Crowdsourced Innovation: Three Things I Learned


During my first two weeks as a Marketing Intern for IdeaScale, I learned about how the business world operates, particularly how an organization uses crowdsourced innovation with tools such as IdeaScale. Innovation is Required to Be Competitive.

6 Key Points To Understand About A Crowdsourcing Platform


Crowdsourcing offers a fantastic avenue into a wealth of information that might not otherwise be accessible. The post 6 Key Points To Understand About A Crowdsourcing Platform appeared first on IdeaScale. Best Practice CrowdSourcing Platform innovation community

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Crowdsourcing Leads to Civic Engagement: Four Real-World Examples


Civic engagement is fundamental to good governance, and crowdsourcing is a powerful way to draw in an enormous range of constituencies to hear what they feel is crucial to making their city a better place. Below are a few examples of civic engagement accomplished via crowdsourcing. The post Crowdsourcing Leads to Civic Engagement: Four Real-World Examples appeared first on IdeaScale. Best Practice civic engagement crowdsourcing innovation

The Four Forms of Crowdsourcing


There are four ways to crowdsource answers to your innovation challenges: garden variety crowdsourcing, distant expert sourcing, expert targeting, and force multiplying. The post The Four Forms of Crowdsourcing appeared first on Innovation Management.

The Leadership of Open Innovation

Speaker: Paul Sloane, Director, Destination Innovation

Paul Sloane is a well-known author and speaker on open innovation. In this session, Paul takes us through examples of successful open innovation programs to explore the breadth of what open innovation can be for organizations and the value it can bring. This was a great session you don’t want to miss.

A Look at the 2020 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report


Disruption is a necessary component of innovation. Some innovative companies take a centralized approach to innovation, while others choose a decentralized method. The post A Look at the 2020 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report appeared first on IdeaScale.

Report 130

Webinar: Planning Agency Emergency Response Through Crowdsourcing


COVID-19 has required a faster and more thoughtful change management and innovation strategy from all sectors. The post Webinar: Planning Agency Emergency Response Through Crowdsourcing appeared first on IdeaScale. Best Practice COVID-19 crowdsourcing innovation responseThis is particularly true for the government on all levels, which has needed to work closely with any number of stakeholders to deliver new solutions to rapidly changing problems.

How Crowdsourcing Can Enhance Innovation Performance


Crowdsourcing is becoming increasingly popular in today’s business world. One of the main reasons why crowdsourcing is increasing in popularity throughout the business world is due to the positive influence that it has on innovation performance. Although there are pros and cons to using crowdsourcing for businesses, I would argue that the pros far outweigh the cons. Crowdsourcing allows you to hear many different opinions and ideas.

Crowdsourcing and Traffic


So we thought we’d look at some of our favorite crowdsourcing and traffic stories. Once that innovation arrives, not only will it reduce the number of driving-related deaths and clear up traffic patterns, it will mean you can finally watch Netflix DURING your commute. In the meantime, however here are some of our favorite traffic-solving crowdsourcing projects: Waze : Waze is still one of the most powerful navigation tools when it comes to traffic.

The Three Challenges of Crowdsourced Innovation


IdeaScale has recently acquired Betterific, a crowdsourcing platform that engages a community of 18,000+ creative problem solvers, design thinkers, and ideators to help you come up with your next big idea. Learn more about how you can tap into this innovative community. The post The Three Challenges of Crowdsourced Innovation appeared first on InnovationManagement. Collaborative Innovation Open Innovation Crowdsourcing Ideation

How Liebherr Engages Its Customers with Crowdsourcing

HYPE Innovation

This blog post is part of a series on successfully managing open innovation programs. In this series, I talk with experienced innovation managers to understand how they've built an open innovation capability in their organizations and how they strive to make this capability increasingly stronger. Open Innovation

Spigit's 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report

Example COVID-19 Crowdsourcing Campaigns


We were heartened, also, to see that many of our customers and partners are taking this moment to look to their network for solutions and novel responses by launching COVID-19 crowdsourcing campaigns. What topics should we crowdsource that may help reduce the burden of your current work environment? The post Example COVID-19 Crowdsourcing Campaigns appeared first on IdeaScale. We are living in unprecedented times.

