Innovating in the digital age- a terrific report

Paul Hobcraft

The report from Arthur D Little “ Innovating in the digital age- a cross-industry exploration ” has to be the one report that really stands out for me from this year. digital solutions that improve and accelerate collaboration, communication, and learning.

Report 154

A really worthwhile report on Innovation not to be missed from Innovation Leader.

Paul Hobcraft

The report provides insights from 270 innovation, R&D and strategy executives and considerable work on structuring the conclusions in highly thoughtful and valuable ways to the reader. What I do think the report is well worth you investing time to read?

Report 234

Innovation Leaders Report Summary 2016/17: Trends and Leaders in Innovation Worldwide


Innovation Leaders has released its annual report detailing companies across 25 different sectors worldwide that accomplish the most from innovative activities. This year, Innovation Leaders highlighted three trends in its analysis: US dominance, partnerships and collaboration, and the impact of big bets and bold moves to deliver tangible, sustained growth. Reports Trend Alert analysis collaboration collaborative innovation europe report trend USA

What do we expect from Innovation? Mostly disappointment

Paul Hobcraft

When they are constantly scanning reports on the “state of innovation” it can often lull them, to give some that warm glow, others quickly being dismissive, disregarding many of the key messages as “not applicable to me”. Two reports recently came out.

Report 191

Spigit's 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report

REPORT Methodology Spigit’s 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report. The report also. Throughout the report, we share insights from this. In this report, we’ll share findings in five key areas, each. in collaborative problem solving, companies.

Can We Have One of These? A Product Innovation Platform

Paul Hobcraft

We can actually get into true lifecycle management across not just one business but within collaborations across functions, companies, and entire ecosystems, to contribute. The whole momentum of collaboration becomes accelerated.

The problem of scaling can confuse those innovating.

Paul Hobcraft

The problem of scaling can confuse those innovating and can this be changed? I have been often returning to scaling struggling with finding the best answers. Many organizations struggle with scaling.

Report 179

PwC releases the latest Innovation Benchmark Report

Idea Drop

One of the key findings in PwC Innovation benchmark report was that bringing more stakeholders into the innovation process is the most effective way to drive success in innovation. In this post we will consider the five key findings of the report and share our points of view.

3 Open Innovation Reports You Need to Read Right Now


Read these three in-depth industry reports to find out the new rules of the collaborative economy, why the United States is leading the way in turning customer feedback into innovative products, and what challenges are soon to crop up in crowdsourcing.

Report 101

I would recommend applying the Innovation Value Proposition

Paul Hobcraft

The other important part of my learning about value propositions comes back to its critical focal point in the Business Model Canvas, conceived by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur (and the basis of HYPE’s Collaborative Innovation Canvas ). Adapted from original source [link].

Report 214

6 Ways to Create a Successful Innovation Program

to work differently, with innovation as part of its DNA.” - via Forrester report The Downside Of Digital Labs 6 WAYS TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL INNOVATION PROGRAM | 3 5 In the beginning, achieving quick wins is important, but the. collaboration, and powerful enough to surface and select.

Collaborative Innovation and the Digital Vortex


This June, the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation published a report, Digital Vortex: How Digital Disruption Is Redefining Industries. Collaborative Innovation at Work. Amway reports the results of its long-running The Voice program.

3 Business Innovation Reports You Must Read Right Now

Innovation Excellence

The Need for Digital Innovation Platforms

Paul Hobcraft

According to a past report “ Mastering Product Complexity ” some time back from Roland Berger, the complexity of products more than doubled during 15 years and it continues to accelerate.

Report 203

New study shows whether collaboration is more effective than working alone (hint: it isn’t the best way…)

Idea to Value

Is it groups of people collaborating on the challenge together, or individuals working alone? Most innovation experts would advise that full-time collaboration is a basic requirement for building innovative new solutions. Where the group works alone and never sees the anyone else’s solutions (no collaboration, labelled No Ties – NT). IT – Intermittent Collaboration: 48.3%. NT – No Collaboration: 44.1%. %

Study 130

Quantifying a Culture of Innovation

coworkers to create and collaborate electronically from any device. correlates with key publicly reported financial data over the time. engagement in innovation and 73% to build collaboration and. QUANTIFYING A CULTURE OF. INNOVATION A RIGOROUS, QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS OF.

Building the Single Innovation Digital Platform Environment

Paul Hobcraft

What we should finally accept, a platform connects all users, both internally and externally in their ability to share their knowledge and information in exchanges, in one environment to cultivate collaborations and continuous collaborative creativity.

Report 156

The Future of Corporate-Startup Collaboration

The Inovo Group

Collaboration can no longer be viewed as an optional extra, it’s a strategic imperative. The collaboration between large corporations and startups is more important today than ever, and the trend will continue. The Corporate-Startup collaboration trend is one example of that.

Entering 2019 – What Do Each of Us Need to Focus Upon?

