Crowdsourcing Trends Shaping the Future of Innovation


According to a 2014 study done by the company Eyeka, in the past 10 years, 85% of the top global brands have used crowdsourcing efforts within their company. In this article, I will be discussing those three trends, and why I believe they are shaping the future of innovation.

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Marketers Must Learn to Anticipate Content Trends

Daniel Burrus

In fact, about 50 percent of households now say they listen to podcasts, with a majority of them joining the trend in just the last three years. Every company, regardless of size, knows they must advertise if they are to grow. Three Hard Trends and Two Tech Trends to Watch .

Six Trends Shaping the Future of Health Care

Innovation Excellence

So are the companies disrupting it. The healthcare industry is an ecosystem.

Emerging Trends in the Automotive Sector


However, no matter what automotive company you work for, there are some emerging trends that will impact your roadmap. Here are just a few of the emerging trends that we’ve seen. Who is going to be most excited about this new trend?

The Business Opportunity of Embedded Analytics: New Findings from 500+ Application Teams

Speaker: Josh Martin, Director of Product Marketing, Logi Analytics

But most companies don’t realize that the features they embed and how they develop have a lasting impact on revenue, customer churn, and competitive differentiation. Join Logi Analytics as they explore new survey findings and trends.

6 Trends for Every Salesperson

Daniel Burrus

There are several new business trends taking place—all of which affect salespeople in every industry. Understand what the trends are and how to maximize them so you can maintain a successful sales career. While it’s human nature to protect the status quo, you have to understand that technology is changing the future, customers’ behavior, and your company’s reality. Many salespeople rely on static marketing tools like company websites, flyers, and sales letters.

Cybersecurity in 2019: Key Trends and Innovations You Need to Know About


New threats emerge as new technologies become more embedded – and companies both small and large struggle to keep up. If you’re not sure where to begin looking, CyberArk Software and Cisco were some of the best rated cybersecurity companies of 2018. #2: Innovation cybersecurity trends

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The AI Revolution: Stats, Trends and Developments in 2019


That’s just a quick run of stats, the infographic below shows interesting stats and facts about AI, the companies and countries conquering the AI market, and the way AI is disrupting global industries.

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Digital Innovation Units: Recommendations, Trends and Conclusions

Integrative Innovation

Involvement of the company. The study authors differentiate between three types of Digital Innovation Units : Innovation Lab : Bundling of company-internal resources in one or more interdisciplinary. Two thirds of all DAX companies operate one or several Digital Innovation Units.

Trends in Innovation in the Chemical Industry


He detailed how the company decides where to place their innovation efforts and when closed vs open innovation models work best, using examples of innovation initiatives at Janssen. The post Trends in Innovation in the Chemical Industry appeared first on yet2.

Accelerate Growth Using Hard Trends

Daniel Burrus

Companies and organizations often inadvertently stunt their own success by making certain assumptions when it comes to growth. For example, let’s say your company has been growing by 8% a year for the past 10 years. Hard Trends represent future certainties—things that we know with absolute confidence will occur. Hard Trends can help with that. Think of Hard Trends as representing future certainties—those things that we know with absolute confidence are going to occur.

Key Trends for Future-Proofing Corporate Venture


Over the last few years, the corporate venture model has shifted away from internal R&D towards an open innovation model in which companies partner with entrepreneurs to create new products or services. If it's done smartly, the partnership between company and startup provides a capital structure that can help the startup grow even faster. Corporate-Startup Partnerships Partnerships Trends Venture Capital Innovation Models CVC

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Gartner’s Lewis Farran Explains Technology Trends And Managing For The Future


Gartner recently released the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2018 (summarize). Of all these trends, which is the most disruptive and why? Why do companies have a hard time adopting new technologies and how can they remedy it?

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5 Trends that Will Impact Your Innovation Strategy in 2017


But innovation and change are not simple cause and effect: Often trends can affect how, in what industries, and where we innovate. What are the trends that will impact your innovation strategy in 2017? 2017 offers new frontiers in innovation.

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Emerging Trends Impacting the Financial Sector in 2019


What trends in innovation will affect finance in 2019? In areas where there’s a bit more control, expect companies to ask everyone, not just one department, for their opinions. Which trend will pull away from the crowd?

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Digitalization – An Unstoppable Mega Trend

The Future Shapers

Digitalisation is a mega trend that will influence the building of future society. As a mega trend, digitalisation has the ability to find ways to bypass any obstacles and resistance in its path to influence tomorrow. But many companies and organizations try to resist mega trends in different ways with the illusion that it is possible to contain the digitalisation. Most mega trends cannot be contained.

Trend Timing - The Innovator's Secret Weapon

Legacy Innovation Group

Trend Timing — The Innovator's Secret Weapon. Many successful innovations succeed because they correctly address emerging trends. These trends can be driven by a whole host of factors – technology, evolving lifestyles (e.g.

