Encourage Innovation Through Competition


Whether the focus is on product development, service delivery, customer satisfaction, or market share capture, competition drives a company to improve its performance. Internal Competitions. External and Open Competitions. Elements of a Successful Competition.

With Slidebean, presentations design themselves!

Rapid Innovation in digital time

Slidebean, winner of Seedstars World 'start-up competition' held in San Jose, drives you to design beautiful slides for your presentations. Jose Cayasso "Caya", CEO of Slidebean, lets us discover Slidebean more in-depth. Continue reading → Digital & Media Innovation gmail mexico nicolas bry power point san josé SeedStarsWorld slidebean slides Start-up

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Complacency won’t Just Hold you Back, It’ll Accelerate the Competition.

Daniel Burrus

Enjoying success in the present is good, but it can also cause a lack of interest in and enthusiasm for actively shaping the future that in turn can have significant consequences. The post Complacency won’t Just Hold you Back, It’ll Accelerate the Competition.

Wazoku – 2016 Retail Recharged Competition Finalist


After a great presentation by our Customer Success Director Nicola Darke, Wazoku has been selected as a Gearing for Growth finalist at the Retail Recharged competition. The post Wazoku – 2016 Retail Recharged Competition Finalist appeared first on Wazoku.

Measuring Innovation Performance

competitive advantage or be a USP, is what drives every organization. intensive, software-centric ideation, prototyping and presentation challenge on. Measuring innovation performance Our innovation campaigns prove that there is a way to. measure innovation performance.

From the Future to the Present: Visualization and Innovation


Different aspects of the visualization concept are discussed, including distinctions between consumers and companies, the importance of widely shared images and competition, and a possible role for Zen philosophy. Recent discoveries of exoplanets that are relatively close to our solar system are used to illustrate the importance of “visualization”—of future consumer lifestyles, work and recreation, and product and service preferences—for the process of innovation.

Complacency Won’t Just Hold You Back, It’ll Accelerate the Competition

Daniel Burrus

Enjoying success in the present is good, but it can also cause a lack of interest in–and enthusiasm for–actively shaping the future that and that can have significant consequences. Anticipatory organizations are always looking forward.

The Merits of Innovation in a Competitive World

Daniel Burrus

Focusing time and resources on your competition limits businesses’ innovation potential for greater success, and prevents them from being leaders in their field. Instead, it is focused on what its competition is doing, and how to either replicate or incrementally improve on those products, services and practices. To remain in this aggressive competitive cycle is to hinder the possibility of getting ahead — a business cannot ‘win’ if it solely fixates on the race.

Winners announced for the Civic Engagement Innovation Competition


Quick shoutout to the winners of the ideation competition: Luc Michaud (grand prize winner), Metro Power Yoga , Marla Goodman and Dennis Pitcock. The process and the results were presented at the Singularity University Global Summit.

ISPIM Grand Prize 2017 – we have a winner!

Innovation Excellence

Associations Build Capability Case Study Competitions Feature Of The Week Management Presentations Social Innovation collaboration Crowdsourcing Innovation Innovation Management Strategy successWow, so close! We are delighted to announce that, by a single vote, the winner of the ISPIM Grand Prize 2017 for Excellence in Innovation Management is Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), with the Fraunhofer Institute a close second.

Hacking Citizen Engagement – presented by Deloitte Pixel and Singularity University’s Global Summit


We’re really excited to announce our newest innovation competition centered around hacking civic engagement. In a first for Betterific, we are also partnering with TopCoder to develop the best ideas that are submitted through the competition. Come join the innovation competition.

Platform Revolution: How Platforms Change Strategy with Geoffrey Parker


He is the co-author of Platform Strategy , a book about the new competition and how digital platforms change competitive strategy. Do companies face competition with platform businesses within their own industry or from other sectors as well?