Paul Hobcraft

As we enter 2019 I always like to take a day or so, to reflect and think about what I should be focusing upon in the next year, around innovation. What has influenced me in 2018 and what I feel is shaping my thinking going into 2019?

Report 175

The State of Innovation Management in 2015 Just Released

Paul Hobcraft

The Surge of innovation reports in 2015. I am sure you have experienced that in 2015 we have seen a significant surge in innovation reports, many of these coming from large consulting firms or innovation publishers.

Enterprise Innovation Management Research Report


View Report. eZassi Participates in CIMdata’s Enterprise Innovation Management Solutions Landscape Report Findings. View the Enterprise Innovation Management research report for more details on the innovation categories. Collaborative Ideation.

How to Overcome the Barriers to Academic & Industry Collaboration

Innovation Excellence

Almost 20 years ago, a report from the National Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Medicine described the results of a conference addressing and the barriers to academic-industry collaboration and solutions to overcome them. While there has been slow progress addressing these issues, for the most part, the barriers persist and industry frustration with academic. Innovation Academic Research Higher education industry University

Why is collaboration vital for innovation?


It is hard to put it any better—but there is rarely innovation that hasn’t its origins in collaboration. Innovation and collaboration aren’t separate. Collaboration drives innovation and value creation, thereby helping businesses create wealth. Why collaborate.

Go Big or Go Home: A Report from #CINONY2015

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Build Capability Conferences Military Innovation Presentations Processes & Tools Technology Visualization collaboration #cinony Big Data deloitte InnovationEnterprise Kobi Gershoni Signals Group TechnologyFast50

REPORT SUMMARY: The New Formula for Business Innovation


According to this 2015 report by Edelman , the answer is age-old: build trust. The report highlights five “performance clusters” that businesses should focus on: integrity, engagement, products and services, purpose, and operations.

The 4 Dynamic Stages of Collaborative Innovation – Number 3: Idea Review


IdeaScale, for example, has robust polling tools, assessment tools that offered a detailed spectrum of rankings and criteria to explore for ideas, and detailed reporting that ensures no opinion gets obscured by the others. What’s the best idea among the ones you’ve defined?

Strategic Thinking – 4 Strategies for Successful Remote Collaboration


Strategic Thinking – 4 Strategies for Successful Remote Collaboration. Include individuals reporting to an office but working directly with bosses and/or employees in other locations, and the prevalence of distance working relationships grows.

Innovation Circle in collaboration with ATI in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Innovation 360 Group

Innovation Circle in collaboration with ATI in Riyadh. As a participant, you will receive a detailed, free innovation report with benchmarks, analysis and recommendations for your organization.

Innovation Circle in collaboration with Nixon Peabody in New York

Innovation 360 Group

Innovation Circle in collaboration with Nixon Peabody in New York. As a participant, you will receive a detailed, free innovation report with benchmarks, analysis and recommendations for your organization.

Report Highlights Increased Open Innovation Activity


That’s one of the conclusions of the 2016 State of Innovation Report: Disruptive, Game-Changing Innovation by the Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters. And it reports that it is in rude health, claiming that 2015 was one of the most active years in history.

Four Visions of the Future of Work


What is and will be different is how the leaders of the future look like : a learning animal, worldly, collaborative, entrepreneurial, innovative and driven to make a difference in society. With that said, I encourage you to read through the report.

Report 237

Give the Gift of Creativity, Collaboration, and Storytelling

Idea Champions

As you enter into the holiday season, perhaps you are wondering what to give your boss, direct reports, teammates, co-workers, clients, customers, or mother-in-law.

You can’t mandate innovation


Pretty much every “state of corporate innovation” report confirms what we already know about corporate innovation: Innovation matters more than ever and organizations view it as a priority. Imaginatik’s most recent state of innovation 2015 report isn’t that different.

Report 261

Tips for Titles: Guidebook Titles, Report Titles, plus much more

Gijs Van Wulfen

Tips for Titles: Guidebook Titles, Report Titles, plus much more. Or you might keep in mind your coach reported in really last week’s seminar that there’s some good new information on cholesterol. The reason being that educational awareness really is a collaborative process. Clinical analysts collaborate in squads. Beginning to help answer the thing: brainstorming. There is the electricity to renew it.

Connecting the Dots in the New White House Report on AI and Innovation

Innovation 360 Group

president issued a joint report titled “ Preparing For The Future of Artificial Intelligence.” The report consists of a state of AI summary and lays out potential applications. The White House report makes it clear that AI and this emerging augmented reality has two sides. The White House report doesn’t address this point directly, but the message is evident if you connect the dots.

Innovation Circle in collaboration with ATI in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Innovation 360

Innovation Circle in collaboration with ATI in Riyadh. As a participant, you will receive a detailed, free innovation report with benchmarks, analysis and recommendations for your organization. The post Innovation Circle in collaboration with ATI in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia appeared first on Home of Innovation.