Innovation Management Software: Connect Creativity and Collaboration

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To help you in your search for the right innovation management platform, we have compiled a checklist of what to look for in an innovation management platform, complete with project collaboration and project delivery capabilities. Ideation + Delivery = Innovation.

From Consumer to Collaborator: A Look at Open Innovation


To learn about how open innovation platforms work, request a demo today! The post From Consumer to Collaborator: A Look at Open Innovation appeared first on IdeaScale. Connect with your most important customers.

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Collaborative Innovation and the Digital Vortex

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” The practice of collaborative innovation—leveraging the wisdom of the crowds in the Digital Age to solve our toughest business challenges—can serve as a way forward for organizations in a time of accelerating change. Collaborative Innovation at Work.

Driving Open Innovation Through a Culture of Collaboration


Open innovation requires a culture of collaboration to thrive. From Traditional to Collaboration. Their job, department, or branch is something to be protected from others, both internally and externally, which is at odds with a collaboration mindset.

The Collaboration Space: Why You Need Context to Crush Your Goals


One way that many businesses have decided to push for this (and the better results that follow) is through the use of an online collaboration space— a platform, app, or digital work hub built specifically to better collaboration and communication. Schedule Demo.

File Collaboration: Why Your Shared Drive Won’t Cut It


File collaboration and storage systems are a key piece in today’s businesses. For many companies, their file collaboration system consists of a common drive, sometimes maintained by IT or by department heads. So why should you consider a cloud-based file collaboration solution that’s more robust than a simple shared drive? These can even be found in all-in-one types of packages, including other essentials like business messaging, tasking, document collaboration etc.

Top 8 Digital Workplace Trends for 2019


New digital technologies have improved the way we analyze data, collaborate with employees, communicate and make decisions. Schedule a demo now. As workplace demographics are transforming, employers struggle to match the evolving needs of a multi-generational workforce.

The choices to make right now


We are running demos on this if you are interested, just let Nicole know and she’ll schedule one for your team. 100% Open collaboration collective innovation collective intelligence disruptive innovation global storytelling

FeaturedCustomers Report Names IdeaScale a Market Leader


It includes features such as: The ability to customize organizational needs Tools to promote collaboration with others The ability to seamlessly integrate business processes. Through various activities, knowledge sharing and collaboration occur.

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How we cultivate sustainability and help our customers do the same


If you’d like to know more about how an idea management platform can help to gather, evaluate and implement the best ideas that align to your business goals, request a demo to learn more about our platform.

Innovation Management: Importance, Ideas, and Examples


Capturing innovative ideas from employees at various levels, building an active and collaborative workforce, recognizing employees effort and communicating effectively with all stakeholders are the vital building blocks of innovation management. Schedule a demo now.

How Innovation Management Contributes to The Success of Digital Transformation


Innovation practices can enable organizations to build a more advanced, unique and sustainable collaborative culture fostering digital transformation. Innovation management provides a platform for employees to ideate and collaborate toward new product launch and enhancements.

Top 10 Features To Look in Any Idea Management Software


Using an idea management software to capture the idea pool emerging out of your organization is a key solution to ensure all your ideas are captured, identified, collaborated and evaluated. Gamified Collaboration. Schedule a free demo now.

What You Need to Know About Insourcing

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Schedule a demo today. Innovation business innovation collaborative innovation company crowdsourcing crowd innovation crowdsourced innovation enterprise innovation insourcing insourcing definition insourcing vs outsourcing outsourcing Spigit spigit insourcing what is insourcing

Bolste Events: Red Ribbon Cutting


Take a look at some of yesterday’s action below: See a live demo the Bolste Digital Work Hub in action. Schedule Demo. The post Bolste Events: Red Ribbon Cutting appeared first on Bolste | Collaboration, Business and Video Chat, File Sharing & Task Management Software.

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Why Emotional Intelligence Is a Hallmark of Great Innovation Leaders


Employees will feel more motivated to express their ideas and work toward successful collaborations. To learn about an idea management tool that can help emotionally intelligent leaders build innovative teams, request a demo today.

Idea Competitions and Why Your Business Needs One


Not only will you get the ideas you need, but also boost your innovation culture, employee engagement, and promote internal collaboration. Improved Communication and Collaboration. Book a friendly demo with our Customer Success team and we will help you get started in no time.

City Now, City Future


There was a great virtual reality demo of Hong Kong standing right on the corner of one of the many sky scrapers in the city. They used to say that all roads lead to Rome. These days, when it comes to innovation, it seems that all roads certainly lead to cities.

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Spigit’s 2018 Fall Product Release: Machine Learning, New Use Cases, and More

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Here are a few highlights in the release: Drive engagement with a user experience that’s more more personalized, which helps maximize participation in challenges facilitating increased cross-company collaboration. Get in touch for a free demo. The wait is over.

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6 Building Blocks for Innovation Department Success


IdeaScale understands the critical roles of communication and collaboration in bringing innovations to life. If it’s time for your organization to put its best ideas to work, we invite you to request a demo or get the Innovation Starter Kit.

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How to Build a Company Culture That Promotes Innovation


Collaboration is for more than just meetings. To learn how Ideascale can grow and change with your company, request a demo. Your innovation strategy should be as unique as your employees. Fundamental to any form of innovation in any company is the voices of employees.

Is Your Office Design Stifling Creativity?


Collaboration + Innovation. Request a demo today! Office design matters for innovation. . Without enough light, water, or the right mix of nutrients, a plant might live, but it may grow poorly, have droopy leaves and refuse to bloom.

