Product roadmap software study


New report into the Product Roadmap Software Marketplace is published. Bubble is pleased to share news that our PPM Software Bubble Innovator features in a new and independent review of the Roadmapping software marketplace. Roadmapping Software Study 2018. Inspird roadmap.

Creating Product Line Roadmaps

Innovation Excellence

A roadmap is a valuable collaboration and planning tool for product teams and organizations. This begs the question of how roadmaps should be created for product lines. Innovation Innovation Management Product Management product managers Roadmapping

Innovation Management Software: Connect Creativity and Collaboration

Planview Spigit

To help you in your search for the right innovation management platform, we have compiled a checklist of what to look for in an innovation management platform, complete with project collaboration and project delivery capabilities. Ideation + Delivery = Innovation.

Innovation Roadmap 2015: Tips for Better Ideas

Information Playground

  One of John's call to actions was as follows: "Submit ideas" John was referring to EMC's annual Innovation Roadmap contest in which employees worldwide submit ideas against corporate challenges. The importance of idea collaboration.

Measuring Innovation Performance

Better employee engagement and cross-functional collaboration spawn better ideas. collaboration has contributed to innovation. Measuring engagement, collaboration, and diversity This stage covers the events from idea submission to evaluation to idea launch.

Expert Interview Series: Jennifer Riggins of Happy Melly On Growing Your Brand Using Collaboration And Innovation


Happy workers aren’t just more productive, but they are more loyal to team and business, more innovative in an environment that lets them feel safe to experiment and risk failure, and they are more collaborative. How can creative collaboration help “value, attention, and credibility” to the parts of a partnership? What have been some particularly successful collaborations you’ve seen or taken part in? Want to connect and collaborate with you workforce?

A New Integrated Innovation Engagement System

Paul Hobcraft

Utilitarian in its principles, seeking real-world use and implementation through a more creative, collaborative environment, leading to more discoveries that distinctly ‘blend’ the lab application with the customer discovery of unmet need.

My 5 S for future Innovation: Smart, Stacks, Scale, Storage, and Software

Paul Hobcraft

What greater validation that this, that this takeover has the “legs to run” was that Siemens offered Mendix a lot of autonomy, significant financial backing and the wish to see the present roadmap deepen, broaden and keep Mendix strongly in a leadership position.

11 Ways to Speed Up Your Strategic Planning Process


We just created twenty-five year roadmaps for a client’s strategic planning process in two hours and forty-five minutes. We employ online surveys and online collaboration tools to minimize the need for your team to travel and spend time in big meetings.

John Saiz

Innovation 360 Group

Formerly the Chief Technology Officer / Chief Technologist at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, John collaborates with senior cross-functional teams to improve their innovative capabilities (via the University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing). Technology Roadmapping.

The 2020 CIO: Predictions and Insights


CIOs will make the environment more collaborative and customer-centric: Rapidly evolving technology makes it imperative in a workplace for everyone to adapt at an equally fast pace. Digitalization has been a game-changer for CIOs.

Connecting Innovation is the New Order of Play

Paul Hobcraft

There is this constant shift to more open-sourcing and collaborating. We are seeing a significant acceleration of innovative collaborations through ecosystems. need to collaborate and tap into the greater knowledge that lies beyond our labs, research centers or company borders.

John Saiz

Innovation 360 Group

In this capacity, John collaborates with technology intensive organizations worldwide with support from the staff at the IfM Centre for Technology Management. Technology enterprise (industry-university collaborations, technology venturing and incubation). Based in Houston, TX, the USA.

Exago unleashes the force of ideas through an ideation workshop


Because we know how powerful collaborative innovation can be, the Exago team took part in an ideation workshop to align ideas for the next evolution of our organisation’s roadmap. Playfully named ‘The Force Awakens’, the aim of the ideation session was to unleash the force of our people’s ideas in order to find the best […]. The post Exago unleashes the force of ideas through an ideation workshop appeared first on Exago.

Managing Energy Transition through Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

We do need to formulate more detailed roadmaps for the energy transition in a highly coordinated way as part of this change. Source IRENA [link].

9 Tenets of an ERP Cultural Transformation


Post ERP implementation blues are problematic for a number of reasons not the least of which is the decline of the collaborative and empowered culture that the implementation tends to create.

Your Future Lies in Occupying the Innovation Job and Using the Skills it Provides

Paul Hobcraft

A detailed report for the World Economic Forum in 2018 “ Towards a Reskilling Revolution: Industry-led action for the future of work” , in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group, investigated viable and desirable job transition pathways on the Future of Jobs.

System 243

Swimming along a road in a flood of digital transformation

Paul Hobcraft

We need to create a digital transformation strategy, a clear roadmap and build the business case as it is going to be, well, umm…… transformational. Forming a strategy, roadmap and business case needs real considerations.

