Calculating the ROI for Your Idea Management System Launch


This is a particular struggle for innovation departments and committees launching an idea management system, who often need to come up with KPIs and metrics to explain what they’re doing and how it benefits the company. How is your idea management software performing?

Putting some dynamic tension back into the innovation system

Paul Hobcraft

The thinking hinges around the state of innovation today, how it is fragmenting in all those contributing yet it seems learning has been replaced by personalized experience that does not get embedded back in the company, the ones who are paying for this exposure.

System 156

These guys built a beautiful scale version of our solar system

Idea to Value

In this short film by Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh, they recreate the actual scale of our solar system, taken from the perspective of the Earth being the size of a marble. Inspiration Alex Gorosh to scale solar system Wylie Overstreet

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Be the Architect: Designing an Integrated Innovation System


In a turbulent marketplace, when complexity can add even more confusion, it is important to have a simple and straightforward innovation system. The Value of an Integrated Innovation System . As well as the Rewards to your customers and the Revenue or Return to your team and company?).

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Data From 3.5 Million Employees Shows How Innovation Really Works

ve years of data from 154 public companies covering over 3.5 million employees that have used an idea management system called Spigit. erence to the company. Some companies use this software for process innovation; others develop new products; others seek e?ciencies

Be the Architect: Designing an Integrated Innovation System


In a turbulent marketplace, when complexity can add even more confusion, it is important to have a simple and straightforward innovation system. The Value of an Integrated Innovation System . As well as the Rewards to your customers and the Revenue or Return to your team and company?).

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Is your company just performing “Innovation Theatre”?

Idea to Value

Most companies say that they are investing in innovation. Many of these companies don’t understand why their innovation failure rates are so high. Unfortunately, many companies won’t even realise that they have this problem.

System of Engagement

Information Playground

One of the key points that he made was that traditional IT systems function as a system of record.  Therefore the amount of data managed in a system or record grows fairly predictably, and business intelligence algorithms explore this data with relative ease.

The innovation value lies within the new system

Paul Hobcraft

As many of our business organizations seek to optimize their processes across the company, they are constantly reaching more outside to gain growing partnerships and greater innovation interactions. Core capabilities have upsides and downsides.

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How the current patent system actually hurts innovation (and how patent trolls are being fought)

Idea to Value

One of the most common questions I get asked when talking to companies about their issues with innovation is “how do we prevent someone stealing our ideas? And worse than that, in many cases it is being abused by companies in ways which actually discourage innovation completely.

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6 Ways to Create a Successful Innovation Program

With over five million users in the Fortune Global 500 from companies as diverse as UnitedHealth Group, Unilever and AT&T, Spigit. or functional area inside a company, that’s not a culture of. by offering creative rewards such as lunch with the CEO, or a company paid get-away.

Introducing Idea Management Systems


In order to stay relevant in an ever-changing, competitive market, companies need to utilize all resources available, and the most valuable resource is the people that make your company run. Why not get feedback from the people that know your company the best? HunchBuzz is a leader in Idea Management Systems (IMS). Instead of focusing precious energy on data processing and analysis, companies can spend more time on strategy, innovation, and execution.

This air cooling system for the slums uses plastic bottles and requires no electricity

Idea to Value

Then sign up for your FREE account from Idea to Value to not only get great pieces of insight like this every week, but also free training on improving your creativity and company innovation capabilities from some of the world’s leading innovation experts.

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7 Components That Make For A Great Startup Company Culture


Similar to how an established company can implement a set of components to drive innovation , a startup has a set of components that enable it to outlive its startup phase. Employees want to know that their work matters to the overall success of the company.

Why designers need systems thinking

The Inovo Group

Systems thinking on the other hand, even though it has been around much longer, has not caught on as much in the corporate world. One can argue the reasons for systems thinking not catching on the way that design thinking has (e.g. Design thinking is big in the corporate world.

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by. across industries with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, health-care organizations, and nonprofits. innovation in other companies. They’re stuck, and here’s the reason: Their company cultures.

Bubble is hiring: Systems Administrator wanted


We’re looking for a systems administrator (application & infrastructure) to join our Cambridge team! Systems administrator. If you’re keen to join a growing company with a culture that’s dynamic, forward-looking, and technologically advanced, then please get in touch.

15 most important Innovation Theories your company should be using

Idea to Value

Every company says that innovation is important, and that they value the ideas of their people. In fact, creativity is becoming a core skill which companies know they need in the future. This is something a large number of companies struggle with.

The Future of Organizational Management: Ecological Systems Thinking

The Inovo Group

Successful companies must exist in both worlds—innovation and production—simultaneously. The post The Future of Organizational Management: Ecological Systems Thinking appeared first on Inovo.

Another Conscious Company: Which Wich

Innovation Excellence

Describe the Vibe and how it helps the company operate. The Vibe is the positive energy that’s at the heart of our culture and courses through the veins of the Which Wich system.

Fast Company’s Brainstorming Fail

Gregg Fraley

Fast Company Article “Brainstorming is Dumb” Misses the Point. This time it’s Fast Company. Fast Company missed an opportunity to inform more fully at the very least. For results in idea generation you need a system, a framework, and a wide, deep chest of tools.

