Smart Construction: How AI and Machine Learning Will Change the Construction Industry

Daniel Burrus

The construction industry, which makes up 7% of the global workforce, should already have applied these technologies to improve productivity and revolutionize the industry. Growth in the construction industry has only been 1% over a few decades while manufacturing is growing at a rate of 3.6%.

Constructing Innovation as Value Management

Paul Hobcraft

We derive our value management from much of the innovation we are creating but we seemingly can’t get the required attention of the leadership to innovation or attract across the resources and determine the risk profile to achieve the value needed.

Creative Construction – Book review

The Inovo Group

Well-respected Harvard Business School professor and HBR contributor Gary Pisano has weighed in on the topic of large company innovation in his new book ‘Creative Construction’. Flat but with Strong Leadership. The post Creative Construction – Book review appeared first on Inovo.

Silicon Valley’s Next Target: Disrupt the Construction and Real Estate Industries

Innovation Excellence

Construction Tech’ and ‘Real Estate Tech’ are the next greenfield market spaces. Innovation Leadership Strategy Real EstateEvery industry, every company, and every leader must recognize one simple fact: every product, service, process, and business model will be disrupted–it’s just a matter of time. Companies that think they’re immune to the trends and technologies upending every industry on the planet risk.

Developing collaborative leadership styles


With a national election for a new Australian government about to take place in less than a weeks’ time, it raises key questions around the impact of collaborative, autocratic or competitive leadership styles. The post Developing collaborative leadership styles appeared first on imaginenation.

Successful Innovators Apply Multiple Leadership Styles Simultaneously

Innovation 360 Group

Leadership styles are critical to innovation efforts, especially when working with uncertainty. In the recently published original research study , Cultivating Growth and Radical Innovation Success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Big Data Analytics , Dr. Soo Beng Khoh and Innovation360 CEO Magnus Penker set out to explore exactly how leadership styles are leveraged by successful innovators. Leadership styles used deliberately. Key characteristic of Leadership styles.

Leadership Mobilizes and Energizes A Company Culture with Shawn Parr


It’s leadership’s responsibility to involve the entire organization, informing and inspiring them to live out the purpose the organization in the construct of the values. entrepreneurship Innovation Leadership Podcast Organizational culture

When Software Can’t Change the Laws of Physics (or Leadership)


How many other intricate, interdependently constructed products made in the 1960s are still around? Today’s systems are complicated and complex* requiring different leadership capabilities throughout the organization. Culture Innovation Leadership Strategy

Are you a Lateral Leader?

Destination Innovation

Encourage constructive dissent. Leadership of Innovation constructive dissent conventional leader empower innovate inspire lateral lateral leaderAs a leader which column do you fall into? Conventional Leaders. Lateral Leaders. Lead from the front. Lead from alongside. Direct. Inspire. Use conventional methods and seek to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Develop new methods and seek to change the rules, change partners or change the approach to the problem.

Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit Speaking Topics


Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit Speaking Topics. The Innovation and Growth Leadership Summit is a spectrum of new technologies and processes. Leadership Before Innovation – Four Key Ingredients.

You Don’t Have an Innovation Problem, You Have a Trust Problem! (Part 2)

Innovation Excellence

collaboration Creativity Innovation Leadership autonomy constructive disagreement culture trust vulnerabilityThrough my 2008-10 doctoral research, I found that the biggest problem that non-innovative companies have is lack of trust. In fact, whenever I was invited to speak to a company about their innovation needs, it didn’t take more than 20 minutes and 16 questions to find that they don’t have an innovation problem, they have.

Leadership Strategy – 1 Unconventional Way to Handle a Corporate Antagonist


What leadership strategy should you employ to succeed while dealing with this type of pernicious corporate antagonist ? An Unconventional Leadership Strategy with a Corporate Antagonist. You’re leading a major new initiative for your organization. It’s kind of a big deal.

