How bad ideas can lead to good ideas


Most people will have heard the basic mantra of brainstorming: there is no such thing as a bad idea. With this premise in mind, people are encouraged to share any idea without fear of ridicule or judgement. While some concepts may not be achievable, these so-called ‘bad ideas’ can often be necessary stepping stones to good ones. The post How bad ideas can lead to good ideas appeared first on Exago. Blog brainstorming idea generation innovation culture

The Innovation Hotline: How Colruyt Group is Championing Intrapraneurship with Collaborative Idea Generation


Often times, the most successful and innovative companies stem from the humblest of origins. Its rapid expansion from a small, family-run wholesale goods business in 1928 into a multinational conglomerate with 30,000 employees, can be attributed in part to the creative – and ingenious – ways it has crowdsourced ideas from employees. The Innovation Hotline – From ‘Green Telephone’ to IDnet. We form the ‘Centre of Excellence’ for idea management at the company.

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How to Build Knowledge-Based Companies?


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Creating a Culture of Innovation

Innovation in Practice

There have been times I sat down with a client and I told them, “your organization is very innovative”, but they don’t believe me. I tell them, if you don’t perceive yourself as innovative, then you’re not. Here’s what they need to see and believe: An innovative corporate culture is one that supports the creation of new ideas and the implementation of those ideas. See innovation as a competency. Innovation is a skill, not a gift.

Measuring Innovation Performance

Measuring innovation performance Our innovation campaigns prove that there is a way to. measure innovation performance. Innovation-active ?rms Along with balancing the innovation. aside as innovation spend. led to the number of novel ideas generated per 100 employees or the. ect of culture on creativity, organizations have their own ways of de?ning to measure innovativeness, a task that was once considered next to impossible.

To accelerate innovation, focus on culture

Jeffrey Phillips

There's an old joke about perspective and laziness I love and have used before on this blog, because it illustrates many of the challenges (and opportunities) of corporate innovation. This analogy aligns so well to what corporate America does when it comes to a focus on innovation - intent discovery on things that don't matter, while purposefully ignoring the factors that must change to make innovation successful.

The One Question Innovation Culture Assessment

Gregg Fraley

Innovation Should Be Fun, Joyful, and About Playing With Concepts. The One Question Innovation Culture Assessment. A lot of fuss is made over innovation culture. I get it — it’s probably the most important fundamental to put in place if you actually want innovation to happen. And… I have a simple one question assessment leaders and managers can use to take the pulse of their innovation culture. Are You Having Fun?

Podcast #004 – Fostering a culture of innovation in your organisation

Idea to Value

In today’s episdoe, we talk about the last of the 3 Dimensions of Innovation: Organisational Support. What does it really take for innovation to flourish at an organisation? The capabilities to support a culture of innovation we discuss are: Vision & Strategy. Ten Types of Innovation. Developing a culture of innovation: Reward vs Risk aversion. Company-wide Idea Generation. Open Innovation. Innovation as a value.

What is Total Innovation Management? Achieving Excellence from Idea Generation to Implementation


To maximize the ROI of your innovation initiatives, it’s vital to gain input from as many sources as possible and ensure all departments take part in a culture of ideation. In this article, we explore the concept of Total Innovation Management (TIM) and how you can leverage it at your enterprise. Each is invited to feel a separate part of the creature to get an idea of its shape. So, what is total innovation management? Our Blog Innovation Management

Creativity Is Where Innovation Starts

Gregg Fraley

Build Innovation From The Ground Up. Train Creativity First, Innovation Next . It’s mind numbing all the literature I read about innovation. My new message about innovation is — get back to basics first — and that means the spark of it all, creativity. Yes, I’m an innovation writer, trainer, and consultant, AND, without a creative culture you’re building innovation on a mound of sand. Creativity IS Innovation.

Purpose Driven Innovation

Gregg Fraley

Without a Clear Purpose, Innovation Drifts Off Course. Innovation Leaders sometimes get it backwards. In the innovation space there is endless discussion about frameworks. Using a structured innovation framework is a project success factor. There is also a lot of yakking about culture. Nothing wrong with desiring an innovation friendly culture, although talking about it isn’t going to make it happen.


Seven Innovation Fundamentals for Leaders

Gregg Fraley

Innovation Fundamentals for Leaders. Invest in Frameworks, But First, Establish a Culture Where Innovation Thrives. For results, leaders need to foster innovation fundamentals and integrate them into organizational culture. More structure is needed as fundamentals take hold, and that means an innovation process framework. This series of posts on innovation fundamentals is not about frameworks. There is no innovation without creativity.

