Understanding Open Innovation


Historically, research and development departments within organizations were solely responsible for coming up with innovative ideas. Traditionally, corporate innovation has been an inside job, with few exceptions. The ultimate result is open innovation, the concept that good ideas come not just from within organizations, but from outside them as well. Why Open Innovation Is Emerging as a New Paradigm. Best Practice open innovation

From Consumer to Collaborator: A Look at Open Innovation


This is more than just a way to better understand who shops with you, though; with the right platform, it can be a source of powerful innovation. What Is Open Innovation? Traditionally, innovation in companies has been “closed.” Open innovation reverses this by laying out the project, the process, and the goal to other companies, or the wider public, and welcoming ongoing commentary and discussion. When Should I Use Open Innovation?


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An Openly Innovative Attitude.


As a “newbie” to the innovation sector, I have to admit I had some help from the jargon buster. I’ve also come to understand that open innovation is no longer a novelty concept, rather a part of the culture at the heart of many companies, including Carlsberg , Argos , and Oxfam. This openness is helping them challenge conservative approaches thus, stand out from their competitors. Opening innovation up.

Broadening the church of Open Innovation

The Future Shapers

Open Innovation is about increasing the innovation potential of firms by opening them up to new ways of working with external organisations. Whether this takes the form of new co-working agreements, acquisition of start-ups with interesting technologies, or spinning out new developments into external companies the ultimate goal is the same: to increase innovation and increase value as a result. Figure 1: Business Models, from closed to open (Source: 100%Open).

The Necessity of Open Innovation and Collaboration in Healthcare


Healthcare, like many other fields, is an increasingly collaborative industry, with most organizations looking outside their internal silos for new ideas, innovations, and expertise. As we’ve highlighted in other works , co-patenting—when two or more parties collaborate to obtain a patent—has risen exponentially since 1990. With this complexity in mind, open innovation is no longer an optional exercise, but a requirement for doing business.

Driving Open Innovation Through a Culture of Collaboration


Open Innovation is the grounded in the belief that great ideas can come from any source and an organization’s internal expertise will transform those ideas into market value. The challenge comes when an organization chooses to shift from a closed innovation system to an open one. Although each company is different, most have a traditional corporate culture that includes the belief that all innovation is internally driven.

Open innovation with consumers: more customization for the masses


Open innovation with consumers allows companies to open up to sharing ideas , testing and refining them together with large groups of people before they are launched to the market. The consumer’s voice in times of collaborative innovation.

Open Innovation News


It has been an exciting few days for open innovation with global companies launching big new open innovation initiatives. The automobile alliance of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi has announced the launch of Alliance Ventures, a corporate venture capital fund that will invest up to $1 billion over the next five years to support open innovation in new mobility which will include vehicle electrification and artificial intelligence.

Increase Organizational Resilience and Innovation Through Collaboration


Industry shifts, market downturns, unexpected competitors: when stress comes, it shouldn’t make an organization or process fall to pieces. But the second challenge is equally important: innovation.

Seven impacts Open Innovation can have on your bank!


It is no coincidence that the financial market, banks specifically, are among the most innovative. The disruptive initiatives that have emerged with external partnerships have kept this sector at the peak of global Innovation. . Keep reading to understand this movement and see what the main benefits of Open Banking are! Why are banks investing in Open Innovation? Market conditions for financial service providers are changing more and more rapidly.

Open Innovation: A 2014 Research Agenda

Open Innovation

One of the main goals of the Chesbrough/Vanhaverbeke/West 2006 book was to shape the research agenda of the open innovation. Our final chapter was immodestly entitled “Open innovation: a research agenda” (West, Vanhaverbeke and Chesbrough, 2006). Since I'm trying to write a short encyclopedia article on open innovation — and want to make it different from my 2011 article — it seemed a good time to review what’s been written recently.

Startup, Corporate Venture, Open Innovation Hubs: Find out what the differences are


What are open innovation hubs? Startup, Corporate Venture, Open Innovation Hubs: who is who in the world of digital transformation. It is in this context that terminologies such as Startup, Corporate Venture and Open Innovation Hubs arise. Open Innovation

Change Management and Open Innovation: Know the Pillars of Digital Transformation


In this article, you’ll see how this as well as open innovation are at the base of Digital Transformation. Open Innovation and Change Management: the challenge of change in organizational culture. Open Innovation is inherently a proactive and optimistic strategy.

Companies betting big on open innovation


Open innovation is the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for external use of innovation, respectively. This paradigm] assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as they look to advance their technology.” ( Henry Chesbrough, 2006 ). Why does open innovation work? Innovation Management

Open Innovation: Convincing the Decision Makers


Open Innovation Shouldn’t Be a Hard Sell, But It Is. At Ezassi, we believe whole-heartedly in the importance of innovation to progress and the survival of businesses. That being said, we also fully recognize that convincing decision makers to go forward with innovation initiatives can be a hard sell. This means that it falls on employees to make the case for innovation, which can be a thin line to walk. About Innovation Leader.