Impact of Crowdsourcing in the Healthcare Industry


Though crowdsourcing has recently gained popularity in many industries across the world, it’s not necessarily intuitive for it to be part of healthcare. However, crowdsourcing has begun to have a notable impact in the health sphere, such as in patient diagnosis, engagement, and more. To start, let’s understand and differentiate crowdsourcing from outsourcing. Crowdsourcing vs. Outsourcing. The word “crowdsourcing” was first used in 2006 and in the context of Flickr.

How Crowdsourcing Evolves: The Four Stages to Transformation

HYPE Innovation

The innovation management industry is highly fragmented today, which makes it confusing to understand which methods apply to which scenarios, and what the difference is between those doing crowdsourcing, and those doing enterprise programs designed to facilitate business transformation. Crowdsourcing Frameworks

Examining the State of Crowdsourced Innovation in 2019


Those figures indicate increased volatility, but they also indicate that innovation is behind the churn. The fact is that companies that don’t continuously innovate risk irrelevance because innovation is going to happen, whether major corporations participate or not. Lack of great ideas is not the problem when it comes to innovation; management of innovation is. Core, Adjacent, and Transformational Innovations. Best Practice crowdsourcing Innovation

4 Myths About Crowdsourcing Innovation

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You might have heard that crowdsourcing innovation is really hard to manage. Or that the business value won’t show itself right away, so it’s not worth the time and effort it takes to start a crowd-based innovation program. Here are 4 crowdsourcing myths you’ve probably heard — and why you shouldn’t let them stop you from giving it a try. Crowdsourcing Ideas Leads to Mob Mentality. Innovations Only Come from Product Experts.

Eleven Ways to use Crowdsourcing

Destination Innovation

How are firms using crowdsourcing? Ideascale have published a white paper on crowdsourcing which you can download. This is when you use crowdsourcing to find the solution to a difficult or complex problem. This is the classic way to use crowdsourcing to improve a product or service. Similar to data collection, this involves crowdsourcing onerous tasks that would take your employees too many hours to count.

Crowdsourcing Innovation: 4 Steps to Success

Planview Spigit

Recently, Spigit CTO James Gardner shared some of his expert tips on using crowdsourcing software to build your innovation pipeline. Using a crowdsourcing platform will often remove the majority of the legwork.”. Innovation is so often tied to never-before-seen ideas and inventions that it can be difficult to pull back from the grand picture and look for ways to innovate on a smaller scale. Crowdsourcing Innovation = Diverse Ideas and Predictable Outcomes.

Crowdsourcing vs. Focus Groups: A Comparative Review


Crowdsourcing is a favored method of gathering data for product innovation. Companies use crowdsourcing for product innovation and focus groups for market research to gather the most relevant and useful data. While focus groups have been around for years, crowdsourcing only became possible after the proliferation of the internet. However, crowdsourcing hasn’t replaced focus groups the way streaming music made your CD collection irrelevant.

Groups 143

How To Get The Most Out Of Crowdsourcing

Innovation Excellence

Over the years I’ve written numerous times about not only the growth in crowdsourcing and other methods of open innovation, but the various studies seeking to understand how we can do so effectively. Competitions Open Innovation Challenges Crowdsourcing

Innovation Through Crowdsourcing and AI

Innovation Excellence

Build Capability Customers Disruption Innovation Processes & Tools Product Innovation Technology ai Artifical Intelligence Crowdsourcing data market research technologyIt takes a cross-sectional skill set to successfully implement good AI, and in order to do so, companies need to both understand their consumers’ motivations and capitalize on them using the right tools.

