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ESIP is supported by NASA, NOAA, USGS and 110+ member organizations all working together to collaboratively share research, funding opportunities, and to network with one another. The post Research is Collaborative appeared first on IdeaScale.

Ten Types of Innovation: 30 new case studies for 2019

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However, what I have found in recent workshops is that since it was originally published in 2013, some of the case studies and examples in the book already come across as out of date.

New study shows whether collaboration is more effective than working alone (hint: it isn’t the best way…)

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Is it groups of people collaborating on the challenge together, or individuals working alone? Most innovation experts would advise that full-time collaboration is a basic requirement for building innovative new solutions. Where the group works alone and never sees the anyone else’s solutions (no collaboration, labelled No Ties – NT). IT – Intermittent Collaboration: 48.3%. NT – No Collaboration: 44.1%. %

Study 123

Why innovation leaders should invest in collaboration in 2019


In fact, a recent study showed that the highest performing companies centralise their innovation strategy in upper management, meaning it is often those at C-level who push for innovation within a company. Leadership is undoubtedly a critical piece of the business innovation puzzle.

Spigit's 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report

We studied the effect that tenure had on crowdsourced. in collaborative problem solving, companies. partners in collaborative problem solving will. and collaboration—such as the number of. THE 2018 STATE OF. CROWDSOURCED. INNOVATION.

Success through Collaboration

Daniel Burrus

Some Ways to Make Collaboration Work. Instead of competing, they were collaborating. Collaborating with other organizations and individuals—even those you might consider competitors—can prove a powerful strategy in meeting and overcoming the challenges of today’s marketplace.

Case Study: Regional SME Development Project Brings Innovation Lift to Manufacturing Hub

Innovation 360 Group

They need a common framework and language to describe and quantify innovation efforts, and to collaborate internally and externally. There was a need to become more strategic and collaborative then in the past, to challenge existing business models, and to redraw strategic value propositions.

Product roadmap software study


In its recently-released (49 page) research report, ‘Roadmapping Software Studie’, TIM-Consulting and Fraunhofer IAO evaluated a number of prominent vendors offering technology and product roadmapping software. Roadmapping Software Study 2018.

How to Conquer Distance with Collaboration


As a result of their Frontline 2020 initiative, the WAP feels more connected and collaborative than ever. To find out more about the Western Australia Police and Frontline 2020, click here to download the recent case study. Long distance relationships are never easy.

The Power of Collaboration

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Extra tutorial support is included in every class, to aid in the transition to post-secondary study. Many different forms of literature are studied, including poetry, prose, and oral literatures. Cultural literacy, First Nations and the future of Canadian literary studies.

Measuring Innovation Performance

Better employee engagement and cross-functional collaboration spawn better ideas. Investments made Innovation projects started Development spend Tests conducted Organizational growth % of spend on new products Studies conducted. collaboration has contributed to innovation.

Understanding your Innovation Culture – A Case-Study from Swisslog

HYPE Innovation

How do your company’s employees react when asked to participate in enterprise collaborative innovation? Do employees cheer enthusiastically, as they are finally able to get involved? Perhaps there’s a degree of cynicism having seen corporate initiatives fail in the past?

Study shows a desire for startups and corporates to work more together by 2025

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According to a recent study by the Unilever Foundation , there is a strong desire for corporations to improve their innovation capability by working more closely with startups. Based on the results of a recent survey of 204 corporate brand managers and 114 startups about how their companies planned to collaborate together, the following results were identified: 80% of corporates believe that startups can have a positive impact on a large company’s approach to innovation.

Study 121

Case Study: How to Build a Digital User Experience Monitoring System

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In this case study, we describe our user experience monitoring system at Qualtrics. [1] We start our case study by describing our system; from there, we’ll share our process for creating this system and share some advice. Journal of Usability Studies. Case Studies

Strategic Thinking Exercise – 17 Questions to Find Innovation Case Studies


Our immediate need was to identify potential innovation case studies to discover how other companies and industries are innovating in relevant ways. Strategic Thinking Exercise – 17 Questions to Find Innovation Case Studies.

11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

a Culture of Innovation 2 // 19Spigit: 11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Existing Culture Into a Culture of Innovation 1 2 94% of senior executives in a research study by McKinsey said. enables each employee to share ideas, collaborate with colleagues across. 11 Proven Ways to.

The Future of Corporate-Startup Collaboration

The Inovo Group

Collaboration can no longer be viewed as an optional extra, it’s a strategic imperative. The collaboration between large corporations and startups is more important today than ever, and the trend will continue. The Corporate-Startup collaboration trend is one example of that.

Study: Maritime Industry Needs Better Data Sharing and Collaboration, But Change Is Coming

BPI Thought Leadership Media Coverage

Creating Physical Workspaces For Collaboration and Ideas


A lot of people have heard of ‘creative’ workplaces, such as Pixar and Google, that boast exciting work environments for collaboration that stimulate their employees. Yet what a lot of people don’t recognise, is that the space in which you collaborate, helps you innovate.

