Learned Helplessness in creativity

Idea to Value

And how does this relate to people feeling like there is no point in doing anything with their idea, or thinking that they aren’t even creative? It all has to do with a psychological condition known as learned helplessness. They were suffering from Learned Helplessness.

Top 12 Best Creativity Podcasts

Idea to Value

Nowadays, there are even a few great podcasts about creativity. Here is a list of the best podcasts about creativity, being a professional creative and becoming more creative: #1: Idea to Value – Creativity and Innovation with Nick Skillicorn. #2: Creativity


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Can Creativity Be Learned? 5 Best Practices to Fuel Innovation


Do you possess a creative and innovative mindset? Some people think these traits are innate while others are convinced they can be learned. The post Can Creativity Be Learned? Best Practice creativity innovation skills

Step-by-Step Learning vs Creative Learning


I went to a Montessori school when I was child, so I was taught to learn by playing, figuring things out on my own. Think about it this way: Musicians follow step by steps to learn how to play the piano, guitar, or any musical instrument. Creativity entrepreneurship Innovation

How Micro-Innovations Can Drive Breakaway Results

How do micro-innovations affect businesses' way of thinking? Those small acts of 'everyday innovation' are the stuff of greatness. Download the eBook today to learn more about micro-innovations and how they have influenced some of the biggest companies to date.

Spontaneous movements may kickstart your creativity

Idea to Value

There is evidence to show that walking is a great way to encourage creative thought. Now, hot off the presses, we might soon learn that any type of random body movement might have the same effect. Keep an eye out for the upcoming podcast to learn more about this exciting research.

Are you born creative? Is creativity genetic? The nature vs nurture debate

Idea to Value

Are some people born creative? Or to say it another way, are some people born not creative? But how do we find out whether someone can be born with or without creative ability? Do we inherit creativity from our parents? But what about creativity? Creativity

Is Creativity & Innovation Learned or Hard Wired?


One of the longest standing questions in the field of innovation lies in the debate surrounding whether or not “creativity” is an innate trait or whether it’s something that can be learned. If you think creativity can be learned, you can then train people to be move innovative.

When creativity feels rewarding: intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

Idea to Value

The most successful creative people are the ones who put in the time and effort. They have the grit to work and practice for years, in order to build up the skills to produce highly creative work. So have a creative insight almost feels as good as chocolate, drugs & sex!

Bring Newness to Corporate Learning with Gamification

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Janet Sernack I was first introduced to gamification upon meeting Mario Herger, in 2012, when he was a Senior Innovation Strategist at SAP Labs LLC, in Israel, as a participant in his two-day gamification workshop for Checkpoint Security Software.

What is Creativity? The Definition, history and science of creativity

Idea to Value

What is creativity? What makes some ideas and things creative, while others are not? What is the definition of creativity? What is the history of creativity? And why is creativity important? What is the definition of Creativity? So creativity requires both.

The D&I Garden: Seeds of Innovation that Grow into Creative Breakthroughs

Speaker: Donald Fan, Senior Director of the Global Office of Culture, Diversity & Inclusion at Walmart Inc.

In the digital era, rife with uncertainty and ambiguity, innovation plays an essential role in sustaining organic growth and outperforming the global competition. Research proves time and again, there exists a robust bond between innovation and diversity & inclusion (D&I); our challenge is to help our leaders understand how to plant the seeds of innovation in the fertile D&I garden in order to drive a strategic and competitive advantage from the office and in the digital landscape.

Teachers don’t realise they don’t like creative students

Idea to Value

Every school will tell its students and teachers that they aim to promote creativity in their classrooms. What their teachers might however not be aware of is that, in practice, they don’t actually want their students to be creative. Least Typical of a Creative Child.

Podcast S4E94: Cyndi Burnett – Creativity in education

Idea to Value

We speak about what it takes to bring creativity into homes and classrooms. Topics covered in this episode: 00:02:00 – Cyndi’s start in learning about and teaching creativity. 00:05:45 – The STAR Model – The 5 Aspects of Creativity.

