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6 Creative Innovation Exercises for Online Whiteboards


In order to get your creative juices flowing it can be important to engage in creative thinking exercises and practice ways you can improve your innovation process. Advantages of Creative Thinking Exercises. Advantages of Creative Thinking Exercises. Increased Range of Thought.

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How Can You Use Gamification to Boost Innovation?

Innovation Excellence

Gamification can help at different phases in the innovation process. These benefits are particularly important when it comes to ensuring success in creative thinking and innovation. At what stage in an innovation process can you bring in gamification? To optimise creative sessions.


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Innovative Innovation Meetings: Formats, Designs, and Examples

Then, break-out sessions, challenge mapping and sketching sessions, rapid prototyping, and other design thinking and creative process activities can keep teams moving, thinking, and working together toward the desired outcome. A problem solving-centered innovative meeting format may be for you. Problem Solving.

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The limitations, criticisms and new pathways for Design Thinking – Part One

Paul Hobcraft

We need to connect multiple thinking, diversity and different experiences that so often diverge initially to then collectively find the path to converge, in a common understanding, to translate the combined creative thinking into real action, achieving valuable outcomes.

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The limitations, criticisms and new pathways for Design Thinking – Part two

Paul Hobcraft

This will mean that design thinking will change in the future, into a greater, fuller “thinking” mindset that can be applied to these more complex problems at an organizational level and contribute this creative thinking to numerous challenges organizations are facing today. Where Design Thinking Can Earn its Place.

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Can Innovation Work in a Work-from-Home World?

The Inovo Group

more joy); and the potential for deeper and more creative thinking (more productive). It immerses both the individual and the group in new learning and gets the subconscious mind engaged in the creative process. It is not possible, nor advisable, to do innovation in a 100% WFH mode.