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6 Creative Innovation Exercises for Online Whiteboards


Innovation is a process that relies heavily on creativity and individual thinking, and these are things that don’t come easily. In order to get your creative juices flowing it can be important to engage in creative thinking exercises and practice ways you can improve your innovation process. Discovering New Ideas.

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AI for Ideation | How to use AI to brainstorm and generate ideas

AI can be a powerful tool to use in your innovation, design thinking, or ideation projects. Follow along with the video and try it yourself for a different way to brainstorm or ideate new ideas or directions. AI Ideation Demo (Generate Ideas with Artificial Intelligence on OpenAI). Creative Design Academy 2.


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Five Tips for Cultivating Creative Thinking on Your Team


Creativity is the great untapped resource on any team. How do you bring out the creativity of your team? With some smart thinking and careful decisions, you can bring out the best in your team. Creativity is encouraged, or discouraged, by leadership. With that, you’ll see the gates open for ideation.

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How to Break the 5 Habits That Hurt Ideation


Many companies find it hard to prioritize ideation. The post How to Break the 5 Habits That Hurt Ideation appeared first on InnovationManagement. Here are five ways to break the pattern and gather a wealth of ideas for your organization.

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Gender Role in Creative Thinking – Not What You Think!

Innovation in Practice

Guess who’s more creative – men or women? . Well, neither is more creative than the other because both are equally creative. They just have different roles in terms of their creative output. At the end of the day, men and women can both knock it out of the park when it comes to creative ideas. .

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Michael Michalko

Creativity special: Ten top tips. Tom Ward senior research fellow in the Center for Creative Media at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, and editor of the Journal of Creative Behavior. Know your stuff: creativity requires expertise; but don’t know it too well: overspecialisation puts blinders on.

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The 5 Worst Things You Can Do in an Ideation Session

Flying Fish Lab

Ideation sessions are hard too – but only if you let them be. What if we could free you from the chains of running ideation sessions where ideas are few and far between and participants get distracted from their only role in the session – coming up with ideas – any ideas – and nothing else! Innovation is hard. It’s hard, we know.