Examining the State of Crowdsourced Innovation in 2019


We encourage you to download the IdeaScale 2019 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report for a deeper dive into the topic of innovation management that gets results. The post Examining the State of Crowdsourced Innovation in 2019 appeared first on IdeaScale. Best Practice crowdsourcing InnovationThe average number of years a company spends on the Fortune 500 list is dropping. World-class corporations spend less time at the top than they once did.

Eleven Ways to use Crowdsourcing

Destination Innovation

How are firms using crowdsourcing? Ideascale have published a white paper on crowdsourcing which you can download. This is when you use crowdsourcing to find the solution to a difficult or complex problem. This is the classic way to use crowdsourcing to improve a product or service. Similar to data collection, this involves crowdsourcing onerous tasks that would take your employees too many hours to count.


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Three Real World Examples of Crowdsourcing in Education


That’s made schools of all levels and the wider education industry that supports them a fruitful ground for crowdsourcing approaches. Three schools, in particular, have used crowdsourcing to make changes for the good of students. Now Columbia uses crowdsourcing to listen and act, making the school the best it can be. Even better, the platform has become a sort of virtual crowdsourced help center, with students answering each other’s questions.

How Crowdsourcing is Enhancing the Healthcare Sector


But little noted was that Gates was pioneering crowdsourcing in healthcare … and that it worked. As you can see, in healthcare, crowdsourcing is not about individual patients, but instead about larger problems. Crowdsourcing only works if it catches the attention of a crowd, after all. To get started with crowdsourcing the future of medicine, download our Crowdsourcing and Healthcare white paper. Many perspectives make for smarter medicine.

Identifying the Value of Crowdsourcing: A Talk with Dr. Zoe Szajnfarber


One method for practicing open innovation is through crowdsourcing, the process of sharing ideas across industries to solve a common problem. Realizing the Value of Crowdsourcing. Companies are taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by crowdsourcing innovation to drive results.

How Universities are Using Crowdsourcing to Innovate


Learn how universities are using crowdsourcing. Here’s how crowdsourcing can push innovation further, from major studies to brainstorming tools. Crowdsourcing In Academia. Crowdsourcing in the university system has unfolded in a number of ways. As you can see, from brainstorming tools to getting work done, there’s a lot of advantages to crowdsourcing. Students are just the start of the crowdsourcing trend. Effective Crowdsourcing.

Successful Product Development Campaigns Highlight the Power of Crowdsourcing


Smart crowdsourcing yields successful product development. Fortunately, crowdsourcing tools allow the innovation process to involve consumers every step of the way. From toy companies to coffee to hotels, here are brands that leveraged crowdsourcing to encourage innovation. But for many of its other sets, the company asks its enormous number of fans to step in on their crowdsourcing site, Ideas.

Spigit Customer Spotlight: Crowdsourcing Safety with PUSD’s InnovationU

Planview Spigit

Crowdsourcing innovation is one of today’s most powerful tools for effecting real, lasting change. It was exactly this benefit that led the Poway Unified School District of California to develop their InnovationU program, backed by Spigit , to crowdsource ideas for improving the safety and security of all students and staff district-wide. Crowdsourcing Safety Solutions from Unexpected Sources.

Crowdsourcing Innovation Valuation: an off-label use of innovation management technologies


Here is where crowdsourcing comes in. Given the multitude of possible failure points and dependencies, therein lies the need for a new approach: crowdsourcing. Because crowdsourcing accommodates a very large amount of success/failure scenarios to estimate when the innovation program reaches commercial viability. Download our free State of Startup/Corporate Collaboration 2016 report today. crowdsourcing innovation innovation valuation off-label uses

Three Interesting Examples of Crowdsourcing in the Financial Sector


Crowdsourcing can add up in surprising ways. Can finance benefit from crowdsourcing? While open innovation and crowdsourcing are incredibly popular in other industries, the financial industry is necessarily more conservative about the technology it uses and the consumers it listens to. But crowdsourcing has undeniable benefit for the financial industry if done with an eye to its specific needs, and with a little out-of-the-box thinking.

