Culture of Innovation Video and Case Study: Cambia Health Solutions Transforms the Health Care Landscape Through Innovation

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From inception, innovation has been at the core of Cambia Health—it’s truly in their DNA. Cambia is an exemplary example of how organizations can create a culture of innovation by engaging their most valuable resource—their people. Pitchwell Video.

Millennial Engagement in the workplace: 4 Actionable Tips


Organizations are developing into majority millennial teams, and predictions show millennials representing nearly 75 percent of the workforce by 2030. Forbes stated that “91% of millennials don’t anticipate staying at a job for more than three years.”. Create a culture of innovation.

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How to Come Up with Disruptive Ideas Using ‘Random Words’? [Including Video]


We only need to be creative and come up with original, new ideas 2% of the times on an average day, yet disruptive solutions are the key to any successful business in the 21stcentury. Everyone in your team should first write their ideas on a post-it note or in the virtual ideation room.

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Spigit’s 2018 Fall Product Release: Machine Learning, New Use Cases, and More

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The inspiration behind this release, which you’ll hear more about in the below video, was simple: help customers drive significant cultural change. Boost efficiency with new machine learning capabilities for both ideators and administrators accelerating the idea generation process.

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Employee Engagement Propels Innovation

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Most companies will agree that innovation is critical to sustaining growth and remaining competitive. Creating a culture of innovation is seen by most business leaders as the number one way to drive innovation for the business.

Capabilities and Leadership Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

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When it comes to innovation, building capabilities and applying the right leadership style give top performing manufacturers the edge over skills-focused peers. 84% of manufacturing executives say that they will hire for technology roles in the next 5 years.

Choosing the right innovation approach for your business


Undoubtedly a critical aspect of long-term sustainability and survival, innovation is a complex process, which organizations need to be good at. Understanding the term “innovation”. Innovation is a term that carries with it immense possibilities of success and sustainability.

Sincerely Sima: Finding Time for Innovation


Don’t have time for innovation? This third entry in the “Sincerely Sima” Innovation Q&A series provides some tips for fitting innovation into your schedule, whether you’re an employee participating in an innovation program, a manager who’s leading one or a senior leader who’s tracking and expecting results. Dear Sima, we want to be a more innovative company but find that the biggest roadblock to that is time. Innovation Management

Hackathons simplified


When some people hear the word “hackathon,” a wave of intimidation spills over them. However, the majority of hackathons gives developers and programmers free rein to be creative and build something awesome. In fact, it may be one of the most challenging tasks.