Thinking Strategically – 32 Ideas for a Strategic Thinking-Friendly Office


What could you do to your boring office so you and others are thinking strategically more readily and effectively? Someone searched and came to the website looking for strategic thinking in the office examples. Strategic Inputs.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – 17 Questions to Find Innovation Case Studies


While that might be a comforting perspective if you’re fond of business isolationism, it’s rarely true once you start to explore the business strategically. But given our unwillingness to settle for that easy answer, we created a rapid fire strategic thinking exercise to push for ideas.

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Strategic Thinking Exercises – Why Do We Give Away So Much for Free?


We, however, routinely share how we do things via our methodology, tools, and learnings from Brainzooming strategic thinking workshops. Why Do We Give Away So Many Strategic Thinking Exercises? Strategic Thinking – Exercises and Tools for Creative Thinking and Strategy.

Strategic Thinking Exercises – Doing the Impossible with Nothing?


That would definitely take extreme creativity ! A New Add to Our Extreme Creativity Strategic Thinking Exercises. ” Why are we adding this strategic thinking question? Those were all new ideas – some demonstrating more extreme creativity than others.

7 Strategic Thinking Questions – What Happens on the Way to Your Brand?


Louis arch, however, it suggests multiple strategic thinking questions you can ask for your brand’s success. 7 Strategic Thinking Questions on the Way to Your Brand? Run through these seven strategic thinking questions and see what possibilities your answers suggest.

Creative Thinking Exercise – Rethinking Shrimp


Sometimes you think you know best, only to find later that you have absolutely NO clue. As an example, I wrote some time back about the “Shrimp” creative thinking exercise we included during a creative thinking workshop for a regulated financial services company.

Creative Thinking Skills – Creativity in No Time


I recorded a video for the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) that ties into my presentation at their conference on creative thinking skills and “Taking the NO Out of InNOvation.”. Creative Thinking Skills Are All Talk.

Creative Quickies – Delivering the Brand Promise No Competitor Does


One competitive response is to try to explain to customers why they don’t really need what they think they need. The right combination of outside perspectives and productive strategic thinking exercises enables your brand to ideate, prioritize, and propel innovative growth.

eBook 57

3 Questions When the Innovation Strategy ROI Doesn’t Satisfy the Boss


Download: FREE Innovation Strategic Thinking Fake Book. This new ebook features sixteen strategic thinking exercises to help you ideate, prioritize, and develop your best innovative growth ideas.

Free Strategic Planning Exercises – 5 Warnings to Know


Checking our Brainzooming web analytics, “free strategic planning exercises” is a frequent search bringing people to the Brainzooming website. We share all kinds of free strategic planning exercises, such as these , these , and these.

Creative Thinking Skills and Place with Chuck Dymer at The IdeaLoft


Chuck has been an incredible influence on my career, especially as it comes to creative thinking skills. Chuck was the first person I heard deliver an in-depth presentation on creative thinking skills. Creative Thinking Skills and Place with Chuck Dymer.

Creative Strategy Formula – Snickers and Lead, Copy, Swerve, Integrate, Go


We haven’t talked about stealing (or copying) ideas as a creative strategy for some time. Translated into a creative strategy formula, it’s an example of “Lead, Copy (1 and 2), Swerve, Integrate, Go.” The Lead, Copy, Swerve, Integrate, and Go Creative Strategy Formula.

Change Management Strategy – 35 Articles for Your Change Agent Role


A 13-Point Strategic Change Management Checklist. Strategic Thinking about What to Keep and What to Creatively Change. Why Change Is Hard – 3 Strategic Thinking Ideas for Making Change Easy. Strategic Change Management in 1 or 2 steps?

Change 110

Creative Quickies – Taking Both Business Strategy Paths at Once


When we started developing our varied extreme creativity questions and exercises to drive bolder business strategy, however, one of the approaches was to actively consider that an organization isn’t going to make choices.

Experts Love Innovation and Failure, but Hate Ned Yost


And how about those Kansas City Royals – do you think they look unstoppable? – Mike Brown. The right combination of outside perspectives and productive strategic thinking exercises enables your brand to ideate, prioritize, and propel innovative growth.

eBook 99

Innovation Strategy – 6 Ideas Better than “Clean Sheet of Paper” Creativity


“Let’s start with a clean sheet of paper to boost creativity.”. We listened to the rationale for adopting an innovation strategy based on broad creative freedom. In many ways, it seemed to make sense: They are looking for new thinking from a diverse set of participants.

Branding Strategies – A Scary Mistake for Southwest Airlines


Every experience of the brand personality should feel as if it originates from one brand, even if the situation necessitates strategic changes to achieve that consistency. Rapidly deploy effective strategic thinking exercises to spur innovation.

Strategic Conversations – 12 Things to Listen For


I’d be comfortable speculating, however, that a high percentage of productive strategic conversations are wasted. What do I mean by “wasted” strategic conversations? MAYBE one or more people in a strategic conversation happen to remember what was discussed.

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Customer Experience Strategy – Brand Expectations and Experience


This customer experience strategy framework is a variation on how we’ve been thinking for years about developing memorable event experiences. Rapidly deploy effective strategic thinking exercises to spur innovation.