Comment on How To Create a Culture of Innovation by What does innovation mean for educators? – SC Council on Competitiveness

Stephen Shapiro

Students must drive their own learning paths, and teachers must provide guidance so that students are immersed in learning content as they learn to solve problems, construct projects, develop presentations and create new knowledge. [… […] Stephen Shapiro defines innovation as “the organization’s ability to adapt and evolve repeatedly and rapidly.” This definition is at the heart of a continuous culture of innovation.

Nine Actions You Can Take Today to Make Your Company More Innovative


Don’t imitate your competitors, but understand why they present the innovations they do. Best Practice Competition core employee engagement failure incremental leadership portfolio trustInnovation strategy is often about direction and momentum.

Keeping Up is a Fool’s Game

Daniel Burrus

Keeping up—with technology, with the competition, with anything in business or life—is what some would call a fool’s game. Asking these questions enables you to go beyond your competition and get off the treadmill of keeping up.

John Harrison – the master craftsman who solved the Longitude Challenge

Destination Innovation

It was the first example of a major public crowdsourced competition and the prize was huge by the standards of the day (equivalent to almost 3 million pounds today). History of Innovation clock competition crowdsource disaster john harrison longitude scilly

In the future you are either a digital business or a dead business


Today competitive advantage is fleeting. You can sketch out a physical product, design it in a digital program, 3D print it, present it to a prospective number of users to get feedback. Today, every business is digital and it’s changing how business is done.

What the digital transformation trend means for technology resellers

The Future Shapers

When undertaking any project of this scale, the possibility for something to go wrong is always present. Competitive Advantage Innovation Culture Strategic Thinking

How Startups Slay Giants


Disruptive ideas have less competition. So, if an idea has disruptive potential, it should make your competition uncomfortable ; and that’s your space of opportunity. Illustration credit Christian Laborin.

7 Ways Startups can Foster Innovation through Sustainability


It’s a never ending process of innovating for the present and future generations. Creative Leadership Strategies AI competition data disruption social equity startup sustainability sustainable innovationHere’s a spoiler: 90% of all startups fail. The 10% that make it have one thing in common - they all are bringing in innovation through sustainability. These startups are all about evolving by providing faster results with less wastage.

Book Review – Seeing Around Corners by Rita McGrath

Rmukesh Gupta

Rita McGrath has produced another stunning book, in a way even better than her earlier book “The End of Competitive advantage”. She presents a simple framework through which we can look at these inflection points and decide what would be the appropriate response. She shares examples of how people and organisations already have used the principles that she presents in the book to navigate crucial inflection points. Overview: — I got this book as an advance review copy.

How to create an innovation culture that lasts

The Future Shapers

Changing business landscapes, disruptive and unconventional market forces and the reality of a true global village presents both opportunity and threat. Competitive Advantage Employee Engagement Innovation CultureMany organisations kick-off an innovation programme with innovation training or brainstorming sessions. Seeing that it is easier to execute, this can be a good way to engage the organisation around innovation intent.



They miss the bigger opportunity to differentiate and develop a competitive advantage that comes from a type of customer engagement called “co-creation”. Before you start co-creating, you will present a clear idea of who you are helping to do what.

The secrets behind building a Unicorn

Matthew Griffin

If you want to stand a chance of creating a successful business in today’s increasingly competitive world then I’d suggest that you follow each of these seven themes zealously. The founders presented a clean, professional image from the off. This article was updated on Apr 29th 2015.

The Energy Transition Needs A Structured Innovation Process

Paul Hobcraft

All of us are at present, caught up in the terrible spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have set ourselves the date of 2050 to achieve this, at present, we are already lagging on this. When do we ramp up and scale in a competitive marketplace.

The Only Difference: Mindset

Innovation Excellence

The same truths not brought into action present themselves as lessons, on-going themes. Mindset is the real pivot point, the only true sustainable, competitive advantage (other than exclusivity, which is always temporary) for organizations that want to flourish.

Do You Care?


Here are a few marvels of bad business practices I’ve experienced in the past month: In the middle of a presentation pitching me for a strategic business services contract, the presenter nonchalantly said the words: “We don’t really need this business.”

It’s All About Interaction!


