Increasing innovation focus on the end-user segments within the energy transition story

Paul Hobcraft

As crucial renewable energy solutions (wind, solar) are falling in price comparison, we are beginning to see clean energy solutions for industry, for the environment, and society, as a whole. Source of visual used: [link].

Seeking out knowledge that feeds our innovations

Paul Hobcraft

Organizations need to move well beyond their lazy reliance on best practice comparison and they need to find better ways to explore emerging practices. The more we embrace change and recognize innovation demands more of our time, the more we must seek out knowledge that ‘feeds’ innovation.

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Creating the Industrial Ecosystem

Paul Hobcraft

Partly they, Siemens, have lived with Mindsphere for some time and it has become embedded in where they are going, perhaps forgetting the significant lag the outside world has to this, to relate or appreciate or make those essential comparisons.

Three innovative ideas leading towards greener Denmark


That makes the process fast, cheap and energy saving in comparison to existing casting processes. Engaging customers to be a part of the process . This is an example of how you can engage your customers in the process and boost their customer experience.

Wrong Thinking: The Key to Thinking Differently


” To consider possibilities we have to engage in divergent thinking , and one way to do so is wrong thinking; that is the topic of this episode. Because in comparison to what is, true creative ideas a wrong; they challenge the status quo. How do you engage in wrong thinking?

How to Influence People and Drive Change


Are you using the right persuasion tactics to influence the people you engage with? Whether you are trying to drive engagement within your team, make a business case to your boss, or sell a product or service to a customer, the methods that you use to influence decision makers should be tailored to the situation and the individual you are speaking with. Every minute of every day, individuals engage in various forms of persuasion in order to get what they want.

Change 100

Creating a brand that lasts.

Mike Shipulski

It’s far a more difficult game than the quantified head-to-head comparison of fuel economy and it’s a longer play, but done right, it’s a lasting play that is difficult to beat. One of the best ways to improve your brand is to improve your products.

How to Measure the Success of Your Innovation Management Strategy


Time itself creates points of comparison, whether you choose to evaluate them or not. Workplace value in the form of employee retention, engagement, and motivation. Measure Participation Levels and Engagement. How many continue participating, and how many are still engaged in the innovation project at its conclusion? Most of us have encountered a version of the saying, “You can’t improve what you don’t measure,” and it makes intuitive sense.

Overall Innovation Program Health


The entire engagement dashboard gives you a picture of how people are engaging with ideas at every stage, but starting with incoming ideas and the dialogue around them. And because you can segment, you can see who is most active in your community (at idea submission, at moving ideas forward, etc) and which subjects are the most engaging in your community. How you perform in comparison to other IdeaScale communities.

Retraining Workers as Jobs Evolve

Michael Roberto

First, I think that companies have to recognize that these investments, while perhaps quite substantial, often pale in comparison to the alternative. For instance, organizations may find that employee engagement increases when people feel valued and have the opportunity to better themselves through retraining. Engagement human resources retraining talent training

Six Trends Shaping the Future of Health Care


Consumers now bear more cost for their care, so they expect new tools for comparison shopping and finding ‘value’ as they shop for healthcare. The healthcare industry is an ecosystem. So are the companies disrupting it.

Trends 130

12 Resources to Lead a Strategic Planning Process When You’re New


As a new strategic planner, you can quickly gain advantage by bringing intriguing comparisons to the table. Making Great Comparisons. 10 Lessons to Engage Employees and Drive Improved Results. Actively engage more employees in strategy AND implementation success.

How To Build a Scouting Team Within Your Organization


Once the solution has been verified you can consider engaging in potential partnerships. You will also be able to add new topics, uncover competitor adjacent opportunities, and conduct affiliation comparisons. Collaboration Software Tool to Manage, Sustain, Engage Analyze.

Overcome resistance and capture growth in the Financial Services Industry

Innovation 360 Group

Going forward, our customers and other stakeholders will be more receptive to change in how we engage with them and what we offer. In comparison to almost all other industries, the financial services industry is one of the least supportive of change (we call it adaptability), especially on one key dimension – a supportive culture for innovation. Much of this relates to the lack of support and engagement of people. Successful innovators engage all their stakeholders.