Leaders Need Members – Optimizing versus Maximising

Innovation Excellence

What that means is I help businesses modernize their leadership to become more coaching and co-constructive. Leadership Leadership & Infrastructure VideoI help businesses innovate their business more quickly than they innovate their products.

ikeGPS – How To Invest in Trends To Escape Your Core and Grow Explosively

Adam Hartung

It is possible to slingshot into leadership positions with new solutions, literally from out of nowhere. EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) companies like Black & Veatch, Bechtel. With this early success, they began to downplay construction and seek signage companies.

The Many Lessons of Andy Grove


Andy’s leadership at Intel took us from the 8086 to the Pentium chip, from monochrome to color displays, from floppy to CD disks, from no hard drive to software that could be installed. We lost a great business leader earlier this year. His name was Andrew S.

Top Jobs for Innovation Professionals in 2019


An innovation strategy is a key business asset, and innovation leadership is no longer nice to have, but necessary. Innovation leadership can make the difference between an innovation strategy that actually produces results and one that languishes on paper.

Let’s Get Real About Innovation Hurdles

Innovation Excellence

This is a brief case study for meaningful & constructive conversations about why things aren’t working within our innovation efforts. Case Study collaboration culture Innovation Case study change Design Experience Innovation growth Innovation Perspectives Leadership Management People & Skills Processes & Tools research Strategy technology

Kaizen Program Management – The Fundamentals


The principals of Kaizen apply to almost every industry and are now widespread in healthcare, construction, software development, education, logistics, and everything in between. Kaizen Leadership Improvement Methodology

The Power of the Ignorant Leader

The Future Shapers

As someone who spends his life developing senior leaders I’m not going to dismiss the power of education however because of the speed of change and the need to build high energy, empowering and transformational intrapreneurial cultures in every sector and every organization, I wish to argue that ignorance can be very valuable in leadership. We then construct patterns from what we experience to predict what will happen in the future. Culture Change Intrapreneurship Leadership

The New Innovation Need: Organizing within a Networks of Collaborators

Paul Hobcraft

It needs bold leadership. We are living in a connected, constantly adapting, world where networks and relationships are the essential wiring connections we all need to construct. We are facing tough challenges within the business world.

If the Door is Shut, Open it. If the Door is Open, Shut it.

Destination Innovation

Children and enthusiasts build it themselves by plugging together the components and then writing code for the machine they constructed. Leadership of Innovation closed door crowdsourcing hello fresh innocentive open door open innovation shut it

Innovate like a Software Start-up

Destination Innovation

Construct a model, a screen shot, a story board or a picture and show it to real customers who have the problem. Innovation Examples & Lessons Leadership of Innovation entrepreneur mvp risk mitigation start-up wireframe

The New Innovation Need: Organizing within a Networks of Collaborators

Paul Hobcraft

It needs bold leadership. It needs a very different level of focused leadership that see’s the real value of a connected future and is willing to drive through the changes this will take and the risks it can mean. We are facing tough challenges within the business world.

When An Organization Minimizes The Fear People Feel On The Job, Performance is Maximized


"…it is hard to be either constructive or creative if you are not confident about speaking out." Innovation LeadershipWhat drives someone to complain? Selfishness and frustration.

What I Tell My Team

Innovation Excellence

We also have to set the stage, carefully constructing an atmosphere of trust where. Leadership consulting on innovation michael graber Southern Growth Studio Team building teamsAsk the hard questions.

Your Frontline is Your Foundation for Success


Any successful construction project begins with a properly designed and prepared foundation. Whether it is a home, a high-rise, a bridge, or a by-way, if the foundation is improperly prepared and constructed or if deterioration is left unmitigated, the structure will not survive.

The role Human Resources can play in Innovation and its needed Design

Paul Hobcraft

If innovation is ever going to achieve a core place within organisations it has to be deliberately designed in for skill definitions, leadership development and knowledge and experiences gained.

The role Human Resources can play in Innovation and its needed Design

Paul Hobcraft

If innovation is ever going to achieve a core place within organisations it has to be deliberately designed in for skill definitions, leadership development and knowledge and experiences gained.

