The Secrets to Making Open Innovation Projects Work


Open innovation often requires global teams with national culture differences to work together, which presents some challenges. The post The Secrets to Making Open Innovation Projects Work appeared first on InnovationManagement.

Open Innovation: 2 approaches towards value creation


Open Innovation has been around for years. Open Innovation (OI) is no different. So, why invest in Open Innovation? As Proctor & Gamble years ago justified their open innovation approach, by understanding that there was 100x the number of product managers in the world than there were inside P&G so the decision to exploit OI was easy. Yet Open Innovation could be much more than “open things up” to our stakeholders and customers.


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Do You Know What Open Innovation Is?


In case you hadn’t heard, open innovation was defined by Henry Chesbrough as “a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as the firms look to advance their technology.”. It means that the process of innovation and competitiveness has been democratized. If you want to learn more about open innovation, download our complimentary Open Innovation Guide.

The Business Case for Open Innovation


Open innovation means better business. Making the business case for open innovation can be an uphill climb. Here are just a few reasons open innovation is for everyone. Any organization, however nimble it is, is only as innovative as the perspectives under its tent. Open innovation changes that by inviting new, fresh approaches to your industry and what you do. Innovation isn’t necessarily cheap. Competitive Advantage.

Open Innovation at Bouygues: each of our BU has an open innovation team

Rapid Innovation in digital time

Vincent Maret corporate director Open Innovation at Bouygues Corp. explains how to drive competitiveness through innovation! Innovation Rapid Innovation Unit Bouygues Corporate accelerator Entrepreneur Incubation intrapreneur Open Innovation Start-up Vincent Maret

Open innovation and the fight for your audience


Apple, Lego, Philips, Samsung, IBM, GSK and, most recently, Tata Steel, among many others – all have adopted open innovation initiatives to expand their organisations’ horizons. You’ll likely need to do this, too, since competitive advantages enjoy shorter lives. The post Open innovation and the fight for your audience appeared first on Blog Insights business transformation open-innovation

Open Innovation: A Tried and True Approach


In the summer of 2014 , much of the tech press was amused, and even a little aghast —McDonald's had opened a digital incubator in San Francisco. McDonald's making this kind of modern move was hardly surprising, though, as they'd seen huge success in 2011 with a German campaign called "Mein Burger," a six month competition allowing customers to invent and crowdsource new burgers online. How have we reached the point where even hamburger restaurants are embracing Open Innovation?

Key Takeaways from April’s Open Innovation Summit


The Open Innovation Summit is all about expanding innovation beyond a small committee or a lab in the building to your entire organization. Just like any other scaling project, taking innovation company-wide can come with unexpected obstacles. Innovation Is A Need. The lesson taken away is that innovation is a constant need, but it’s not one that’s necessarily noticed without a major catalyst, positive or negative.

Open Innovation at Bouygues – Innovating Across Business Units

Innovation Excellence

Vincent Maret is corporate director Open Innovation at Bouygues Corp. His goal is to drive competitiveness through innovation, leveraging agile methods, fostering open innovation programs, and supporting Bouygues business units in their transformation. Vincent has an extensive experience in marketing, strategy, innovation, project management, telecom and information technologies; as Marketing Manager; deputy R&D director with.

6 Don’ts For An Open Innovation Winning Formula


Open innovation (OI) can be a powerful approach for organizations to find groundbreaking ideas, develop new products and solve difficult problems. I have been involved in hundreds of open innovation projects — I have seen huge successes and, of course, many failures.

10 Do’s & Don’ts for Open Innovation Competitions


We were asked recently by a new client what our top 10 Do’s and Don’ts are for running open innovation competitions, based on our experience including the UBS Future of Finance Challenge , Unilever Foundry Ideas Challenge , Colombia CO4 Open Innovation Competition , and Ordnance Survey GeoVation Challenge. So before launching any kind of open innovation programme be very clear about why you are doing it.

Whitepaper: Stimulating and Measuring Open and Cross Innovation 


The post Whitepaper: Stimulating and Measuring Open and Cross Innovation appeared first on InnovationManagement.

Gamification and Open Innovation


Open innovation injects new ideas into an organization by providing the ability for non-employees to submit concepts for consideration. The challenge is how to attract and engage these innovators in a way that sustains their interest and increases the quality of their submissions. Gamification is the process of transforming tasks or processes into a competitive process to engage users, solve problems, increase productivity, and drive innovation.

The End of Open Innovation?


It’s clear that company innovation techniques are changing fast but how do we open innovation specialists react? If open is the’ new normal’ is our mission complete? It has been fascinating to watch how corporate culture and practices have opened up since we started on this open innovation journey 8 years ago. Does this mean we at 100%Open are out of a job if everyone is practicing open innovation already?

4 applications for open innovation


Open innovation allows organizations to add internal and external resources to their capacity for innovation. One of the great advantages of open innovation is the access it provides to sources of external talent. Banco Sabadell, innovation open to internal talent.