What You Need to Know About Crowdsourcing


Every spring at IdeaScale, we start receiving requests from undergraduate and graduate students around the globe who are researching crowdsourcing and its potential application in the business world. What are the benefits of crowdsourcing? Ideas are the life blood of innovation.

Seven Critical Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation Mistakes to Avoid


Don’t get frustrated with your crowdsourcing campaign. Crowdsourcing and open innovation are great ideas. Too many ideas fall into a crowdsourcing gap, so here are the problems to avoid. By far the biggest problem is people have an idea and decide, vaguely, to throw crowdsourcing at the problem. You need a clear, detailed strategy before you start any crowdsourcing campaign. Choosing Crowdsourcing Instead Of Open Innovation.

How Crowdsourcing Innovation Helps Your Team


Why is crowdsourcing right for you? Many people tend to view crowdsourcing, internal or external, and internal teamwork as either/or propositions; one tends to be the backup for the other. Crowdsourcing allows you to include more perspectives and ideas, to everyone’s benefit. Great innovations may be made in labs and meeting rooms, but they’re often inspired in a multitude of different ways. Innovation can strike anywhere, so why limit it to the office?

Crowdsourcing Innovation Valuation: an off-label use of innovation management technologies


Well, in terms of innovation valuation, you can and you should. Investors are requiring enterprises to be more transparent about their commitment to ongoing innovation in their capital expenditures in order to attract longer-term investment. The question then arises, how can an enterprise provide greater investor confidence from a range of speculative innovation investments with greater certainty ? Here is where crowdsourcing comes in.

How to Boost Company Innovation with Crowdsourcing


Harvest the power of the crowd to unlock your innovation potential. Crowdsourcing

Evaluating Crowdsourcing - has it a bright future?

HYPE Innovation

Crowdsourcing has been interesting to me intellectually for some time, it seems to have the ability to help solve vexing questions, real challenges, and connecting different voices, into a community that can open up the fields of opportunity for new solutions. It does have both the potential to point towards disrupting possibilities, extends the concept of open innovation into a wider source of participation from a diverse community not possible to reach by other means as effectively.

Best Practices for Internal Crowdsourcing: Lessons Learned from NASA


Learn innovation and crowdsourcing strategy from NASA. Do you want to know the secrets for success through internal crowdsourcing and innovation storytelling? NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation — a crowdsourcing platform — unveiled their best practices for approaches to problem-solving on a recent webinar in a move to share what they’ve learned to help others.

How NASA is Crowdsourcing its Innovation Strategy


NASA is, to many, a symbol of scientific innovation. And NASA has taken one of its first steps into its own new frontier: Crowdsourcing. The Crowdsourcing Frontier. NASA’s reluctance to crowdsource in the past has largely been a product of its culture. Some of NASA’s biggest crowdsourcing initiatives have been tied to its desire to know more about the Solar System. Rockets fly on crowdsourcing. Why NASA Crowdsources.

How Design Thinking Complements Crowdsourced Innovation


In my double role as an innovation architect at IdeaScale and a consultant for innovation management, I rely on a variety of methods to set my clients up for success. Combining methods is one of the ways I make sure they make the most out of their innovation efforts. In this post, I’d like to talk about how design thinking complements crowdsourced innovation. I don’t think I need to point out the obvious parallels to crowdsourcing here, do I?

Crowdsourcing Trends Shaping the Future of Innovation


Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people rather than from traditional employees or suppliers. By obtaining information from as many people as possible, you are increasing the likelihood of innovation for your business, and innovation is something all business owners strive for. As you can see, crowdsourcing is gaining notoriety in the business world.

Trends 109

Crowdsourcing vs. Open Innovation: What’s the Difference?


