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6 Creative Innovation Exercises for Online Whiteboards


Innovation is a process that relies heavily on creativity and individual thinking, and these are things that don’t come easily. Advantages of Creative Thinking Exercises. Here are some of the advantages of using creative thinking exercises.

THE QUESTION: Who Created "The Year of Living Creatively?"

Idea Champions

If you are thinking about subscribing to The Year of Living Creatively , one question you are likely to ask is this: "Who created it -- and what are his credentials?". FREE THE GENIE BRAINSTORMING : Facilitated, online creative thinking sessions for individuals and small teams.


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Interested in Becoming a Zoomstorming Facilitator?

Idea Champions

Idea Champions has recently developed an extraordinary online, ideation service which we call "Zoomstorming." Mitchell Ditkoff , Co-Founder and President of Idea Champions -- a thought leader in the field of creative thinking, innovation, and the creative process.

Can Innovation Work in a Work-from-Home World?

The Inovo Group

Whether you are an executive, manager or individual contributor with the responsibility to effectively navigate the next 6-18 months, it is imperative to be thinking more deeply about what WFH means for you, your team and your organization. Ideation.