The Value of Open Innovation


When faced with a choice between open innovation and internal innovation, it is seldom a binary choice. However, we are often asked to compare the relative value of open innovation with internal innovation. Therefore in this post we will consider the value of open innovation by using the following common definition: Open Innovation Value = (Quality + Benefit) / (Cost + Effort). The Quality of Open Innovation.

Essential Steps Toward Open Innovation Success


The goal of open innovation is to allow organizations to collaborate with external resources to advance their technologies. You need a strong cyber scouting tool that challenges and engage your target collaborators as well as filters ideas to assure the best concepts are captured. This system should also provide intellectual property protection for both the organizations and the external collaborators. Innovation Integration. Collaborator Interaction.

Open Innovation: definition, what types and benefits


We could summarize open innovation as the use of inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation and expand markets. Keep reading to understand in depth what open innovation is and how it can be used in your business! The open innovation concept. According to the author, it is the use of intentional knowledge flows to accelerate internal innovative power and expand markets for external use of innovation.

Themes for the practice of open innovation

Open Innovation

Like my OI collaborators Henry Chesbrough & Wim Vanhaverbeke, I get a lot of emails (and receive many Google News updates) on businesses and consultants touting some claimed breakthrough on open innovation. I first met Cheryl in 2007 — when I was hired to train Kimberly-Clark execs on open innovation — and in 2012 Cheryl invited me to present my research at CoDev2012 when it was in San Diego. Open Innovation: Researching a New Paradigm.

The Sky’s the Limit with Open Innovation


As part of its efforts to innovate and maintain a leading position in its market Singapore Airlines (SIA) is ramping up its open innovation endeavors. Through its Digital Innovation Blueprint, the carrier is forging key partnerships with the National University of Singapore and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore among many others. Also on its agenda is a strengthening of its internal open innovation culture.

Idea Management Software Streamlines Open Innovation


Idea Management Software Streamlines Open Innovation. “Open innovation is a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as the firms look to advance their technology.” ” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_innovation. Traditionally, innovation was a closely guarded secret. Traditional Companies Are Moving Toward Open Innovation.

A Quick Guide to External Collaboration


Working with external partners to bring better products and services to market faster and/or develop better intellectual property has never been more popular in the world of business than what we see today. Collaborative Innovation Organization & Culture collaboration collaborative innovation communication definitions ecosystem executive sponsor HR leadership mindset open innovation strategic partnership supplier enabled innovation

33 Routes to Open Innovation

Open Innovation EU

It has been a while since Henry Chesbrough coined the term Open Innovation and formulated it’s definition: “combining internal and external ideas as well as internal and external paths to market to advance the development of new technologies.” In the course of time, the terminology surrounding Open Innovation has evolved alongside developments in management literature and practises. Route 4: Collaborative Innovation.

Open Innovation at the User Innovation Conference

Open Innovation

On Tuesday, Frank Piller of RWTH Aachen presented an overview of open innovation. He presented to attendees at the 2014 Open and User Innovation Conference — the 12th annual meeting of the user innovation workshop — which met at Harvard Business School. A track chair here at OUI, Frank is one of two members of the user innovation “tribe” (the other being Karim Lakhani) who's worked most actively in open innovation.

Electrolux to Launch an Open Innovation Factory


In a move designed to accelerate innovation in its manufacturing processes and boost product development, Electrolux is launching the Electrolux Innovation Factory. The Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer aims to provide an agile, open environment where ideas can flourish and be turned into marketable products. It will be somewhere customers, incubators, startups, universities, SMEs and other partners can innovate together in a shared space.

Solve Food Industry Challenges at Open Innovation Event


If so, you’ll have an opportunity to grab their attention at the 5th Food & FMCG Innovation Pitching Event. This open innovation gathering is taking place on November 23 at Food Matters Live, a trade fair and conference at ExCel in London. Upto 15 teams and/or individuals will be invited to pitch their ideas to decision makers and innovation scouts from several food and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies. open innovation challenge

Open Innovation: A Major Change in Corporate Culture


Unfortunately, these typical business characteristics inhibit the organization achieving true open innovation. The Open Innovation/Traditional Corporate Culture Clash. Innovation and market response is important, but it’s more important that we control the process. In contrast, an open innovation culture is based on different beliefs: We don’t need to originate an idea to develop and profit from it. Open Innovation Uncategorized

Open Innovation: A Major Change in Corporate Culture


Unfortunately, these typical business characteristics inhibit the organization achieving true open innovation. The Open Innovation/Traditional Corporate Culture Clash. Innovation and market response is important, but it’s more important that we control the process. In contrast, an open innovation culture is based on different beliefs: We don’t need to originate an idea to develop and profit from it. Open Innovation Uncategorized

5 Things You Need to Know About Collaborative Innovation Software


Collaborative innovation software brings purpose, focus, and structure to collaboration to help you turn ideas into commercial value. Understanding the importance of collaboration really is a no-brainer: people and business units alike need to share information and work together.