Crowdsourcing Ways to Save Students Money


Knowing that they had a wealth of knowledge within their campus network, the steering committee and the working group launched a crowdsourcing campaign to their students asking for ways to reduce costs that would help the President meet his commitment. One of the great things about crowdsourcing ideas, however, is that it is not just an ideation opportunity, but it also help you conduct a new form of market research from which themes emerge.

What Kind of Company is a Good Fit for Crowdsourcing?


After 69 years of growth, Dick’s is a great company ripe for crowdsourcing and they launched their first company-wide ideation platform last year. But how do we know that a company like Dick’s is a good fit for crowdsourcing? Well, here are a few qualities that make a company more likely to succeed in a crowdsourcing effort. This type of commitment not just to hearing from employees, but implementing ideas means that these crowdsourcing programs will last a long time.

Who Exactly are the Crowd Workers?


Crowdsourcing allows organizations to find and work with self-selected volunteers to accomplish tasks, gather information, or gain new ideas. Critics often assume that employed professionals don’t have time to participate in crowdsourcing projects.

A Look Back at Crowdsourced Innovation in 2020


Crowdsourcing can influence innovation. According to a 2017 survey, 86% of companies who incorporate crowdsourcing in the workplace cite employee engagement as a top priority. IdeaScale has put together an infographic showing crowdsourced year-in numbers for 2020.

Why Aren’t You Crowdsourcing?


Last year Gartner published an article entitled “ The 5 Most Effective, Least Used Digital Innovation Hacks ” which listed crowdsourcing, differentiated funding, differentiated metrics, startup innovation, and formal innovation management. Of course, crowdsourcing and innovation management are closely related, but not everyone understands the potential benefits of crowdsourcing and innovation management. So why aren’t you crowdsourcing already?

What is Crowdsourcing for Innovation?


What is Crowdsourcing for Innovation? Crowdsourcing and co-creation is an essential arm of conducting smart business. What is the Goal of Crowdsourcing Innovation? Crowdsourcing for innovation also creates a space for unique collaborations and meetings of the mind that might not occur otherwise. What is Crowdsourcing for Innovation? With crowdsourcing innovation, you are in complete control of who you want to include in your crowd. DOWNLOAD.

5 top tips for choosing an online crowdsourcing platform


Doncaster Talks crowdsourcing community (Dub platform example). What do you want in the way of downloadable info from your community? 100%Open collaboration creative economy crowdsourcing idea platforms innovation innovation strategy knowledge transfer networks open innovation research crowd Crowdsourcing facilitation online communities platformIf you’ve decided to set up an online community, one of your initial questions will be “which platform do I use?”.

Crowdsourced Innovation Management Survey: Participate in Valuable Industry Research

Planview Spigit

Planview Spigit is conducting the fourth annual State of Crowdsourced Innovation Management survey and study. The purpose of the survey is to gather data that highlights industry insights around ideation and crowdsourced innovation programs. Check out some of the key findings from last year presented in this blog, or download “The 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report” to take a deeper dive into the findings. The 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Findings.

Identifying Opportunities for Crowdsourcing in Education


Where does crowdsourcing fit in education? But, in education, there’s a lot of room for crowdsourcing, and it can be a source of innovative ideas. The truth is that educators and professors have been crowdsourcing well before Kickstarter came along. But in academia, crowdsourcing can be a useful tool for getting work done. Crowdsourcing improves education. Crowdsourcing For Students. Academia works best when it works together.

Siemens Case Study: Crowdsourcing Solutions to Turn Gridlock into Green Lights

Planview Spigit

In fact, the 170-year-old company produces an average of 38 inventions per day, a number powered by their crowdsourcing solutions. To learn more about how you too can improve your innovation program with Spigit, visit Spigit.com , or download the 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report , a rigorous analysis of innovation program data from the world’s largest brands, representing 21 different industry verticals. Crowdsourcing Customer Experience

Crowdsourcing App Studies the Health Benefits of the Outdoors


A new crowdsourcing app developed by scientists at the University of Cambridge in the UK could help them to understand more about the relationship between biodiversity and well-being. NatureBuzz can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android platforms and asks participants three times per day to answer questions about how they feel and whether they are outside or indoors. Open Innovation crowdsource study NatureBuzz