Confusion or Diffusion in Energy Transition?

Paul Hobcraft

We lack any clear roadmaps or commitments from industry sectors, governments, or institutional framework. Following on from my recent post, “ Managing Energy Transition through Innovation ,” let me build out the innovation argument further.

An Innovation Lexicon


The power of collaboration beyond the confines of a conventional organization are leading many to crowdsourcing and crowdfunding innovation – so independent parties work together to design, produce and finance new things. Innovation means different things to different people.

Unleashing Innovation Within Your Company


For example: • How are you building your roadmap to accommodate your new products or services? Build an innovation network by giving employees specific tasks to perform; this will help them build their collaboration muscles. Is innovation embedded into every thread of your company?

If you want your employees at the forefront of innovation, let them fly free


b) Do so collaborating among themselves, finding more and better solutions. If we want to innovate, we must promote transversal collaboration and knowledge that flows between people. Flying freely without hindrance is a desire most companies share.

Emerging Trends in the Automotive Sector


However, no matter what automotive company you work for, there are some emerging trends that will impact your roadmap. And that’s one of the reasons that collaborating with the crowd (at least for initial ideas) might be a great benefit to car manufacturers.

Scaled Agile Framework: what is and how it works


Based on a combination of agile and lean principles, it calls for close collaboration and alignment between teams and aims to centralize decision-making. Each team does the backlog refinement for the next 2 to 3 weeks, but the approximate PI roadmap is there as a guide.

Agile 52

John Saiz

Innovation 360 Group

In this capacity, John collaborates with technology intensive organizations worldwide with support from the staff at the IfM Centre for Technology Management. Since 2014, he has led collaborations with a number of multinational commercial organizations including AstraZeneca, FMC Technologies, GE Global Research, GE Oil & Gas, Halliburton, Oxiteno, Pfizer, and Subsea 7. Technology enterprise (industry-university collaborations, technology venturing and incubation).

Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector

Innovation in Practice

Facing especially wicked problems, social sector organizations are searching for powerful new methods to understand and address them. Design Thinking for the Greater Good goes in depth on both the how of using new tools and the why.

A new cycle of innovation design

The Future Shapers

Forming a strategy, roadmap and business case needs really many new considerations. Then we need to encourage and expand the risk appetite, in rapid experimentation and learning, to accelerate the infusion of digital talent, enhance the understanding of soft skills and the art of collaboration, in new teaming, in-goal and process identification and solution solving. We really do have this compelling need to have a new cycle of innovation design.

Culture of Innovation: Premera Blue Cross Engages Employees to Drive Innovation

Planview Spigit

This unique collaboration of hundreds of employees includes three primary categories: Iron Chefs, Recipes, and Ingredients. 1,697 comments, collaborating ideas.

Companies betting big on open innovation


It works because the concept relies on collaboration and mutually beneficial partnerships. The collaboration for data-driven products is expected to deliver over one billion euros in annual client benefits by 2022. Check out how the idea generation and project roadmaps here.).

Digital Discovery: How To Create a Digital Experience – That Is Built For The Real World…

The Future Shapers

It features all the dimensions that inform and guide ‘change roadmap’ development.

Finally a framework to manage holistically Industrial Revolution 4.0

Paul Hobcraft

So often organizations do not have a clear vision, strategy or can develop a systematic roadmap for this form of transformation. The main effects of this IR4 are the shifts in customer expectations, on product enhancements, on collaborative innovation, and in different organizational forms.

Four Steps for the successful Implementation of a holistic Innovation Management


We differentiate between Innovation Management Frameworks, Trend/Technology/Startup Management Frameworks and Roadmapping Frameworks. The market launch of these innovations can then be planned and controlled using a roadmap tool.

12 Technology Categories That Will Transform Careers

Daniel Burrus

This method is currently being used by many Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, Deloitte, and Pratt & Whitney to name a few, as well as the Pentagon to provide an accurate roadmap of the opportunities that are ahead. By providing an accurate roadmap for anyone who wishes to increase their personal career relevancy in a world of transformative change, you can make career and education decisions with confidence.

Unleash Your Visual Superpower!

Boxes and Arrows

One team I’ve worked with helps bridge this gap on strategic projects by maintaining an “experience roadmap.” The roadmap is a collection of prototypes showing what each release will look like. The roadmap doesn’t just benefit the project team or the designer.

#1,530 – The Sketchbook Project

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

According to Atlas Obscura : “The Brooklyn Art Library houses the Sketchbook Project: a collaborative library of artists’ sketchbooks that’s grown every year since 2006. But more than providing a roadmap for where we’re going it’s also a way for us to see where we’ve been.