The Creative Process

Rmukesh Gupta

Today, I came across two extremely creative ideas, that made me think about creativity and how do we get creative ideas. What follows is my take on how we become and stay creative. First, lets look at the creative ideas that inspired this post. A unique rain harvesting system that creatively reuses the rainwater it collects to provide a deeper look into the natural systems that give us the food we eat. All of us enjoy a uniquely creative experience.

The Creative Process And How Idea Management Solutions Fit In


But there are a lot of different opinions on the questions of whether creativity can be forced, and if large companies can grow ideas. Coming from a large, creative family which has created music, book, games, stories, inventions and a lot more, I was also bitten with the bug, the desire to create something. Creativity was just there and I learned a lot about it even without knowing. The principles of creativity. The creative process and the innovation process.


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The Creative Process And How Idea Management Solutions Fit In


But there are a lot of different opinions on the questions of whether creativity can be forced, and if large companies can grow ideas. Coming from a large, creative family which has created music, book, games, stories, inventions and a lot more, I was also bitten with the bug, the desire to create something. Creativity was just there and I learned a lot about it even without knowing. The principles of creativity. The creative process and the innovation process.

Innovation Hacks: Lessons Learned from Successful Startups


Here are some lessons to learn from how startups innovate quickly and turn into established companies. Choose Different Metrics The metrics you usually have for projects may simply not apply, especially if you’re doing a small-scale pilot or a similar project.

Design Thinking and Scrum: taking your projects to another level


The key factor to help you leverage your business may be the combination of project management methodologies, such as Design Thinking and Scrum. Below you will learn how these two approaches can complement each other, their benefits and how to properly use them in your business. In another project, this time for the Hospital sector, we were able to understand how the patient’s experience cycle worked and how new solutions can be developed. The project director.

Learning to be Innovative – Future Building’s Crucial Role in Driving Innovation Impact


But a time-consuming scenario planning process brought them no closer to salvation. Yet the methods they employ subconsciously derive from talents wired into human nature, accessible to us all – creativity, imagination, the ability to dream. Both are integral components of the visionary innovator’s creative process. At first glance, creative facilitation and narrative building exercises may appear silly or frivolous.

Helping Kids Foster and Keep Creativity

Idea to Value

For most kids, being creative and imaginative is no problem. You can probably even remember back to your own childhood and how effortless it seemed to come up with creative, fresh ideas no matter what you were doing. Unfortunately, the creativity crisis seems to be getting worse.

Trusting the Process

Boxes and Arrows

One reason projects are poorly scoped is our clients’ discomfort with ambiguity. In design school, when a classmate was uncertain about an ambiguous direction, we urged them to trust the process. In this article, I’ll discuss three methods we use to reassure our clients when trust the process isn’t enough. Involve clients throughout the project. Regular client checkpoints throughout a project’s life mean clients can track the progress of a solution.

Innovation 101

Gregg Fraley

You’ll learn the most essential things to get a continuous innovation program going, while navigating a road full of potholes. Gregg is a Visiting Innovation Scholar at Notre Dame, and is the author of Jack’s Notebook , a business novel about structured creative process.

How to Make a Concept Model

Boxes and Arrows

The best known in start-up circles is the lean startup process. But mostly in hopes of learning a way to make a good concept model. The workshop was brain-candy and eye-opening: they covered how the brain processes information and how ways of interacting with information can promote understanding. Both books benefit greatly by clear and succinct conceptual models, and the former even talks about how to use them in the design process: Purpose—What are concept models for?

Naming Workshop

We can take our decades of experience to design an innovative learning and naming workshop experience just for your organization. After learning our process you’ll be able to create names, names, names, and more names for anything new that pops up.

Experience Themes

Boxes and Arrows

And in knowing the theme, he’ll have a compass to use in the process of “designing&# the damn thing (i.e. You know the story: User experience brings the structural framework and behaviors of the interface; creative brings the visual design; client marketing brings the copy; business brings content; our engineering folks were sometimes bringing error messages. The overall effect of this simple document was to synchronize our collective thinking about the project.

Innovative Innovation Meetings: Formats, Designs, and Examples

Design more innovative innovation meetings that boost creativity and strengthen engagement. They can be too passive, boring, yield few ideas (and even fewer creative innovations), last too long, and result in too much discussion and too little action.

Collaborative innovation as opportunity for change

The Future Shapers

This makes the processes become “co-“: collaborative, cooperative and coordinated. . Innovating is the result of a process of deep dialogue with our ego and creating alliances between different minds and ideas, where opportunities to collaborate arise. Mass creativity .

How Can You Use Gamification to Boost Innovation?

Innovation Excellence

Gamification can help at different phases in the innovation process. These benefits are particularly important when it comes to ensuring success in creative thinking and innovation. At what stage in an innovation process can you bring in gamification?