Are Podcasts Useful For Learning?


There are many sources of learning, podcasts are one of them. I listen to quite a few on a weekly basis and have learned, and keep learning, from listening to podcasts. They just make you feel as if you’re learning. I listen to podcasts for the following reasons: Learning.

What is ‘True Creativity’? (part 4 of 5)

Idea to Value

Over the past few weeks , I have been telling you about the history behind True Creativity. How I started on the journey to find out how creativity worked, and why I found it so important to focus on the science of creativity. Creativity

Episode 098: What Can We Learn From Doctors and Their Creative Approaches to Disease?

Innovation in Practice

What can doctors teach us about creativity? To simply get their jobs done, they’ve got to get creative. In fact, uncertainty forces you to be creative. I’ll explain some things I witnessed doctors, nurses, and the like doing that demonstrated great creative ability. .

Navigating the VUCA World With Innovation Coaching

Speaker: Janet Sernack, Founder and CEO of ImagineNation

Join the founder and CEO of ImagineNationTM, Janet Sernack, to understand how developing an innovation coaching skill set can help lead the way in supporting people through the exponential change and disruption in our VUCA world.

What is ‘True Creativity’? (part 3 of 5)

Idea to Value

Today I want to begin telling you about ‘ True Creativity ‘ As I mentioned last week, I have made it my mission to help a billion people transform their ideas into reality. While everyone had theoretically learned a new technique, they never used them again. Creativity

16 scientifically proven ways to enhance your creativity

Idea to Value

People often think that science and creativity are not related. In fact, over the past few decades , a huge amount of research has begun showing us exactly what causes our creativity, what reduces it, and even what enhances it. Incubate and allow the natural creative process to work.

Podcast S4E93: Christiane Michaelis – How art can help businesses learn to be creative

Idea to Value

We speak about what it takes for people to get back in touch with their inner creativity, and how art can be used to unlock this. 00:06:30 – What is different learning from professional creatives.



When we learn something, we are taught to program it into our brain and stop thinking about or looking for alternatives. A creative thinker would ask “How else can I look at this problem?” “How

Measuring Innovation Performance

ect of culture on creativity, organizations have their own ways of de?ning ciencies Learning about the. ectiveness of innovation A Framework for Measuring Innovation Learning Zone D EG RE E. to learning Innovation is happening Innovation is having the. Peer learning.

You win or you learn

Idea to Value

You win or you learn. What I love about it is how succinctly it demonstrates the value in learning from trying new things. When it comes to innovation and developing creativity, it is a necessity to try things which could not work out. You win or you learn.

How Creative Hobbies Can Help Improve Your Overall Health

Idea to Value

While traditional forms of self-care like eating a healthy diet and exercising will never go out of style to maintain your health, have you ever considered how creative hobbies can better your well-being, too? . Maybe you’re a naturally creative person. Creative Hobbies Are Ongoing.

Leading for Creativity and Innovation

Rmukesh Gupta

One of the primary responsibilities of a leader is our ability to enable our teams to fuel their creativity and drive innovation. If you are tasked with coming up with innovation in your organisation, which typically, starts with coming up with creative ideas, I […].

What is the relationship between talent, creativity, skill and performance?

Idea to Value

Often, when someone says they are not creative , what they are really saying is that they do not believe they have the same level of skills or talents as people they look up to as creative. What they do not realise is that creativity and skill are related, but not the same thing.

Highly creative brains may have more “random” connections

Idea to Value

However, a new series of brain imaging studies by UCLA researchers has found that the brains of highly creative Big-C people may be wired differently. Our results showed that highly creative people had unique brain connectivity that tended to stay off the beaten path,”.

Creative Problem Solving Process


Learn more about this CPS innovation methodology here. One such methodology is creative problem solving, which will be defined and explored in this latest article from Innovation Training. What is creative problem solving? Why you may want to use creative problem solving.