Innovators as Champions for Big Ideas

Innovation Excellence

In reality, I’ll never know, and I’ll never make the side by side comparison that would give me the capability to appreciate many of the features now offered in the category. Yesterday my electric toothbrush finally decided to die on me.

#1,705 – Baseball: The Gathering

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

A way to engage them, even during a pandemic. An interactive card game, modeled after Magic: The Gathering, that would make baseball cards pale in comparison. Baseball had a golden opportunity. A captive audience with literally no where to go, nothing else to do.

Augmented Reality Defined with Opportunities

Daniel Burrus

Surgeons used Google Glass to watch a patient’s vitals without taking their eyes off the surgical area, warehouse workers used them to locate products needing boxing, and universities used them to enhance student engagement in science lab classes.

Turning Intuition into Science©


Understanding how your organization really functions and making decisions based on data that comes from this understanding, is critical to innovation, creativity, a competitive advantage and employee engagement. Comparison of high potential list/succession plan to results.

Ideation Collaboration Software – Did you know your innovation software is an amazing collaboration system?


Rewards collaborators for engaging. Take your collaboration to the next level and fully engage your users. You can view a FREE ideation collaboration software comparison and download a one-page, step-by-step comparison checklist to compare your select choice of providers.

The Total Economic Impact of an Innovation Program Driven by Spigit

Planview Spigit

Customers use Spigit for a variety of use cases – 78% of customers use Spigit to engage employees enterprise-wide , for example – due to its ease of use and flexibility as an ideation platform. In comparison, our 2017 Business Innovation Report showed similar findings.

Best Project Management and Tracking Tools


Employees are bound to become engaged when they feel valued and are able to contribute their ideas to your business. An especially helpful feature of YouTrack is its graph that shows the comparison of assignees and how many tasks they are working on.

Tools 173

Are you having fun riding the innovation waves?

Paul Hobcraft

Why, simply because they have their people’s engagement and identification as central to their innovation activity, they know the basics, they have experimented and learnt, they make the connections, they get it, work it and shape it. [link] – riding-the-wave.

Capabilities and Leadership Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

Innovation 360 Group

Finding and engaging the innovators within, those employees with an entrepreneurial outlook and the right “personas”, are key to driving innovation initiatives across the organization. Global manufacturing executives rank “skilled talent” as their #1 competitive differentiator.

Urgent Message for CMOs of Challenger Brands


Suddenly we moved into a world where digital channels became the primary, sometimes only, customer-engagement method, often supported by AI tools. How well will your products and services perform in comparison? Acting boldly now, including instituting a test and learn marketing mindset, will provide the best chance of engaging consumers and keeping them happy. Forget digital transformation…right now it’s all about digital acceleration!

The High Art of Designing Scaffolding


Woodworkers, for example and by comparison, will often design jigs to position a part in relation to a tool in order to augment the function of that tool.

Design 106

Are you having fun riding the innovation waves?

Paul Hobcraft

The basics of innovation still form around building engagement, leadership, involvement, in constructing a culture, the climate and environment needed, so as to allow innovation to evolve. [link] – riding-the-wave.

4 Questions of World-Class Entrepreneurs

Daniel Burrus

The young as well as the old were excited and engaged in the rapid changes going on around them. I have worked with a wide variety of businesses in many countries and the motivation throughout Asia is without comparison.

The Total Economic Impact of Spigit’s Ideation Management Software

Planview Spigit

Customers use Spigit for a variety of use cases – 78% of customers use Spigit to engage employees, for example – due to its ease of use and flexibility as an ideation platform. Forrester cited the following outcomes from their in-depth interviews and analysis: Creating culture of engagement and innovation. In comparison, our 2017 Business Innovation Report showed similar findings. 78% said employee engagement was key.

Book Recommendation: Look by James Gilmore

Rmukesh Gupta

In making comparisons—within any field of study—greater understanding is gained. Just as value can be unlocked by making comparisons within an individual field, opportunities for new insights often only emerge when looking across multiple disciplines.

Who Are the World's Most Innovative Companies?

Legacy Innovation Group

The reason is mostly because the information they are based on is publicly available information and is market agnostic, meaning it can be applied across all industry sectors, allowing for the direct comparison between companies across nearly every industry and market.