Open Innovation Contests Drive Breakthroughs


Whether it’s coming up with novel ways that allow astronauts to poop safely in space, inventing life-saving medical devices or finding solutions to such complex problems as global warming, open innovation contests are powerful catalysts for groundbreaking advances. GE and Statoil Open Innovation Challenge. The challenge: find innovative housing solutions for autistic adults to live independently.

Arm Rehabilitation Device for Stroke Victims Wins Open Innovation Competition


A game-based arm rehabilitation device to restore and improve upper arm mobility of stroke victims and people with upper motor deficit

Nokia Launches Open Innovation Challenge


Nokia has officially launched its annual Nokia Open Innovation Challenge, a global contest that seeks world-changing technologies, products or solutions. “Our team looks forward to working with competition winners to help create new technologies that will create unparalleled increases in efficiency through augmented intelligent devices, systems, platforms, and applications,” said Marcus Weldon, President of Nokia Bell Labs and CTO of Nokia.

NASA Announces Winners of Open Innovation Robot Contest


When NASA wanted help for the design of its next robot it knew just where to go for innovative insights – the crowd. The space agency launched an open innovation competition to design an arm for a space robot named Astrobee, and the first winners have just been revealed. NASA held the open innovation contest for the robotic arm because it wanted to gather novel engineering ideas from around the world.

The Open Innovation Methods Matrix – Part 2


In the previous post , we gave an overview of the Open Innovation Methods Matrix below, and defined the varying degrees of openness (the X-axis) and the different stages of open innovation (the Y-axis). Innovation Incubator (Extract/Internal) – A laboratory where new projects have space, time and investment to be developed and tested, away from day-to-day requirements of the current business – e.g. Lockhead Martin Skunkworks.

Encourage Innovation Through Competition


Whether the focus is on product development, service delivery, customer satisfaction, or market share capture, competition drives a company to improve its performance. Taking this to the next level, effective competitive systems encourage outstanding innovation, by allowing the best and brightest to tackle an organization’s biggest challenges. Internal Competitions. Developing pathways for employees to participate in innovation regardless of job title or department.

Open Innovation vs Crowdsourcing vs Co-creation


Various principles and concepts are used for managing research and innovation. You are probably familiar with these buzzwords: crowdsourcing, open innovation and a more recent one, co-creation. Organisations are gradually moving away from traditional work models; they are becoming a lot bolder and more inclusive in their approaches to innovation. As an innovation and idea management company we have witnessed successful use and implementation of these processes.

Qmarkets and HeroX Join Forces to Deliver Comprehensive Open Innovation Solution


Tel-Aviv, Israel — June 10, 2021 – Qmarkets, the award-winning supplier of innovation management software , has today announced its partnership with HeroX , the world’s leading platform for crowdsourced idea competitions.

10 Tips for Corporate Open Innovation with Startup Companies


Over the years, Israel has accumulated a lot of experience with corporate open innovation. Over 350 global corporations selected Israel as their source for innovation, understanding that the rapid rate that technology changes and the fierce competition that exists, does not allow these companies to rely just on their R&D departments.

Tips 64

10 Commandments of Corporate (Open) Innovation


Yet, they are failing at corporate innovation. They fear competition and disruption, they are afraid of the future, but at the same time they are afraid to take bold decisions and change their businesses overnight?—?which We believe that it doesn’t take a lot to do innovation better. Here a few rules companies can adopt instantly to get better at open innovation in no time! Corporate Innovation Rules 1. struggling with innovation the same way as them!?—?to

Open Innovation: Convincing the Decision Makers


Open Innovation Shouldn’t Be a Hard Sell, But It Is. At Ezassi, we believe whole-heartedly in the importance of innovation to progress and the survival of businesses. That being said, we also fully recognize that convincing decision makers to go forward with innovation initiatives can be a hard sell. This means that it falls on employees to make the case for innovation, which can be a thin line to walk. About Innovation Leader.

Obama Receives Recognition for Open Innovation Achievements


President Barack Obama has been honored with the Award for Outstanding Global leadership in Open Innovation. This public and well-deserved recognition took place at the recent World Open Innovation Conference in Barcelona, Spain. Every year, the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation at Berkeley-Haas wants to recognize a global leader who applies open innovation to create significant change.

Themes for the practice of open innovation

Open Innovation

Like my OI collaborators Henry Chesbrough & Wim Vanhaverbeke, I get a lot of emails (and receive many Google News updates) on businesses and consultants touting some claimed breakthrough on open innovation. I first met Cheryl in 2007 — when I was hired to train Kimberly-Clark execs on open innovation — and in 2012 Cheryl invited me to present my research at CoDev2012 when it was in San Diego. New Frontiers in Open Innovation, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp.