7 Takeaways for Corporate Innovation Teams from Mary Meeker's 2016 Internet Trends Report


Since the report is more than 200 pages long, we thought it would be helpful to share a high-level summary of the trends that are most relevant to corporations: Corporate Innovation Trends

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Key Trends in Transportation Innovation


When people think of the transportation industry, they are often thinking of auto manufacturers, but it includes a wealth of other companies and products: from shipping and logistics firms, to travel transportation, non-motorized transport (like bicycles) and more.

Societal and demographic signals are more influential than technology trends

RTI Innovation Advisors

It seems to differ based on the potential adopter and the company making the offer. Societal pressures and demographic signals are probably the most powerful signals about how the future will unfold, yet we spend less time listening and understanding these trends and signals than we should. Why don't large corporations pay more attention to societal and demographic trends and signals? This is why societal and demographic trends almost always trump technology trends

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Hallmark- Unsung Innovation based on Trends

Adam Hartung

A 100 year old greeting card company follows the trends, learns to experiment and is ahead of the Netflix/Amazon/Hulu streaming video. The Hallmark Channel is on track to keep growing into the streaming era ready for the next trend.

IdeaScale’s Top 5 Emerging Trends for 2018


So while we’ve been listening, we’ve been thinking about what the top emerging trends for 2018 might be. Here are our top five trends that we expect to see most often over the next twelve months: Mainstream AI. We get to learn a lot from our customers.

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8 Trends Driving Innovation In The Ski And Winter Sport Industry


The 8 recurring trends we identified are: alternative entertainment, augmented reality, customization, intelligent wearables, platforms, slope analytics and sensors, smart protection and finally sustainability. The trend of individualization is now also dominating the ski industry.

4th Industrial Revolution Will Change Companies from the Inside

Innovation Excellence

Innovation Leadership Management Technology Business Models Evolution of Technology future Strategy technology TrendsAfter invention of steam engine, there was years, in some parts of the world even half of the century or more to feel the 1st industrial revolution.

Industry Spotlight: Technical Trends in the Oil & Gas Industry


It is often difficult for any business to balance both short-term and long-term goals with inherent volatility; understanding the enduring and emerging trends within the oil & gas industry is essential for layering meaningful innovation on top of the complexity of the business. Our team has extensive experience in the entire oil & gas ecosystem – from suppliers to downstream partners to chemical companies and adjacent industries.

Calling All Corporate Innovators: What’s Your Company’s Innovation Maturity Score?


Nowadays, companies last less than 20 years on the S&P 500 , down from 60 years in the 1950s — a trend in large part caused by technological disruption.

Tech innovation trends for 2017


2017 will be no exception, considering the tech trends that emerged in 2016 and will continue to develop in the new year. Some of the trends we can expect to change the world in 2017 include: Internet of Things (IoT). The post Tech innovation trends for 2017 appeared first on Wazoku.

Retail innovation: Trends, challenges and opportunities


Making sense of disparate activities is a critical capability that requires effort—this is what most innovative retail companies such as Walmart, BMW, Everlane, IKEA, and Sephora do. By seeing dots where there aren’t any, top retail companies.

Tracking Trends – Six Essential Steps for Spotting Your Next Opportunity

Innovation Excellence

I once asked Fred Smith, the founder of FedEx, what led him to start the company back in 1971. He explained that, at the time, he was running a company at the Little Rock, Arkansas, airport, refurbishing executive aircraft. Innovation disruption technology TrendsIt was there he began to notice that with increasing frequency, business people were showing up.

Six future leadership trends

The Human Factor

Read on to learn about the most important future trends in leadership. ). Another strong trend for the future is collective leadership.

3 Reasons Companies Welcome Disruption

Daniel Burrus

Cable television providers are an ideal example—it’s an industry dominated by companies that had simply divvied up territory and essentially provided identical services. The post 3 Reasons Companies Welcome Disruption appeared first on Daniel Burrus.

Six future leadership trends

The Human Factor

Read on to learn about the most important future trends in leadership. ). Another strong trend for the future is collective leadership.

5 Industries with the Most Innovative Companies


If your company has ever stalled for the lack of innovation, then you’ve probably thought about it from time to time. Trend Alert augmented reality automotive industry biotechnology brainstorm clean energy healthcare IoT pharmaceutical technology Tesla trend

The 5 Biggest Threats To FMCG Companies

Innovation Excellence

There are 5 trends that together are starting to create a very explosive environment. Consumer Innovation Leadership marketing Strategy business trends Digital Trends Dollar Shave Club Harry's P&G Procter & Gamble

Trends in Food: Functional Foods, Superfoods, and Eating Less Meat


One of the very interesting presentations from last month’s R&D Innovation Summit in Chicago was “The Freshest Insights in New Food Trends” by Thomas Talbert , vice president, culinary R&D at CSSI Culinary. Talbert, and his co-presenter Marie Molde of Dataessential presented a recent continuum we’ve seen in food trends. Since functional foods are a hot trend among both consumers and food producers, now is a great time for nutrition research to play a role.