Förderung neuer Innovationen: Studie zum Status Quo & neuen Ansätzen


Um diesen Entwicklungen Rechnung zu tragen hat die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (FFG) eine Studie zur Bedürfnisanalyse und Erweiterung des eigenen Innovationsverständnisses in Auftrag gegeben.

Study 52

I would recommend applying the Innovation Value Proposition

Paul Hobcraft

The other important part of my learning about value propositions comes back to its critical focal point in the Business Model Canvas, conceived by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur (and the basis of HYPE’s Collaborative Innovation Canvas ). Adapted from original source [link].

Report 233

The Need for Digital Innovation Platforms

Paul Hobcraft

We need to think this new digital innovation structure to have both internal disciplines in solutions but also designed for extended enterprise collaborations so “ecosystems of innovations” can finally take hold.

Report 221

The fascinating story of Giffgaff: A co-creation case study


Unlike crowdsourcing, co-creation uses a small group of known partners and involves deeper collaboration. There are so many interesting case studies on how giffgaff runs on the principle of mutuality and co-creation to deliver a great customer experience.

Can We Have One of These? A Product Innovation Platform

Paul Hobcraft

We can actually get into true lifecycle management across not just one business but within collaborations across functions, companies, and entire ecosystems, to contribute. The whole momentum of collaboration becomes accelerated.

Culture of Innovation Video and Case Study: Cambia Health Solutions Transforms the Health Care Landscape Through Innovation

Planview Spigit

This blog features a new video of how Cambia drives employee engagement through its Pitchwell program and features their case study centered around their “app-a-thon challenge,” focusing on “the big problems in healthcare”.

Study: Maritime Industry Needs Better Data Sharing and Collaboration, But Change Is Coming

BPI Thought Leadership Media Coverage

The maritime industry and broader ocean supply chain are suffering from major and costly inefficiencies due to ineffective data sharing and poor cross-industry collaboration, a new report and industry survey released by the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network in coordination with Navis and XVELA, both part of Cargotec, shows

The 4 Dynamic Stages of Collaborative Innovation – Number 3: Idea Review


Third, you need methods and ways to test ideas, whether you build a small prototype to study feasibility or build a working tool to test it out and see if there are any unexpected problems to deal with. What’s the best idea among the ones you’ve defined?

Recognizing an innovation need

Paul Hobcraft

It is far too self-contained and not open to the collaborative environment we need today, where others outside the one organization can freely exchange and collaborate on the same platform. That is an innovative solution that needs a collaborative design to deliver.

Report 192

Entering 2019 – What Do Each of Us Need to Focus Upon?

Paul Hobcraft

As we enter 2019 I always like to take a day or so, to reflect and think about what I should be focusing upon in the next year, around innovation. What has influenced me in 2018 and what I feel is shaping my thinking going into 2019?

Report 190

Building the Single Innovation Digital Platform Environment

Paul Hobcraft

What we should finally accept, a platform connects all users, both internally and externally in their ability to share their knowledge and information in exchanges, in one environment to cultivate collaborations and continuous collaborative creativity.

Report 168

Managing Energy Transition through Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

Source IRENA [link]. In the past few months, I have been placing an increasing focus on the energy transition we all need to undertake in our energy systems, to build a more comprehensive understanding of the parts that make up the whole of this transition.

What do we expect from Innovation? Mostly disappointment

Paul Hobcraft

Good innovation is notoriously hard to achieve. There are so many obstacles and uncertainties as you take an idea or concept through to eventual release. Often, we are dealing in the unknowns and uncertainties. We continually lack facts, we keep seeking validation. We are pressured for results.

Report 208

Case study of agile and UCD working together

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To develop a completely new site requires several teams to collaborate and this can be difficult. This case study shows how the ComputerWeekly user experience team integrated with an agile development group. 30 interviews, 20 ethnographic studies, and 950 responses to an online survey.

The problem of scaling can confuse those innovating.

Paul Hobcraft

The problem of scaling can confuse those innovating and can this be changed? I have been often returning to scaling struggling with finding the best answers. Many organizations struggle with scaling.

Report 194

Innovating in the digital age- a terrific report

Paul Hobcraft

digital solutions that improve and accelerate collaboration, communication, and learning. The report from Arthur D Little “ Innovating in the digital age- a cross-industry exploration ” has to be the one report that really stands out for me from this year. I highly recommend it.

Report 165

Control and Community: A Case Study of Enterprise Wiki Usage

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Wikis introduce to the Internet a collaborative model that not only allows, but explicitly encourages, broad and open participation. In particular, I am seeking insight from this case study into the “balance of power” tension. Tags: Case Studies