Choose the Right Human Resource Information System to Stay on Top of Your Game


The backbone of any company, an HR department can be a catalyst for a brand’s growth and success. Strategies HRIS human resources information system onboarding payroll management recruitmentA tech-supported, effective HR unit will help you improve employee experience, which translates into better engagement and higher performance.

Don't Loose Sight of Innovation's Real Purpose by Looking Deeper Into the Portfolio Management System

HYPE Innovation

This exploring of different innovating activities is including a growing number of many of our larger companies, perhaps with deeper pockets, trying a variety of creative thinking concepts. We have all become totally wrapped up in thr “Innovation Theatre.” Some have called these song and dance routines , others like Steve Blank, have described their view of “innovation theatre” around the current obsession of setting up outposts , mostly in Silicon Valley.

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Are Our Accounting Systems Inhibiting Innovation?

Innovation Excellence

When companies base their internal performance measurement systems solely on short-term profits or traditional GAAP-approved accounting returns—the results can be dangerously skewed, causing premature or inappropriate decisions about the fate of new innovations and R&D funding.

The Ultimate Guide to Building an Internal Innovation Coaching System

Moves the Needle

The fact is, companies must be more agile, understand their customers deeply, and make bold moves in order to survive. You also need your internal champions for innovation - the coaches - to educate and guide teams on how to work in this new way, and the systems in place to support their continuous development. What is an Internal Innovation Coaching System? Knowing if your coaches are performing effectively allows you to iterate on the system or identify areas of weakness.

3 Reasons Companies Welcome Disruption

Daniel Burrus

Cable television providers are an ideal example—it’s an industry dominated by companies that had simply divvied up territory and essentially provided identical services. Opportunities include following the peer lending system taking hold in other areas as well as “niche” web-based databases.

The Employee Suggestion System Turns 135


Towards the end of the book, Osborn touches on the popularity of “employee suggestion systems,” the wooden box precursor to the practice of collaborative innovation for today’s Digital Age, which typically includes a virtual component. Your Creative Power.

Five Things You Should Measure about Your Innovation System

The Inovo Group

To address this inherent uncertainty, it is useful to have a framework and model of the innovation system which defines the structural and operational components of the system as well as operational outcomes. Figure 2 – A System Model for Innovation Measurement.

Case Study: How to Build a Digital User Experience Monitoring System

Boxes and Arrows

Our user experience (UX) and product teams are no different, so we set up a system that provides an ongoing stream of data that answers these questions and does much more. In this case study, we describe our user experience monitoring system at Qualtrics. [1] System architecture.

16 Creative Thinking Questions from the Most Innovative Companies


The 2018 Fast Company Most Innovative Companies issue arrived Saturday. It’s always a wonderful inspiration for strategic and creative thinking questions (plus it’s exciting that we have a current client among the companies recognized).

Why Resilient Companies Embrace Strategic Innovation

Legacy Innovation Group

Why Resilient Companies Embrace Strategic Innovation. According to the American Enterprise Institute , 89% of the companies listed on the Fortune 500 in 1955 are no longer on the list. Of those 500 companies, only 61 still remain. Those companies — names like Boeing, Kellogg, Procter and Gamble, IBM, and Whirlpool — have remained because of one thing — a willingness to do whatever it takes to remain relevant and resilient, including constant change and adaptation.

The connected company


Do you know what the average life expectancy for a company is? In a recent talk , John Hagel pointed out that the average life expectancy of a company in the S&P 500 has dropped precipitously, from 75 years (in 1937) to 15 years in a more recent study. THE COMPANY AS A MACHINE.

IT Workers 'Fail' Companies' Attempts to Transform Their Aging IT Systems

BPI Thought Leadership Media Coverage

According to a new report from the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network, an industry grouping which has launched a campaign to promote change and development in data centers, many of those running networks, data centers and back-end systems say lack of planning, deficiencies in key skills, insufficient funding, and a paucity of communications and collaboration with the business side ma

Data 61

AI System Better than Doctors at Predicting Heart Disease Deaths


According to the McKinsey Global Institute , about 70% of companies worldwide will embrace at least one form of AI by the year 2030. The adoption of artificial intelligence solutions by many industries continues apace.

Innovation Assessment: Is Your Company Lagging Behind?

Moves the Needle

Like all business initiatives, enterprise transformation should be driven by a company’s vision and corporate strategy. This assessment looks at four characteristics we deem important across three dimensions: people, systems, and management. When leadership is not aligned, they will fail to make needed resource allocation decisions, the company will be rudderless, morale will suffer. How is your company structured?

Who Are the World's Most Innovative Companies?

Legacy Innovation Group

Who Are the World's Most Innovative Companies? Ask most folks to tick off their list of who they think are the world's most innovative companies, and you're likely to get something along these lines. In fact, there are several institutions who now attempt to make a list of the world's most innovative companies. Fast Company uses their own (undisclosed) methodology to come up with a list of what are probably the companies most changing the world at any given time.