Study 40

Why is Diversity Important to Innovation


Diversity and Crowdsourcing. This especially makes sense when you think about innovation in relation to crowdsourcing. More and more, organizations are realizing the benefit of having many diverse voices chime in on innovation, which is served by something like crowdsourcing, which moves away from the old research and development model. IdeaScale crowdsourcing crowdsourcing innovation Innovation

Five Product Innovations that Evolved Over Time


Download the Annual Innovation Strategy whitepaper to get started. IdeaScale collaboration crowdsourcing crowdsourcing innovation Innovation innovation management inventions open innovation product innovationsThe product innovations that generate the most excitement and public interest are the disruptive innovations. They could be a new way to call a cab, drive a car with little need for gas, or a completely new way to look at medical science, technology, or entertainment.

Innovating for Social Good


Standard Bank’s Water4Africa Challenge is a great example of crowdsourcing for social good. Innovating For Social Good with Crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing allows you to ask your community – or even the global society – to suggest innovative ideas that your company could implement to affect a large number of people in the best, and largest possible way. Crowdsourcing requires some planning. Many employees desire purpose in their work beyond earning a paycheck.

How to Conquer Distance with Collaboration


To find out more about the Western Australia Police and Frontline 2020, click here to download the recent case study. Case Study IdeaScale collaboration crowdsourcing crowdsourcing innovation employee engagement engagement government innovation InnovationLong distance relationships are never easy. This is especially true of large-scale organizations which are housed in multiple and varied locations.

Why is it Important to Get to Market Fast


Along those same lines, getting to market faster, specifically through using crowdsourcing to accelerate innovation, can save you money on both the front and back end of development. To find out more about the myriad ways in which crowdsourcing can help improve your speed-to-market, click here to download a recent crowdsourcing and technology white paper. Best Practice crowdsourcing IdeaScale Innovation open innovationTechnology moves at the speed of innovation.

Lessons Learned About Innovation Communications from the City of Calgary


To learn more about the City of Calgary and their myCityInnovation program, download their case study. . Case Study city of calgary crowdsourcing employee engagement engagementIf you’ve been following IdeaScale’s Innovation Management Awards , you know that this year saw some really thrilling innovation come from some unexpected places.

One Weird Thing About Customer Satisfaction


To read more about how Banchile Inversiones enacted their innovation campaigns, and about the five new projects which were implemented, download our recent case study here. Case Study IdeaScale collaboration crowdsourcing employee engagement idea management Innovation innovation management open innovationHere’s one weird thing about customer satisfaction: it may be that your employees have the key to improving it.

Innovation Goes Beyond Bright Ideas


Download the Sample Idea Process to get started today. IdeaScale bright ideas crowdsourcing innovation Innovation open innovationWhen organizations talk about innovation, they are referring to generating bright ideas. They spend time thinking “out of the box” and hope to come up with a brilliant new idea. But innovation is not the Idea; it’s more than that.

The Nonprofit Innovation Advantage: Purpose


If you’re working on a crowdsourced innovation program, one of the key challenges is finding a way to make participants care about the outcome, but with nonprofit crowdsourced innovation programs , the purpose and outcomes are more readily apparent – you’ll help that organization achieve that goal better, faster, or more broadly. To learn more about nonprofit innovation, download our complimentary infographic on the subject.

Top 5 Criteria for Selecting Winning Innovation Ideas

Planview Spigit

Many of our clients use a technique known as crowdsourcing to not only capture ideas, but also help prioritize and select the ideas that are most valuable. According to Planview Spigit’s fourth annual State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report , 98 percent of respondents leverage crowdsourcing for generating ideas to solve problems or seize opportunities that matter to the business and its customers. Crowdsourcing Innovation

The State of Innovation in the Financial Sector


Crowdsourcing ideas allows you to ask for signals (like emerging trends) from your crowd, but also empowers that crowd to make suggestions and share ideas that will drive the business forward. To learn more about innovation in the financial sector, download our complimentary infographic on the subject. Best Practice Infographic blockchain crowdsourcing customers financial Innovation TechnologyFintech funding is increasing.