Innovate or Die: Open Innovation and 4 Key Measures to Stay Alive

Innovation Walk

Companies commonly used to assume the best route to innovation was to control processes by keeping all data and knowledge internally and hiring the best employees. As a matter of fact, today it is very difficult for a company to innovate individually. The way is to focus on core competencies and to collaborate with external entities such as other companies, universities, research centers, etc. This is how “ Open Innovation ” was born.

Wazoku acquires US open innovation leader InnoCentive and raises additional £1.25M to support global growth


Idea management scaleup creates unique proposition for crowdsourcing, idea management and open innovation on one platform London, United Kingdom. Wazoku now provides the world’s biggest innovation community and broadest innovation offering.

Do’s and Don’ts of Open Innovation


Open innovation allows organizations to harness the creative efforts of others, both across the globe and in the office down the hall. The OI process is one that inspires and engages creative thinkers and transforms them into collaborators. Follow those same principles and engage outside collaborators by looking at the value of the information received rather than who contributed it. Select the best processes that will engage the right collaborators.

Is open innovation ‘business infidelity’?


One of the activities that we do is run p ublic open innovation calls so that businesses can find each other and collaborate. A recent discussion with Michel Fruhling at BFS Innovations has prompted us to re-examine this open innovation approach and compare it to relying on a company’s existing relationships and supply chain. We always advise to start by making sure that your existing partners are part of any innovation network that we create.

Ideation Collaboration Software – Did you know your innovation software is an amazing collaboration system?


Ideation Collaboration Software: Killing three or more birds with one software. We often find that our prospects and clients are amazed that our innovation software platform replaces or can replace what they need in an ideation collaboration software, killing three or more birds with one software. Here’s how… Ideation Collaboration Software: Unlimited collaboration projects. Ideation Collaboration Software: Gamifying Collaboration and Ideation.

Standardization as an open innovation activity

Open Innovation

An important but understudied form of open innovation is the network form (network as defined by Powell 1990). The theme for EURAS 2016 is ‘Co-opetition and Open Innovation’, and so I was invited to deliver the keynote address. The slides for my talk (entitled “How standards research can inform open innovation”) are online at SlideShare. Failed OI Network Strategies Often the research in managing innovation networks (platforms etc.)

3 Open Innovation Reports You Need to Read Right Now


In the open innovation space, one regularly leads to the other. Read these three in-depth industry reports to find out the new rules of the collaborative economy, why the United States is leading the way in turning customer feedback into innovative products, and what challenges are soon to crop up in crowdsourcing. The New Rules of the Collaborative Economy. Companies Leverage Open Innovation Better than China.

16 metrics for tracking Collaborative Innovation performance

Hutch Carpenter

In a recent PwC survey, 61% of CEOs said innovation was a key priority for their company ( pdf ). Innovation efforts come in a variety of forms: innovation and design labs, jobs-to-be-done analysis, corporate venturing, distributed employee experiments, open innovation, TRIZ, etc. In this post, I want to focus on another type of innovation initiative: Collaborative Innovation. Ideas matching the innovation appetite of the organization.

Business clusters: connections, collaboration and innovation


Given their natural characteristics, business clusters demonstrate an inherent strength based on this union and collaboration, that allows them to promote development, competitiveness and innovation. More open knowledge and shared resources. Co-creation and remote collaboration.

How Vodafone produced service innovation from their marketing campaign


The multinational telecommunication company had novel thoughts for revamping the marketing plans for its youth-focused package, Vodafone You. Beyond being hip and trendy to appeal to young customers, the Vodafone marketing team realized that to establish a deeper connection with Generation Z, they need to tap into the characteristics and values of these digital natives, being: a passion for entrepreneurship, co-creation, openness, and self-fulfillment.

Landscape Monitor for Startups


The post Landscape Monitor for Startups appeared first on Innovation Management. Entrepreneurs deal with high levels of uncertainty; probably more than any other business. The more disruptive the startup, the higher the level of uncertainty. Will the customers buy? How do we reach them?

Innovation is a Lifestyle, Not a Bunch of Metrics

Innovation Excellence

Far too many supposed innovation experts believe that measuring activities is critical to success. Innovation activities simply for the sake of doing something without context and insight from the measure may be in fact very misleading. Maybe. Maybe not so much. At least for the big stuff.

Opening up our innovation to stay relevant

Paul Hobcraft

Our whole understanding of innovation is changing; there are numerous shifts occurring. We are opening up our thinking in where and with whom, to collaborate. We are evaluating and changing our existing focus from closed (internal orientation) into ones that are having a far more open stance. We are searching for more collaborative innovation (external orientation) combining external partners into more ‘collective thinking’.

Some Summer Silver Linings


We definitely like to see the silver linings here at 100%Open: in fact, it’s often the times of stress and pressure and dead-ends that produce some of the most creative thinking. Open innovation is only as good as your network.