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5 top tips for choosing an online crowdsourcing platform


Imagine how you’d like your project to proceed before that demo meeting and ask if your plan is possible with the platform you are looking at. 100%Open collaboration creative economy crowdsourcing idea platforms innovation innovation strategy knowledge transfer networks open innovation research crowd Crowdsourcing facilitation online communities platformIf you’ve decided to set up an online community, one of your initial questions will be “which platform do I use?”.

How to Take Better Notes to Reach Your Goals


Collaborative notes between coworkers can help to ensure everyone is on the same page, engaged and working towards similar goals. Likewise, having a document to refer to with collaborative buy-in comes in handy in a myriad of scenarios as well. Schedule Demo.

Product Innovation the Easy Way: 3 Real World Examples


Its software is used to create safe, personal, and secure online workspaces for companies to send files, collaborate on projects, and otherwise get things done remotely or on the road with a minimum of fuss. Collaboration is a powerful tool. Many voices can lead to brilliant places.

Top Four Benefits of Effective Idea Management Software


A team works best when it collaborates. Transparency And Collaboration. Request a demo! Ever since the first suggestion box was put out in a break room, idea management has been part of any well-run organization.

From Invisible to Visible: A Look at Transparency in Government Innovation


Using an innovation management platform allows governments to share ideas across all platforms to ensure a higher level of collaboration takes place. Request a demo to see it in action today.

Fall 2018 Corporate Innovation Events

Your Ideas are Terrible

Atlanta Techstars Demo Day. The Summit is a collaboration between the BridgeCommunity, Techstars accelerator, and The Metro Atlanta Chamber to coalesce the city’s innovation community around corporate and startup collaboration on October 18th at The Coca-Cola Roxy. The Enterprise Entrepreneurship Series. August 16th. Atlanta. CFO Rising Midwest Summit. Sept 6-7. Chicago. Future Trends. Sept 24-25. B2B Next Conference & Exhibition. Sept 24-25. Boston. BrandGarage Summit.

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Improve Product Innovation with Internal and External Feedback


To get useful feedback from your employees, it’s important to build a culture of collaboration throughout your organization. To see how idea management software works in action, request a demo today. Customers are integral to the product innovation process.?.

How to accelerate innovation in the motor sector


In this context, an increasing number of industries are opening up to innovation by co-creating with their ecosystem of collaborators, as opposed to the traditional practice of limiting innovation to the activity of a self-contained, obscure department. Request a demo.

Who do European companies innovate with?


In this race, an increasing number of companies choose to open themselves up to collaboration from external actors. Inviting external collaborators and large audiences to participate is one of the most common ways to innovate, according to Deloitte.

Essential Steps Toward Open Innovation Success


The goal of open innovation is to allow organizations to collaborate with external resources to advance their technologies. You need a strong cyber scouting tool that challenges and engage your target collaborators as well as filters ideas to assure the best concepts are captured.

Corporate meets Startup – Join the European Data Incubator with your Data Challenge


Several programs focus additionally on corporate and startup collaboration. Furthermore data providers can also participate in events such as a preparatory datathon, the program kick-off, several training days, and the concluding demo day to be included closely into the selection process together with our experts. The program helps to set a legal framework between corporates and collaborating startups. What is a Startup Accelerator?

Wazoku Announces Winter 2019 Product Release


With several improvements to home pages, quickly build personalised experiences that drive engagement and collaboration specific to the needs of each user with the ability to limit the visibility of content by different groups of people.

Jessica Day on Intrapreneurs, Ideation, and Innovation


A combination of transparency, collaboration, and humanity in the workplace creates an environment where employees feel valued, Day says. To get started building your company’s innovation platform, request a demo now.

The Importance of Senior Management Involvement in Innovation

The Future Shapers

There are certain cultural characteristics that are generally considered to be universally beneficial for innovation, such as collaboration, work ethic, and a willingness to experiment, as well as some that are seen as negative, such as blind obedience.

Wazoku Announces Winter 2019 Product Release


Reducing the time it takes to launch a Challenge encourages business leaders to engage more frequently which keeps the content fresh and encourages greater collaboration by creators and contributors. Keep the crowd engaged and collaborating.

3 steps that will take your organization from ideas to innovation


In a century dominated by connections and collaboration, it may seem naive to entrust this to a small, even if select, group of people. Request your demo today and begin your collective transformation.

How to Achieve High-Quality Ideas in Idea Competition?


In the second phase of collaboration, our intuitive onboarding process encourages your team to comment and evaluate submitted ideas, providing an opportunity for idea improvement. ? Book a demo with our Customer Success team to get more help in launching an idea competition in Ideanote.

PPM software user experience and rising star awards


In our review, FinanceOnline commented that “teams are able to perform their tasks efficiently, communicate and collaborate without any friction or miscommunication, and function cohesively with a common purpose” Recognized for a great PPM software user experience.

Predictions for 2020: People, at the center of CIO strategies


Request a demo and explore all the potential of technology and collaborative intelligence. CIO is one of the most important executive positions in today’s business world.

Wazoku Announces Autumn 2019 Product Release


Collaborate with the right people at the right time Ideas can be easy to generate – but they must be nurtured, developed and implemented. Contact us for more information or to see a demo of the platform.

Top 9 Actionable Employee Engagement Ideas and Activities


It facilitates a platform for discrete talents to collaborate and engage to set a higher standard of work efficiency. The need for a digital workplace is primarily to help employees connect, collaborate, communicate and engage seamlessly for business productivity and growth.