100%Open Past and Future


Our 100%Open Innovation Toolkit has had tens of thousands of downloads and it has been satisfying for us to influence the agenda and set some standards in open innovation practice. A Reflection on 10 Years in Open Innovation. Marginal to mainstream.

Data 56

Building a Map Based Idea System

Collective Innovation

You can store and solicit an unlimited number of categorized locations and can access that section through a special analytics interface or download the raw data at anytime. Crowdsourcing idea tracking location tracking mapsIdeaLab features many unique features but by far the most unique is the map based idea system. This allows you to set any number of icons and allow people to submit ideas as locations.

Ideation Software: It’s Not Just for Innovation Departments

Planview Spigit

Download it now to see how the world’s biggest brands harness the collective intelligence of employees, customers, and partners to accelerate innovation. CrowdsourcingA common misconception about. ideation software. is that it’s exclusively for innovation departments to use to generate breakthrough products and services. It is called “innovation” software after all, right? While that is one of its use cases, the reality is it can be used for so much more.

Innovation Software: It’s Not Just for Innovation Departments

Planview Spigit

Download it now to see how the world’s biggest brands harness the collective intelligence of employees, customers, and partners to accelerate innovation. CrowdsourcingA common misconception about innovation software is that it’s exclusively for innovation departments to use to generate breakthrough products and services. It is called “innovation” software after all, right? While that is one of its use cases, the reality is it can be used for so much more.

The Total Economic Impact of an Innovation Program Driven by Spigit

Planview Spigit

Download full study. 86% of survey respondents said creating a culture of innovation was a key reason for implementing an crowdsourced ideation program. CrowdsourcingWhen establishing an innovation program, business leaders often struggle with forecasting the potential economic impact.

Episode 055: Saving Bees with Structured Creativity – The Task Unification Technique in Action

Innovation in Practice

What crowdsourcing is and how it plays into all of this. Downloadable scorecard to rate your idea. You may not realize it, but there is a very important part of our food chain that is under duress. One-third of the food we consume on a daily basis depends on animal pollination.

Understanding the Origins of Innovation


The Main Ingredient in Crowdsourcing Is the Crowd. Great ideas can come from anywhere, and the main thing you need for productive crowdsourcing is the crowd itself. One potential problem is of a crowdsourcing project turning into a “popularity contest.” In short, innovation management software takes what’s so great about crowdsourcing (the abundance of ideas) and helps ensure the best ideas are considered and pursued in the most efficient manner.

IdeaScale CEO Shares Innovation Tips with SuperbCrew


From his background in crowdsourcing software as part of the open government initiative, Rob and co-founder Vivek Bhaskaran founded IdeaScale, which was promptly adopted by 23 federal agencies. Rob Hoehn started his crowdsourcing software career as part of the open government initiative in 2009.?. With IdeaScale, organizations can run crowdsourcing campaigns with employees, partners, customers, or members of the general public.

Tips 109

Align Innovation Incentives to Goals


A lot of crowdsourced innovation programs will tell you to offer incentives to your community of participants in order to drive engagement – but sometimes that’s a challenge for organization either because of budget restrictions or company regulations. If you’re looking for more non-monetary rewards to incentivize engagement, you can download this tip sheet. To learn more from top innovators, view and download the presentations from Open Nation 2018 here. .

Featured IM Award Winner: The US Coast Guard


Their presentation at Open Nation this year was regarded as one of the favorite (and most useful presentations), because presenter Commander Andy Howell was great at articulating the fact that crowdsourcing communities sit at the intersection of continuous innovation and learning. To learn more about how the US Coast Guard is connecting continuous innovation and learning, download their case study detailing their process and implemented ideas.

Re imagining Gala Fundraising efforts


We crowdsourced ideas among Betterific’s design thinking community and sourced over 80 unique ideas in under a week. Betterific’s crowdsourcing was one part of the overall research. Runner Ups: at the gala participants were given a buzzer (like the ones you get when waiting for a table),or have them download a gala app. the philanthropy had an app that donors could download for updates on the impact of gifts (research funding, patients seen, etc.).