Organisations depend on their competitive advantage in order to become or keep successful, relevant for their customers and grow over time. The central role of Interaction Design when creating delightful customer experiences.

Peeling away the layers of your innovation reality

Paul Hobcraft

Your preferred place after you have accessed the competitive situation and what needs to differentiate yourselves, by being realistic about your present operational performance and rigorous evaluation of how you can perform.

System 163

Want Innovative Answers? Ask Effective Questions!


Do we have an advantage over our competition?” What advantages do clients tell us we have over our competition?” What advantages do we have over our competition?” Analyze Your Competition Your competition can point toward some fascinating places to innovate.

What Job-Hunting Teaches Us about the Value of Innovation


The Internet has given us the tools to apply for thousands of different jobs every day, but it has also presented its own problems: application systems with no easy answers, automation, and stiff competition make the ease of online applications less attractive.

Dow and DuPont – Nobody wins when transactions replace leadership

Adam Hartung

A one-time investor “Christmas present.” Competition will be reduced short-term, so there will be less price pressure. These are one-time events, and almost always leave the remaining assets weaker and less competitive than before.

Cracking the complexity code

Paul Hobcraft

It is through the nature of these complexities we achieve competitive advantage and can deploy more of the flow of knowledge for those new sources of new profit and wealth creation.

System 187

Increasing innovation focus on the end-user segments within the energy transition story

Paul Hobcraft

Presently we are failing behind this “two-degree pathway” deemed as essential, and we are currently forecasted to release more carbon and gases into the atmosphere, and that has severe repercussions for our planet. Source of visual used: [link].

Treat Your Innovation Pipeline just like your Sales Pipeline

Destination Innovation

Who is the competition? Based on a presentation by Charlie de Russet, Founder of Idea Drop. Managing the Sales pipeline is a well-developed executive skill in any company selling large ticket items to business customers.

Unique Ways Successful Startups are Changing the Corporate Innovation Landscape

Idea to Value

The idea behind MVP is that a product is designed and presented to customers and their behavior is monitored. A startup-corporate partnership offers growth opportunities by providing competitive advantages to corporates.

Change 217

Creating the Industrial Ecosystem

Paul Hobcraft

We were provided a variety of insights in different presentations and demonstrations, of the technology they are working upon. Siemens is in some highly competitive industrial markets. Digital is central to create value, it is the primary focal point in most organizations at present.

Discover Dronee ecosystem for drone developers

Rapid Innovation in digital time

Dronee, winner of Seedstarsworld start-ups competition in Baku presents a drone with an application & hardware platform that developers can leverage. Tomi Piriyev, founder of Dronee, lets us discover Dronee more in-depth. Continue reading → Digital & Media Innovation Application Store Azerbaijan Baku developers drone Dronee IoT SeedStarsWorld Start-up Tomi Piriyev

Focusing on Innovation for our Energy Transition we are all undertaking

Paul Hobcraft

The existing solutions found in wind and solar solutions jockeying to replace oil, gas, and coal, in our present electricity distribution, as well as our current customer solutions for managing our energy, will only take you so far in our need to change our energy systems.

Report 196

The Hard-to-Abate sectors need innovation solutions to reach Net-Zero Co2 Emissions

Paul Hobcraft

It is going to require significant public policy will and private investment to drive both the present incremental solutions and push for the breakthrough ones. Source: [link].

Finding the Meaning and Purpose of Digital Transformation

The Future Shapers

They failed to remain relevant and competitive in a fast-changing business environment and were easily phased out. The question I ask myself is why some companies survive the digital transition better than others and retain their competitiveness in this new business reality?

Moving towards a new innovation service model

Paul Hobcraft

How can the innovation process capitalize on all the changes we are undertaking at present in new ways, in broader engagements and collaborations, to deliver more effectively on the promise within our innovation potential?

Connecting Innovation is the New Order of Play

Paul Hobcraft

We are increasingly recognizing all the different collaborative tools increasingly at our disposal We are exploring both platforms and forming ecosystems to radically alter the competitive edge previously seen to reside inside the single company.