On a Mission or Just Staying Awake


If all a mission statement is meant to do is fill a half page in your human resources handbook, it is probably not worth the time to write it down. Real leadership means rallying people around a cause, to subordinate their own personal quirks to the shared agenda adopted.

Are you a Positive Role Model for Innovation?


However, there is one more very important aspect to innovation leadership. Being a good role model for innovation, or any other key leadership competence, means being conscious of your own behavior and recognizing where you are on your own developmental journey.

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The Connected Leader: Relationships that Produce to Results


Getting out of the office to interact with other leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, educators, artists, or thinkers from around the world enhances creativity and innovation skills. IdeaScale leadership networkingNo one is smart enough to solve really important problems alone.

Are you a Direction Setter? How to Bring the Future into Focus


One that offers the organization’s most creative people a sandbox in which they can operate. As a direction setter, you must go beyond the data and tell a compelling story about future potential that engages people more deeply and inspires them to bring their creative best. The Direction Setter Leadership Role. Innovation is a journey into the unknown, and there are multiple paths and many options open to the leadership team. Are you a direction setter?

Creating Innovation Connections as the Customer Advocate


These insights can become the inspiration sparks of your group’s creative thinking. In the next installment of the Leading Innovation series, we’ll dive deep into systems and processes with the architect leadership role.

Culture Creator = Sustainable Innovation


Getting to a place where courage, creativity, and collaboration is the norm for addressing problems or pursuing opportunities can be difficult.

Be the Architect: Designing an Integrated Innovation System


Other times, by limiting responsibility for innovation for a specific department, organizations underutilize the creative capabilities of other employees.

System 208

11 Paradoxes of Entrepreneurial Thinking: why entrepreneurship can hardly be taught

Open Innovation EU

In essence it is nowadays recognized as the difference between creativity (Schumpetarian) and alertness (Kirzner) – creation versus discovering. When to be creative, when to be managerial. Practice of Empathy: can be taught using creative research methods. Introduction.

The dos and don'ts of innovation shared by 10 global leaders


In this post, we’ll give you some irrefutable proof of leadership traits that can come from popular CXOs and a few “surprise” sources. Easily the first lesson in the innovation handbook, asking “why” and “what-if” will set the ball rolling. Create distinct spaces for your creativity.