Open innovation vs. crowdsourcing can be a tough call. What’s the difference between crowdsourcing and open innovation? Crowdsourcing Vs. Open Innovation. With open innovation, you might reach out to your entire company, and sometimes friendly rivals in the same industry, to share ideas and get perspective on something. If you’re consumer-facing, and one of the key stakeholders is your consumers, then crowdsourcing is in the mix.

So Are You Thinking Crowdsourcing?

Paul Hobcraft

Crowdsourcing does have a real potential in my mind but does seem to have some formidable issues to work through, to be well understood and managed. Certainly, I think over time we will learn what works for us and what becomes leading practice, so we can become a lot clearer on crowdsourcing position and value to us, within our context, terms and circumstances. Continuing with my exploring crowdsourcing. Will crowdsourcing provide predictable outcomes?

So Are You Thinking Crowdsourcing?

Paul Hobcraft

Crowdsourcing does have a real potential in my mind but does seem to have some formidable issues to work through, to be well understood and managed. Certainly, I think over time we will learn what works for us and what becomes leading practice, so we can become a lot clearer on crowdsourcing position and value to us, within our context, terms and circumstances. Continuing with my exploring crowdsourcing. Will crowdsourcing provide predictable outcomes?

Crowdsourcing: An Innovation Tool to Overcome the Limits of Remote Work


Corporate Innovation: A Victim of Remote Work? Corporate innovation will not be spared the troubles of adjusting to the “new normal.” ” As a former Googler, Mayer knew that innovation requires collaboration, and both thrive on serendipity. crowdsourcing ?as

Is Your Company Cut Out for Crowdsourcing? Take This Quiz

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When it comes to gathering innovative ideas, one of the biggest mistakes companies make is to confuse strategic crowdsourcing with something like a virtual suggestion box. Is your company ready to do crowdsourcing the right way? The Crowdsourcing Readiness Quiz. Ready to put your company to the test with our Spigit crowdsourcing software? The post Is Your Company Cut Out for Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing: a Tool to Innovate


The post Crowdsourcing: a Tool to Innovate appeared first on Ideanote. Idea Management crowdsourcing ideation new ideas

Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing Best Practices

HYPE Innovation

Open innovation (also known as user, cumulative, mass, or distributed innovation, or as know-how trading) and crowdsourcing are both affordable, reliable, powerful ways to keep your company on the cutting edge of innovative ideas and products. First, you need to understand when to utilize open innovation and when crowdsourcing is the better option. Here's how you can score with these innovation strategies. Open Innovation

How to Use Crowdsourcing in Your Digital Marketing Strategy


A new innovation in the digital marketing sphere is the idea of using crowdsourcing to generate or test marketing ideas. With the advent of the use of crowdsourcing for digital marketing, this can truly become a two-way street. Benefits of Crowdsourcing. Plus, involving your audience in company decisions is innovative branding and marketing in and of itself. Crowdsourcing naturally increases the diversity of the ideas your firm can work with.

Using Crowdsourced Innovation in the Real World

Planview Spigit

Having a well-defined innovation strategy is more important than ever. To keep up with the modern professional landscape, companies must create an innovation culture that constantly looks for new ways to meet the needs of the customer. One way to do that is through crowdsourced innovation. Executives and stakeholders can lose touch with their customer base and, despite their best efforts, fail to innovate. Crowdsourcing Innovation Effectively.

What is Crowdsourcing for Innovation?


What is Crowdsourcing for Innovation? Crowdsourcing and co-creation is an essential arm of conducting smart business. How to channel your internal and external crowd for innovation, ideation and collaboration. What is the Goal of Crowdsourcing Innovation?

This is How Crowdsourcing Innovation Works (6 Steps)

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Confused by crowdsourcing? You’re not alone — though it’s getting more popular by the day, this approach to innovation still can be new to business leaders. In a nutshell of 6 easy steps, this is how crowdsourcing innovation works. To find the best idea, you need to have a lot of ideas, and crowdsourcing gives you that opportunity. Spigit crowdsourcing software does all the hard work for you.