We are pushing away from the old innovating core

Paul Hobcraft

I continue to investigate and explore as much of the thought leadership on innovation as I can, it continually points to a change in how we approach innovation.

The Remarkable Power of Trust.

Daniel Burrus

And positive, constructive, collaborative relationships boil down to a single common denominator— trust. As a result, many employees feel that leadership has reneged on a key promise.

Learning How to Master the Art of Your Career

Daniel Burrus

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living — whether you work in medicine or retail, law or construction, software engineering or writing — there’s an art and science to every career.

Successful sustainability

Norbert Bol

Strategic Management Innovation Leadership Learning Strategy SustainabilityOn our way to becoming a green economy, we need products and services that have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Are you having fun riding the innovation waves?

Paul Hobcraft

The basics of innovation still form around building engagement, leadership, involvement, in constructing a culture, the climate and environment needed, so as to allow innovation to evolve. [link] – riding-the-wave.

Increase Employee Skills to Decrease Talent Shortages

Daniel Burrus

Even many traditional roles, such as medical technicians, machinists, construction workers, or even nurses, are harder to fill because of a lack of up-to-date skills.

Time Travel Audit: Find Success Now and in the Future

Daniel Burrus

while its construction counterpart has been slower to adapt and change. You don’t need a DeLorean for time travel. For example, you can visit remote parts of the Amazon River and meet people who live just as they did a thousand years ago, using blow guns and spears as their current technology.

7 Ways to Boost Employee Morale in Your Workplace

Idea to Value

Negative feedback should only be provided in the form of constructive criticism. LeadershipOffice morale can directly impact job satisfaction ratings as well as productivity and even talent retention. Unfortunately, some managers and business owners only think about the importance of morale when it sinks to a very low level.

The Innovator’s PURPOSE

The Future Shapers

You may work in the field of leadership, branding, change, transformation or many other areas, but my challenge is what is the bigger PURPOSE inside of you that you are yet to bring to life? Disruption Innovation Leadership Leading ChangeWhat is the PURPOSE of innovation?

Study 92

It’s Hard to Keep an Entire Company Aligned.  A Shared Futureview Could Be the Answer. 

Daniel Burrus

An organization with a shared, constructive Futureview also stresses communication. Big Ideas Leadership Strategy Trends Anticipatory Organization Business Future Future Futureview Hard Trends

Thank Heavens for Leaders who can Change their Minds

Destination Innovation

John Adair, the leadership expert, says that the most important (and often the most difficult) sentence for a leader to utter is, ’I admit that I was wrong.’ The police brought in an expert who constructed what he claimed was a psychological profile of the killer.

Change 100

Having Difficult Conversations with Employees: A How-To Primer in 20 Tip


To learn more about engaging in difficult conversations constructively , contact CMOE. Leadership Uncategorized emotional intelligence leadership skills managementAs managers, we’re there with our direct reports through both good times and bad. They’re not always the people we want them to be. Sometimes they have different perspectives, goals, and interests than we might expect. Many of us dread having difficult conversations with employees.

Tips 43

Shell Gamechanger – A Supertanker of Innovation

Destination Innovation

But Shell is now constructing the largest offshore floating facility ever built. Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation Leadership of Innovation gamechanger LNG prelude shellThe Shell Gamechanger initiative was launched in 1996.

5 C’s of Effective Ongoing Performance Dialogue

Rmukesh Gupta

As much as it is job of an employee to deliver high quality performance, it is the responsibility of the leadership to create or provide an environment where high quality performance can thrive. 4th C = Constructive. They are constructive. There is nothing better than getting constructive feedback that helps one get better at their jobs. And everyone in the team should also learn how to give and receive constructive feedback.

Risk and Innovation frustrate me

Paul Hobcraft

We should aim for a really healthy construct that does help all involved or associated with innovation and managing risk, a better chance of pushing beyond the incremental innovation that avoids most risk and disappoints those seeking real growth.