The High Art of Designing Scaffolding


Often, the most difficult part of any creative process is just getting started; preparing for the tasks at hand by putting the necessary structures in place that will bring the project to fruition. But scaffolding of this kind not only gives structure to the process; it demands a consideration of the tools, knowledge, and resources that are necessary for crafting novel and uncommon things. In this way, scaffolding is a form of learning.

Design Thinking Tools: how to use them to solve complex problems


This is because they break down the complexity of processes so that the designer has a full 360-degree view of the problem, anchoring them in their way of thinking. To make it even simpler, you could say that Design Thinking is an innovative approach based on the designer’s thoughts, combining creativity and empathy to create innovative solutions. Interviews: obtaining information through dialogue, mainly with users/developers about the product/service/process.

Joanna Sjölander

Innovation 360

I never want to stop learning. I also enjoy the creative process of business development and marketing, as in developing new markets and exciting brands. I excel at leading complex projects including building teams and managing subcontractors and I have vast experience of managing projects as well as business management, market development, international relations, government sales, marketing, communications, business strategy, budget responsibility and leadership.


Idea Champions

There are two kinds of benefits you will receive from participating in The Year of Living Creatively. First, you'll make major progress on a passionate project of yours that needs a major jolt. CLARITY: The creative process is often an unsettling experience.

THE YEAR OF LIVING CREATIVELY: Next Course Begins on Sept. 12th

Idea Champions

The Year of Living Creatively is a highly engaging, eight-week online course (September 12th -- November 7th) that helps aspiring innovators transform their bold ideas into new products, new services, new forms of expression, new businesses, and breakthrough ways of living.

Implementing New Circular Business Models with the Circular Navigator Methodology

The BMI Lab Blog

The process: Seven steps to implement circular ecosystems Impulse: The company recognizes the need for change in the way of doing business, such as altering consumer behaviour and legislation, reducing resource dependencies and costs and increasing motivation for its employees.

The Year of Living Creatively Begins on September 12th

Idea Champions

If you are a reader of this blog, you most definitely are committed to becoming more innovative and creative. And so I created The Year of Living Creatively -- a two-month online course -- a kind of greenhouse for grand possibilities. a GPS for the creative process.

On Getting the Help You Want

Idea Champions

Baked into the learning process are some simple ways to help participants become aware of the places inside themselves where they may be tangled or challenged in their approach. Make a list of everything you don't know about your project. Year of Living Creatively Manifesto.

Inside the mind of a creative genius: Werner Herzog

Idea to Value

Werner Herzog is regarded as one of our greatest living film directors, and recently gave an intimate insight into his thought processes when creating some of his masterpieces. He answered questions on a whole slew of subjects, especially the thoughts behind people’s favorite films, and his creative process. Here I have collected some of his answers which I believe can teach everyone about what goes on inside the mind of a true creative genius.

How to develop innovative ideas together – online

The BMI Lab Blog

In this blog post, we want to share our learnings on how to plan and execute a successful remote ideation session - from the ideal group size, our favorite collaboration tools to the dos and don'ts of virtual whiteboards and icebreakers. After that, creativity and hence, quality declines.

IA Summit 09 - Day 3

Boxes and Arrows

In this presentation, Dominic La Cava , Senior Information Architect at Vanguard, and Kellie Rae Carter UX researcher at Comcast Interactive Media, demonstrate how one design team incorporated game techniques into a redesign project. Insight is one of the most widely used and poorly understood concepts in the creative process. Now it’s time learn a bit about the art and science of seductive interactions. Tags: Learning From Others Podcasts

Public Innovation Training, NW Indiana

Gregg Fraley

It will focus on how to get initiatives started and how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that impede project success. You have to create projects and execute to see results. Leaders need to learn the basics, then step up and make it happen,” said Jason Williams, assistant director of the Society of Innovators. Area manufacturers, process improvement and quality leaders, and entrepreneurs are encouraged to attend.

How to transform your organizational culture with Design Thinking


Companies of all sizes, operating in the most diverse segments, strive to promote creativity, consequently innovating consciously. Some methods can help with this process, methods that are made just for this. It is necessary to consider – and we will talk about this later – that Design Thinking is not just a creative process. And that is the death of creativity and innovation.

Interested in Becoming a Zoomstorming Facilitator?

Idea Champions

Zoomstorming is a 60-90 minute online brainstorming process that sparks clarity, insights, new ideas, and the kind of positive mindset needed for aspiring innovators to make meaningful progress with a new venture, idea, problem, or opportunity. I see myself as a creative person.".

12 Future-focused Podcasts That Will Spark Your Next Innovation Idea

Innovation Walk

It has an expertly edited mix of commentary, audio clips for flavour, and features with creative thinkers that tend to work among projects you may have heard about. Machine learning, pea proteins, and non-profits with 24-hour AI-driven consulting services. The Creative Life Podcast: Creativity, Innovation and Inspiring Ideas | James Taylor The Creative Life process thrives best among different views. Want a list of innovation fails to learn from?