Implementation is Your New Competitive Advantage


When it comes to implementation there are three things that companies ought to be thinking about in order to maintain a competitive advantage: process, feedback, and the importance of having multiple stakeholders from the beginning. Learn more in this Open Innovation Guide from IdeaScale. Strategies feedback IdeaScale open innovation process Stakeholders

Open Innovation to Help Sick Children


It has launched an open innovation competition, along with the Institute of Pediatric Innovation (IPI) to source ideas for a package and dispensing device that will make it easier to dispense medicine to children. The Open Innovation Device Challenge is seeking an innovation to help counter some of the problems of giving medicines orally to children. For more information, and to take part in the open innovation challenge, click here.

Chemical Giants Discovers Novel Battery Technology Ideas with Open Innovation


New ways to increase battery performance and other winning ideas at a global open innovation competition

The Importance of Open Innovation Contests to the US Government


The US government’s increasing use of open innovation competitions and citizen science projects

Idea Competitions and Why Your Business Needs One


They all swear by in-house innovation programs which give every employee a chance to pitch their ideas. So, if you want to join the innovative crowd and get some fresh input for your new product, internal idea competition is your answer. Successful idea competitions will benefit your business in many ways. Not only will you get the ideas you need, but also boost your innovation culture, employee engagement, and promote internal collaboration.

How to Achieve High-Quality Ideas in Idea Competition?


In the previous blog post, we laid out the concept behind in-house innovation competition and the benefits that come with it. If you already picked a suitable innovation management platform to get you started, it is time to plan your first idea contest. In order for the competition to yield high-quality ideas, there are a few rules you should follow. Communicate clearly every step of the idea competition process.

Embracing Open Innovation to Prevent Complacency


In an interview with The Nikkei , a daily financial newspaper, Honda Motor’s President and CEO Takahiro Hachigo talked about the importance of open innovation to his company. Among its principle reasons for reaching out to external sources of expertise is to continue to be competitive and to prevent complacency from settling in. ” Open Innovation Honda open innovation Takahiro Hachigo

Transforming Indian Railway Stations via Open Innovation


Indian Railways is embarking on an ambitious project and has turned to open innovation for help in achieving its goals. To make it happen the Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Limited (IRSDC) has launched the Station Rejuvenation through joint Action competition inviting architects, engineers, urban planners, citizens, and other interested parties to submit their plans and ideas. Tagline and Logo Competition.

Solve Food Industry Challenges at Open Innovation Event


If so, you’ll have an opportunity to grab their attention at the 5th Food & FMCG Innovation Pitching Event. This open innovation gathering is taking place on November 23 at Food Matters Live, a trade fair and conference at ExCel in London. Upto 15 teams and/or individuals will be invited to pitch their ideas to decision makers and innovation scouts from several food and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies. open innovation challenge

Open Innovation Success Stories in the Car Industry


Open innovation success stories abound in multiple industries as enterprises the world over seek the wisdom of the crowd to help them develop new products and services, get over innovation roadblocks, see where their industries are heading and to steal a march on their competitors. In this post, we highlight a few success stories where open innovation has helped to give the automotive industry a boost. Open Innovation open innovation success stories

Eradicating Invasive Mussels via Open Innovation


The mollusks are getting close to the basin hence the raised concerns, the urgent need for a solution and the hope that open innovation will deliver. “Open water. ” The goal of the open innovation competition is to eradicate mussels from large water bodies and the deadline for ideas is 28 February. Open Innovation invasive mussels quagga mussels

Innovate or Die: Open Innovation and 4 Key Measures to Stay Alive

Innovation Walk

Companies commonly used to assume the best route to innovation was to control processes by keeping all data and knowledge internally and hiring the best employees. Traditional companies have also started to deal with a new competition since the entry of fast-emerging businesses referred to as “startups“. As a result, companies have to not only adapt to these new ways of interaction and requirements, but they have to do it very fast in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Can Open Innovation Keep Plastics Out of Our Oceans?


According to the Prince of Wales, plastic in the world’s oceans is a “growing ecological and human disaster” He was speaking at the launch of a huge open innovation initiative to tackle this environmental menace. So, a $2 million prize competition aims to keep plastics out of the ocean by making them more recyclable. Open Innovation Circular Design Challenge plastics in the ocean

3 Open Innovation Reports You Need to Read Right Now

Planview Spigit

In the open innovation space, one regularly leads to the other. Read these three in-depth industry reports to find out the new rules of the collaborative economy, why the United States is leading the way in turning customer feedback into innovative products, and what challenges are soon to crop up in crowdsourcing. Companies Leverage Open Innovation Better than China. that are taking innovation initiatives to heart.

Qmarkets and HeroX Join Forces to Deliver Comprehensive Open Innovation Solution


Qmarkets adds capability to plug into the HeroX Global Innovator Crowd Tel-Aviv, Israel — June 10, 2021 – Qmarkets, the award-winning supplier of innovation management software , has today announced its partnership with HeroX , the world’s leading platform for crowdsourced idea competitions.