5 Keys to Engaging Employees in Innovation Strategy – Our Buy-In Manifesto


Let me share what I’ve been thinking about or maybe just imagined. The right combination of outside perspectives and productive strategic thinking exercises enables your brand to ideate, prioritize, and propel innovative growth.

eBook 69

Innovation Strategy – Chat with Brainzooming on Social Jack TV™, Tuesday, May 3rd


Some of the most common NO’s blocking creativity and innovation strategy. How to benefit from structures and exercises to spur creative ideas and innovation. New possibilities to improve innovation strategy successes amid challenges to new thinking and actions.

Outside-In Innovation Strategy – 2 Ways to Take a Fresh Look


I suggested looking at a version of one of our extreme creativity questions : How can we innovate our processes to test things faster than all our competitors? Rapidly deploy effective strategic thinking exercises to spur innovation.

eBook 64

How To Generate Big, Bold Breakthrough Ideas… That Actually Lead To Follow-through Action

The Future Shapers

“ So what do you think about Catalytic Questioning? To better understand the thinking behind Helen’s question, I asked Helen “why do you ask?” Too many Chefs or too many Cooks will erode the quality of the output thinking.

Innovation Strategy – 5 eBooks to Boost Innovation this Year


Use the strategic thinking exercises in Accelerate to help identify new possibilities for people, funding, and resources to jumpstart your innovation strategy. Outside-In Innovation Strategic Thinking Tools. This eBook features sixteen strategic thinking exercises for innovation The Brainzooming Group uses with clients to ideate, prioritize, and develop their best growth ideas.

eBook 50

Innovation Strategy – 6 Possibilities with Regulatory Constraints


” While the JetBlue example is an actual case study in the making, don’t limit your organization in thinking that’s the only strategy for innovating around regulations. Reading this article made me think of our change management strategy matrix.

3 Ways to Stay Ahead of Disruptive Brands Screwing Up Your Customer Expectations


Doing that, however, leaves it to customers and prospects (if you interview them) to tell you what THEY think drives their choices. The right combination of outside perspectives and productive strategic thinking exercises enables your brand to ideate, prioritize, and propel innovative growth.

Network Operating Model: How To Design, Build & Embed An Agile Operating Platform Geared For Mounting Complexity & Rapid Change…

The Future Shapers

When I overlaid my own strategic change experience and compared notes with the agile operating model approach that my team and I have developed at AllChange, I confess I struggled with some of the concepts within the book from a ‘how can it be practically applied’ point of view.

Agile 63

Innovation Strategy – Why New Ideas May Be Your Least Challenge


Don’t automatically presume the sole enabler behind an innovation strategy is generating new thinking and innovative ideas. So the next time somebody says, “We need more innovation,” ask, “What EXACTLY do you think that means?”

Growing Together – Synthetic Teamwork

Innovation Excellence

In Henry Mintzberg’s 1994 landmark book, The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning, the author calls for a new method to create effective strategies. He notes that, “Strategic planning isn’t strategic thinking. Mintzberg draws a definitive line between those that create strategy and those that devise the plan, Innovation Leadership Management Creativity ideation michael graber Southern Growth Studio Strategic Planning

Innovation Strategy – 4 Examples Where NOT Acting Might Be Smarter


Based on several stories last week extolling the benefits of being “lazy” when it comes to innovation strategy, you would think the LAZY days of summer are here a few weeks early (at least in the northern hemisphere).

Innovation Tools and Techniques – Do they make an Innovation Expert?


You’re the expert in innovation, what do you think?”. That started me thinking, “Am I an expert?”. One type of innovation expert knows a great deal about innovation tools and techniques that propel ideation to new heights.

Tools 108

Strategic Relationships – Take Your Hands Off the Wheel


While this format (an informal video while driving) may not be the one we continue using, it made sense for this video on strategic relationships and taking your hands off the wheel. Strategic Relationships – Take Your Hands Off the Wheel. How about a video blog for a change?

Video 70

30 Barriers to Innovation Plus “Lamination Is Forever” at Little Caesars


The right combination of outside perspectives and productive strategic thinking exercises enables your brand to ideate, prioritize, and propel innovative growth. Rapidly deploy effective strategic thinking exercises to spur innovation.

eBook 69

Scaling Innovation Training: How to Start, Maximize, and Scale Innovation Training


Achieve bigger innovation results through helping others learn and develop their innovation and ideation skill for the first time. Most have never learned the basics of ideation. Think of the difference a higher quality and quantity of ideas could make.

Capabilities and Leadership Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

Innovation 360 Group

As the manufacturing sector speeds into a world of futuristic tech and disruptive business models, creativity and innovation are becoming critical skills for figuring out how to unlock value strategically. Productive innovative thinking is not inspired or sporadic.

Top Style & Personality Assessments to Understand Your Employees

The CliftonStrengths exam sorts people based on four different domain areas : Strategic thinking: how do you absorb, think about, and analyze information? The FourSight Thinking Profile is centered around providing self-awareness to cultivate innovation and effective problem solving. Ideator. Thinking vs feeling – how you make decisions. Thinking (T) or Feeling (F). Find more design thinking and innovation resources on our blog.

How to setup an ‘innovation team’


This special team needs to be strategic, tactical, agile and fast. You need strategic thinking to plan the innovation transformation journey. To become really innovative, your company needs a special culture, a new mindset across all levels, disciplines, and functions.

Agile 79

What PR Firms Say About Our Brainstorm Facilitation Training

Idea Champions

Our success as a firm depends on our ability to think about tough challenges in new and creative ways, often on short timelines. The creative shift came almost immediately after our sessions with Idea Champions began and continued to grow exponentially with each session.