Idea Champions Helps All Kinds of People Originate Great Ideas

Idea Champions

Since 1987, Idea Champions has been helping a wide variety of forward thinking organizations tap into their innate creativity and originate breakthrough ideas. Idea Champions brings a creative, energetic and fun approach to idea generation.

Persona Grata

Boxes and Arrows

As for adoption, many say they use personas, but few designers I’ve met actually use them as a part of their core creative process. I once also viewed personas with disdain, but once I started using them in my own work, something interesting happened: My process became more efficient and fun, while the fruits of my labor became more impactful and useful to others. Perhaps what I’ve learned will help others in their journey to hone, tweak, and improve their work as well.

25 Simple Ways to Free Up Your Innate Creativity

Idea Champions

Most people agree that creativity is a good thing. Accordingly, they want to know how they can become more creative. Why make the effort to become more creative? Realize you already ARE creative: Most of us are subject to the myth that only some people are creative.

Artificial creativity (A.C.): Can a computer be creative? It’s scarily close

Idea to Value

In 2013, I wrote a breakthrough article on the nascent examples of computers beginning to generate ideas in a way similar to human creativity. Here I revisit the article with all-new evidence showing how close we are to artificial creativity. In the not too far future machines and robots will not only become more advanced, they will also begin to exhibit aspects of Creativity, and may soon exceed people in the ability to produce simple creative outputs.

21 Common Innovation Myths & Misconceptions Debunked

Idea to Value

So, in this post, we’ll talk about where they come from, what the actual reality is, and point you to resources where you can learn more about the topics behind them. This combination of logical thinking, problem solving, creativity, empathy, and practical skills is difficult for most people.

You Need an Innovation Strategy (if you don’t have one, here’s your life-saving guide to get one)


How come that surprisingly few managers know what a successful innovation project would even look like to them? Part of the answer has to do with a common notion that innovation is a creative process and as such is supposed to be messy and hard to control. For many companies, this has resulted in a frantic chase on buzzwords such as AI, machine learning and IoT. What is an innovation strategy?

Pixar, Artists, Founders and Corporate Innovation

Steve Blank

—– In a recent workshop with a large company focused on the Innovation@50x process, I mentioned that founders and intraprenuers operate more like artists than accountants – on day one they see something no one else does. One of the innovators in the room said, “It sounds like you’re describing exactly what Ed Catmull the CEO of Pixar wrote in Creativity, Inc.”. I should have realized there was a ton I could learn about corporate creativity by looking at Pixar.

25 Simple Ways to Free Up Your Innate Creativity

Idea Champions

Most people agree that creativity is a good thing. Accordingly, they want to know how they can become more creative. Why make the effort to become more creative? Realize you already ARE creative: Most of us are subject to the myth that only some people are creative.

Welcome to The Gold Standard of Brainstorm Facilitation

Idea Champions

As a result of Idea Champions' efforts we have implemented more than 250 value-added Big Idea projects." -- Joe Belinsky, Professional Development Manager, Goodyear Rubber and Tire. Several of the ideas we came up with in the Idea Champions session are being developed into concrete projects that are looking like very profitable opportunities." - Rudy Villa, VP, GE/RCA Licensing. "I The Idea Champions team brings a creative, energetic and fun approach to idea generation.

Can Innovation Work in a Work-from-Home World?

The Inovo Group

Done the right way and in the absence of a pandemic, a proper mix of WFH and in-office can increase productivity AND creativity AND reduce stress levels. more joy); and the potential for deeper and more creative thinking (more productive).

Corporate Vision: How To Translate Strategy Into Meaningful Execution

The Future Shapers

Translated this means that the corporate vision visualisation process is geared to develop and model the upfront thinking in a user-friendly and accessible way, so that it informs, directs and guides all follow-on transformation activity. To achieve this I implement two parallel processes working in harmony together. A blend of left and right brain creative techniques enables me to model the senior leadership thinking in a similar way to how architects and engineers work.

The Wisdom of Not Knowing


Inviting the unknown is essential for creativity yet too often fear, uncertainty, comfort, stability and familiarity get in the way. In this interview, Estelle talks about her own experience with the unknown and how it can spur creativity. Your book has a chapter on creativity subtitled ‘Opening the Gates of Insight and Innovation’. The creative process always involves an immersion in what is unknown, something that has previously never existed.

Endless Encores


Daphne Lonner is a tremendously accomplished CEO who has been thrown more than once in her resilient career by the forces of creative destruction. Paul Beckett is a rising executive who has quickly gone from recent rags to modest riches, but whose latest project is on the brink of failure. Ken Goldstein is a true maestro at building, supporting and directing highly talented creative and technical teams. Endless Encores.