The 10 Reasons People Buy New Products

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a theory that describes how consumers buy products to solve various jobs they’re trying to get done in their lives. I advocate for developing a rich understanding of consumers that allows companies to build successful products and market them in the right way.

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Creating New "Benefit Delivery Vehicles"

Innovation in Practice

Innovation is all about delivering value to customers, and you do that by offering them the right products and services. Think of products and services as benefit delivery vehicles. So how do you build the right product or service? Then look at your competitive comparison.

Is it novel?

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The best growth: sell new products or provide new services to new customers; next best: sell new to the same customers; next next best: sell more of the same to the same customers. Decisions How To Risk Seeing Things As They Are no-to-yes Product Development Engine

Understanding the trajectory of the competitive landscape

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A side-by-side comparison of the two companies’ products is the way to start. Go to their website (and yours) and make a list of every product, its price and its output. For prices of their products you may have to engage your sales team and your customers.)

Is the new one better than the old one?

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Successful commercialization of products and services is fueled by one fundamental – making the new one better than the old one. But if in a design review for the new product the sample size is three and the statistical confidence is 95%, new is far better than old.

Creating a brand that lasts.

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One of the best ways to improve your brand is to improve your products. But there’s a more powerful way to improve your brand, and that’s to map your products to reliability. When you buy their products you know what you’re going to get.

Looking For Ways To Finance Your Business? You Can If You Plan!

The Human Factor

Things like product development and manufacturing certainly don’t come cheap. This is a verified estimation of how much your product could bring in. This is especially useful as it provides a direct comparison with an existing company. Contributed post –.

6 Steps to Getting Executive Buy-In for a Crowdsourced Innovation Program

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To uncover opportunities for new products, services, or improvements, it’s in the business’s best interest to harness this knowledge, not to mention the learning and boundary-spanning that helps keep the organization smart and aligned.

Better Products Faster: How to Use PPM Processes to Strengthen Your R&D


Research and development is an essential process for any organization. RQ is a measure of R&D productivity, which means your organization would need to have done R&D projects in the past to calculate this metric. Product Management Project Management

Emotional Design with A.C.T. – Part 2

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Back in Part 1 , we looked at how the emotions expressed by people and products communicate personality traits over time. In Part 2, we’ll look at how relationships are formed when people interact with products over time, and we’ll explore how people experience the emotion of “love.”

Using Wikis to Document UI Specifications

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Introduction The role of the interaction designer is to specify the interface’s behaviors and elements, so that engineers know what to build and how the product should operate. This is a huge advantage for product specifications.

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Your New Excuse to Get an Xbox

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Video games have become sophisticated creations that can take years to develop, weeks to play, and days to go platinum. When new versions of games are released, the storyline develops further and players continue on the journey. Games are fun, addictive, beautiful, and immersive.

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