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Developing collaborative leadership styles


With a national election for a new Australian government about to take place in less than a weeks’ time, it raises key questions around the impact of collaborative, autocratic or competitive leadership styles. Moving beyond collaboration between people.

The Leadership Gap in Innovation

Innovation Excellence

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What NASA Can Teach Us About the Intrinsic Value of Connecting to Other Innovators


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How to Build Your Culture of Human-Centered Innovation


True Leadership entails building empathy for those you are entrusted to help. Make 2020 your year to innovate Learn more in this free webinar. If you are ready to explore Human-Centered Innovation for your team, join us in this free webinar.

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

It’s your culture. People have been talking about organizational culture for years. discussions haven’t explicitly linked culture directly to innovation and business. This book does exactly that, revealing how your innovation culture can become. Yes, such a culture.

A disruptive world requires new leadership capabilities


Whether you are a company that wants to attract top talent or an individual who is trying to land your dream job, or create a new business, it’s becoming clear that the future of work is both human and technology centred and involves the development of new leadership capabilities.

Cultivating a Fail Fast Culture


In last month’s blog What does it mean to cultivate a fail fast organizational culture we shared what typically happens when people experience failure, and how important it is to uncouple people’s fears about failure and to support and enable them to “normalize” it.

Simplifying strategic alignment – building resilient and sustainable organisations


The outcomes included increased cohesion, collaboration, and agility, making them resilient and sustainable as high performing and fast-moving effective teams – who responded quickly to change, often in the face of disruption and adversity.

Culture of Innovation: Premera Blue Cross Engages Employees to Drive Innovation

Planview Spigit

It starts with creating a culture of innovation from within by tapping into the wisdom of employees. Premera Blue Cross developed its culture of innovation that motivated 3,200 employees to produce more than 400 new ideas to improve its products and services.

The interplay between innovation, creativity, and consciousness


It is also enjoyable building connections, and ultimately collaborative relationships with different people across diverse professions, demographics, groups, teams, hierarchies, disciplines and structures.

Dare to think differently


Which exists in the home, in the street, in our workplaces, communities, and countries where we constantly encounter groups and cultures whose ideas and ideals are unlike ours. Join the next free monthly innovation webinar in our Making Innovation a Habit Series – “Dancing with disruption”.

Leading People in the Digital Age


To do this, you have the best leaders and culture, digital architecture and mechanisms, flexible structure and systems in your organization to support and enable ongoing growth and innovation. Collaboration & co-creation. The Digital Age requires new Leadership Capabilities.

Generating creative energy to innovate


Making their ability to engage, enrol & implement the change processes involved in collaborating in executing the innovation strategy will be severely limited. To build receptivity & readiness to enrage in & collaborate with innovation led change.

How can we prepare people for a future we cannot predict?


The ultimate outcome will be determined not by the technology itself, but by human ingenuity, collaboration, and an explicit intention to try to make the world a better place.”. What really matters in mastering the challenges of the Digital Age is culture.

Leveraging talent in the fourth industrial revolution


Outlining an inclusive vision, mission & strategy that support speed, agility, learning, collaboration, teaming & networking – as the key levers for effecting organizational productivity & performance improvements. Valuing collaboration over individual effort.

Creating high-performing and faster-moving teams


A sort of Tuesdays with Morrie for aspiring managers and leaders in the connected, digitized exponentially changing the world, making team coaching the new collaborative cultural norm.

Capgemini Report on Innovation Centers: Top 5 Takeaways

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They Also Attract Talented People… Speaking of talent, Capgemini’s research shows that innovation centers are a great way to showcase your brand, culture, and products to the people you want to hire. …and Finally, They Help Lay the Foundation for an Innovation-Friendly Culture.

Report 111

Key Obstacles to Innovation Performance


BCG’s Global Innovation study shows that the top obstacles for innovation performance are mostly related to choosing and executing the best ideas, but also, the company culture. Risk adverse culture and fear of failure. Impacts on culture.

Reinventing the Entrepreneurship Game


Models & replicates how successful entrepreneurs lead & build entrepreneurial companies that accelerate access to new markets & ultimately become scalable, high-growth businesses, within collaborative eco-systems. The power of team cohesion & collaboration.

Retool to win in the next decade


Whilst most of the risks discussed were not new, & mostly well known, and some even have well-defined solutions, those that don’t require businesses to retool to win in the next decade; “But most of them require collaboration and collective action.

Agile 52

Developing continuous learning


I played with integrating this knowledge and skill-set, with my experience in designing corporate transformational leadership and innovation curriculum.

Taking the path to digital transformation


How do we transform ourselves into digitally capable organizations and cultures that can bring digital innovations to market and make them work? Initiating the cultural transformation. Initiating a culture that supports digitizat transformation.

Why mindsets matter in digital innovation


Acknowledging that most digitization efforts, no matter how intentional and well resourced, fail unless these crucial elements are at play and, the operating culture adapts, innovates and transforms to support their successful application. Brief Summary of the Key Cultural Challenges.

Possibly a Significant Shift in the Innovation Consulting World?

Paul Hobcraft

Develop Innovation Capabilities of “the talent, culture, and systems to make innovation repeatable and reliable” and 3 Build New Business to “discover opportunities, design new business models, and launch high-impact new ventures.

Winning Ideas and Beyond: 4 Steps to Effective Product Concept Development Workshops

Planview Spigit

Bill Truettner, Senior Account Manager, Spigit polled webinar attendees and discussed the poll results in the Top Techniques for Ensuring Your Winning Ideas Get Funded webinar. The top three barriers to moving ideas forward are: Risk-averse culture: 47%.

The Winning Formula for Financial Process Improvement – How TSYS is Defining the Future of Fintech


To counter these challenges, companies are increasingly focused on creating a culture of innovation to achieve financial process improvement. There has never been a more critical time for financial firms to prioritize innovation.

Nope, Digital transformation is NOT just about tech!

The Future Shapers

Just last week I completed a webinar where I spoke at length about the importance of having design thinking in the organisation’s digital transformation journey.

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Getting Started with Innovation Management


Innovation is associated with creativity, fun, change and excitement and many people speak of the need for an “Innovation Culture”. For more on how you develop an Innovation Strategy visit this webinar. Strategy & Leadership. For more on how you develop an Innovation Culture visit this webinar. What about collaboration with the startup community, do we need some form of incubator lab? What is Innovation Management?

Surviving & thriving in the entrepreneurs game


As well as a “meaning of life check” as to what appeared to me as a superficial & yet somewhat unsatisfying life centred around fashion’s deliberate obsolescence & the abundance of female leadership models often replicating dysfunctional male behaviours. Most importantly, I did not have the self-esteem & self-efficacy, emotional capacity & competence & constructive leadership style to sustain it all.

Encouraging Innovation in an Established Product Culture

Old Products, New Tricks