How EA Became the Most Hated Company On the Internet (and How They Can Fix It)


The comparison is, "I'm buying a car that comes with a stereo, I shouldn't have to pay extra to unlock radio stations I want to listen to!". . In comparison, the second most downvoted comment on Reddit has "only" 25,000 downvotes. A Problem, There Is.

The Secret to High Energy Innovation Spaces

Legacy Innovation Group

Understanding this then, organizations desiring to provide really good Innovation Labs and other, more general Innovation Spaces need an understanding of what it takes to make a really good, engaging, and high-energy innovation environment. The Secret to High Energy Innovation Spaces.

The Money Mindset: Where Can Your Business Start Saving Money?

The Human Factor

Meanwhile, it’s equally important to think about employee engagement. A quick price comparison check can reduce everything from energy rates to business insurance quotes. Contributed post –. Everything you do in business can be related back to money.

Giant Innovation: A New Way for Big Corporations to Build Innovation Capability and Do Real Innovation

The Vault

Over the past seven years, as Innovation Strategist for Autodesk in San Francisco, as the Founder of the Autodesk Innovation Genome Project, I’ve worked directly with 200 corporations from 40 countries, conducting 500 innovation engagements with them.

6 Steps to Getting Executive Buy-In for a Crowdsourced Innovation Program

Planview Spigit

Engaging the “crowd” at scale in your innovation initiative has been proven to fundamentally transform companies. Increased employee engagement and retention. In other scenarios, engaging and retaining high performing employees could be an area of focus.

InnovationIQ – Score your Innovation readiness

Innovation 360 Group

How innovative is your organisation in comparison with the rest of your industry? Data points cover potentialities in areas such as supply chain, service openings, customer engagement, value capture and targeted learning channels. Innovation IQ. InnovationIQ Score. 0 2015 0 2016. Prepare to regularly revitalise your core value proposition through internal and external innovation. This is more than just an ideal goal for the modern business.

The Benefits of Pursuing Collaborative Innovation with Your Customer Advisory Board

Innovation Archetecture

The most compelling, worthwhile forms of engagement within this structure occur when board members and stakeholders from the sponsoring organization explore possibilities for helping one another realize their respective visions. Introduction.

3 Ways to Stay Ahead of Disruptive Brands Screwing Up Your Customer Expectations


You might even engage a firm specializing in competitive intelligence to do this. To the extent that they have meaningful comparisons in other industries , search out the highest-performing providers outside your market.

Alexa to the Rescue: Considering the Environments in Which We Innovate

Innovation Archetecture

By comparison, I am of an age where I view Alexa as something of an anomaly and Siri as something of a nuisance. We have begun to raise a whole new generation of kids who expect to engage their world in two-way dialogue

The Declaration of Innovation

Jeffrey Phillips

This comparison may seem a bit farfetched - overthrowing a distant government versus trying to engage a business in more innovation - but the analogies and investments and costs are very similar. In the spirit of July 4th, and more importantly focused on the real need for innovation and the significant resistance to innovation in larger companies, it occurs to me that innovators need to create their own Declaration of Innovation.

8 Key Areas You Should Consider Outsourcing

The Human Factor

Through doing this, you’ll also improve customer engagement and can reach more customers by offering multilingual support. Legally compliant, the costs are typically minimal in comparison to in-house solutions. . source.

Expert Q&A: Michael Stilger on Performance Excellence and the Continuous Improvement Process


Despite the un-glamorous comparison, imagine a snail crawling up a glass window. The risk is of ignoring blue collar employee engagement , and missing out on some of the brilliant contributions which they would otherwise make. Additionally, companies should be wary of creating a culture of “Yet another tool” - where management introduces new tools one at a time instead of a widespread system change, leading to user fatigue and lack of engagement/participation.

How to Compose an Academic Composition

Gijs Van Wulfen

As soon as you send this essay collectively with your software variety, you, actually, provide the evaluator a a lot of further perception into your soul, in comparison to the application kind by itself. Be creative and brainstorm freely, but then use some very important wondering and find the foremost engaging factors. Proceed directly to the source???the the school.