Helping Kids Foster and Keep Creativity

Idea to Value

For most kids, being creative and imaginative is no problem. You can probably even remember back to your own childhood and how effortless it seemed to come up with creative, fresh ideas no matter what you were doing. Unfortunately, the creativity crisis seems to be getting worse.

6 Creative Innovation Exercises for Online Whiteboards


Innovation is a process that relies heavily on creativity and individual thinking, and these are things that don’t come easily. In order to get your creative juices flowing it can be important to engage in creative thinking exercises and practice ways you can improve your innovation process.

Ways to Learn Creativity

Innovation in Practice

Becoming more creative, even just a tiny bit, will enhance what you do everyday, at work, at home, or anywhere. Let’s look at how you learn it. There are various schools of thought about how to learn creativity. These scientists conduct rigorous experiments to see how different conditions affect a person’s creative output. But there is still so much to learn about the brain. I don’t think that’s what creativity is all about.

Podcast S5E123: Marcus du Sautoy – The Creativity Code

Idea to Value

Prof du Sautoy is widely known for his work to popularise mathematics, is the Charles Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and author of the bestselling book The Creativity Code: Art and Innovation in the Age of AI.

Learn How to Improve Personal Creativity and Spark Innovation with This Webinar


Are you looking for ways to spark personal creativity within your organization? Research shows most people aren’t as creative as they were once upon a time. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to rebuild creativity and innovation. What You’ll Learn.

How to Remove Roadblocks to Creativity

Idea to Value

Creativity and innovation are key tools in the marketing professional’s toolbox and ones that aren’t always as accessible as we’d like. Marketing requires many types of creativity and innovation to be successful. Finding ways to mentally change your perspective can spark new creativity.



This means that I have been able to observe, engage with and participate, from both Israel and Australia, in the evolution of Presencing and Theory U as powerful resources and vehicles for effecting profound transformational change and learning. Intentional change and learning.

Podcast S3E62: Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer

Idea to Value

In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with Fredrik Haren, known as the Creativity Explorer. We speak about what we can learn about creativity from different cultures around the world. Podcasts creativity explorer fredrik haren

We need to shift from scalable efficiency to scalable learning.

Paul Hobcraft

We need to shift from scalable efficiency to scalable learning but how can we liberate creative energy, how can we achieve higher engagement? Learning from failures needs to be part of this. They are consciously advancing learning.

How Do You Learn How To Learn? Learn From Learners


Are you learning as fast as the world is changing? A constant state of change requires a constant state of learning. Only a handful of companies, and people, cultivate learning as a skill. Put simply: Cultures of innovation = Cultures of learning. With that said, there is one skill that will always be relevant in the future : continuous learning. There is a dominant belief that learning stops once you put your diploma to use and get a job.

The Most Important Lesson Nobel Laureate Physicist Richard Feynman Learned about Creativity


” Thus he became creative again, as he had been when he had just been working things out for himself, before becoming a famous physicist. It seems that the more expert one becomes in an area of specialization, the less creative and innovative that person becomes. If you survey the history of science, it is apparent that most individuals who have created radical innovations did not do so simply because they knew more than others.

Failure is a Vehicle for Learning


Anything I’ve done that has worked happened because I learned from the mistakes of others and my own; not because I followed some “success script” Everything you want is on the other side of hard. Failure is a vehicle for learning. Have you failed? I have, many times.

A Remote Retrospective – WFH Learnings


Learnings from 2 years of working with remote teams. The post A Remote Retrospective – WFH Learnings first appeared on 100%Open. I never imagined myself finding a meaningful existence from behind a screen, especially as someone who thrives in dynamic and fast-paced environments.

How to Remove Roadblocks to Creativity

Idea to Value

However, creativity is an expansive expression of what the mind can envision, create, and conceptualize. Each of these expressions of creativity gives us a glimpse of what the mind can accomplish when roadblocks are out of the way. Is the creativity in the splash or the million dollars?