice engaged thinking

The Future Shapers

Innovation leadership requires a different way of thinking, a different type of leader. Ulf Löwenhav has advice on how you can practise engaged thinking as a leader in your organisation. The post How to practice engaged thinking appeared first on The Future Shapers.

Game Changing Ideas – 5 Characteristics that Set Them Apart


5 Characteristics that Set Game Changing Ideas Apart by Laura Berry. But how can you separate good ideas from transformative, game changing ideas? If you’ve pushed, reworked and redeveloped your idea, then you’re on your way to game changing ideas. Your good idea could be a few “What if” questions from game changing ideas. Brainzooming - All Posts Creativity Guest author Innovation Insights Performance Strategic Thinking Strategy blogapalooza

How Consulting Will Likely Change Because of the Pandemic


If you work with consultants or have your own consultancy, take note: Things are changing, fast. But with the dramatic overnight changes in work and society caused by the coronavirus crisis, the disruptive transformation of the consulting industry will only accelerate.

Change 130

Change Management – Innovation Strategy in Disguise


One way to deal with a common innovation strategy barrier – fear of change and new ideas – is to disguise new ideas as your team develops and implements them. If your organization or other important audiences that will feel the impact of your new ideas truly fear change, it may be best to make your ideas appear less new, less frightening, and less like change than they might normally seem. You may think this innovation strategy is nuts.

One constant and one big change to consider in your business

Jeffrey Phillips

David Bowie sang a song about change called Changes. He spoke about the need to change - to "face the strange" - and find a new reality. Another band - Rush - talked about change as well. In their song Tom Sawyer, they wrote that "changes aren't permanent, but change is".

Change 175

Fun Strategic Planning Exercises – 6 Last-Minute Ideas


Strategic planning is typically serious stuff. That doesn’t mean, however, that doing strategic planning is best served by conducting things in a boring way. Frustrations with boring strategy sessions are probably why so many people visit our website looking for creative ideas on fun strategic planning exercises. We’ve previously published some fun strategic planning exercises. Strategic Planning Exercises Can Be Fun. Change your meeting place.

Innovation Strategy – 40 Articles on Fostering an Innovative Workplace Culture


Articulating Your Strategic Innovation Direction in an Understandable Way. Strategic Thinking Questions to Identify What Matters for a Brand. Workplace Diversity – The Why, Who, and How of Strategic Thinking. Strategic Thinking Success – 3 Critical Thinking Perspectives. Strategic Thinking Perspectives – Three Strategic Voices to Include on Your Team. Creative Thinking – The Math of Brainstorming and New Ideas. #3

What broke through for you in March? That’s your new important.


Thinking about that last night (okay, this morning) before going to bed, I reflected on March. I have to work through questions and make an explicit effort to think about what was different and positive in March. Where do I think I made a difference for others?

How Consulting Will Likely Change Because of the Pandemic


If you work with consultants or have your own consultancy, take note: Things are changing, fast. But with the dramatic overnight changes in work and society caused by the coronavirus crisis, the disruptive transformation of the consulting industry will only accelerate. Consultants are increasingly being pigeonholed as either “strategic” (and worth the high price) or basic “resources” for implementation (and not worth more than a modest hourly rate).

Change 100

Network Operating Model: How To Design, Build & Embed An Agile Operating Platform Geared For Mounting Complexity & Rapid Change…

The Future Shapers

Kotter then continues to unpack the value of both systems alongside the importance of both systems working in parallel together: explaining that the traditional hierarchical system is necessary to make the trains run on time – and efficiently, while the network system focuses on staying ahead of the accelerating change threat. I have been privileged to work in complex and challenging change environments across a range of industry and consulting roles. Strategic Narrative.

Agile 42

The 10 Vital Areas to Focus on Right Now


Facing a complete business shutdown, our team used a combination of strategic thinking and real-time course correction to stay engaged with and attempt to re-win the customers we couldn’t currently serve. Prioritize Strategic Issues. Strategic isn’t five years from now.

The Need For Strategic Perspective


Now, more than ever, leaders and individual contributors alike must be able to look beyond short-term needs, gain a strategic perspective, and act on that perspective. What is Strategic Thinking? Unless we change the current knee-jerk mentality so prevalent in business and.

14 Innovation Theme Candidates: If 2020 Were the Year of. ?


How far out are you looking out to create significant changes in your business ? Based on this list, think ahead: What you would do NOW to prepare if 2020 were going to be the year of. Slight changes with dramatic impacts? Outside-In Innovation Strategy – 2 Ways to Take a Fresh Look 9 Critical Steps Before Your Innovation Strategy Gets Sexy Disruptive Innovation Strategy – 13 Exercises for Disrupting Thinking in New eBook.

eBook 79