Empower Operational Employees to Innovate

Gregg Fraley

The Benefits of Innovation Training for Operational Employees. 85% of CEOs put Innovation as a Top Three priority. Consider a Brown Bag Innovation Training or Immersion in Innovation Concepts. It’s an opportunity to improve innovation culture that few are taking up. Imagine the impact that basic training in Creative Problem Solving* and innovation concepts would have — more innovation across the entire value chain of the business.

Nine Questions CEO’s Should Ask About Innovation

Gregg Fraley

Nine Questions CEO’s Should Ask About Innovation. He’d asked me what I did and when I told him I was an innovation consultant, his eyebrows raised. I added my punchline, “because if you’re not doing projects you’re not doing innovation.” Nine essential questions CEO’s should be asking about innovation. Are people empowered to innovate? Does your culture support innovation? Are your people trained in innovation process?

Innovation Strategy – 4 Ways to Celebrate Risk Taking


The article highlighted innovation strategy options that drug companies are using to instill and support risk-taking behaviors. The innovation strategy options include cultivating company culture, celebrating failures with parties and awards, and making sure they are failing as fast as possible with sufficient learnings. Even if your innovation success rate is dramatically higher, motivating employees to embrace risks vital for innovating can be challenging.

Public Innovation Training, NW Indiana

Gregg Fraley

Public Training Offering — Getting Innovation Started. Gregg Fraley Innovation (GFi) and The Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest Collaborate on Public Training Seminar. — The Society of Innovators at Purdue University Northwest (PNW) is hosting a public innovation educational seminar from 8:30 a.m. The goal of the event is to introduce innovation concepts to organizations looking to improve. Innovation doesn’t just happen.

How You Ask for Innovation Matters

Gregg Fraley

Six Considerations for Inclusive Innovation. The Wall Street Journal published an article this week, Why Innovation is a Team Sport. . It reveals a broad based study on innovation done by the research firm Great Place to Work. Essentially, the survey says that companies that are more broad-based and inclusive in innovation have better growth prospects. AND… This is a great study to support broader innovation efforts. Be prepared to process a lot of ideas.

Creatives Build Rural Economies

Gregg Fraley

Attracting the Creative Class is About Culture, Tolerance, and Quality of Life. Where Creative Workers Locate is Where Innovation and New Businesses Happen, Site Locations Follow. His recent article, The Innovations of the Creative Class Affect a Rural Area’s Fortunes , is another wise Florida perspective, based on the data, about the unique challenges faced by rural areas. It’s About Culture and Tolerance. The local culture is a big factor folks.

Innovation Training Under Utilized

Gregg Fraley

Training Accelerates Innovation. 94% of managers are unsatisfied with their companies innovation performance. 70% of CEO’s see innovation as a key driver of growth. Why then is corporate America so woefully undertrained in innovation fundamentals? Energy is Not Enough, Get Training in Innovation . When I step into a room to facilitate a strategy, innovation, or idea generation session I usually find a great deal of energy.

Get a Grip on Innovation — 10 Questions, 20 Minutes

Gregg Fraley

Get a Grip on Innovation — 10 Questions, 20 Minutes. Ten questions for you to focus on assessing the state of your organization’s innovation program. Yes, there are other ways to assess innovation culture that are more thorough (such as Teresa Amabile Ph.D. However, the purpose of these ten questions is to get you off the dime and into action around your innovation program/department. What did your organization innovate last year?

The Risk of Not Innovating

Gregg Fraley

I recently was a guest blogger for Gibson Insurance and I wrote this piece about the risk of Not Innovating. Many leaders pull back on innovation programs because of expenses, and, fear of change. They settle for small changes and improvements and continue to look at innovation as if it’s extra work. They pay lip service to innovation and waste time doing culture assessments. They also spend precious time developing a precise process for innovation.

GFi Innovation — Fall Training Course Schedule

Gregg Fraley

If you’re in the Chicago or Denver areas, check out these innovation training course offerings. Gregg Fraley Innovation (GFi) is offering three public courses in late October and early November. Innovation Intensive, Beyond Design Thinking. This deep-dive immersive course in innovation could change the direction of your organization – or career. A truly innovative culture? The instructor is master innovation trainer, Gregg Fraley.

Training is an Innovation Accelerant II

Gregg Fraley

Do You Wish To Accelerate Innovation? When I step into a room to facilitate an innovation, strategy, or idea generation session I always find a great deal of energy. Inexperience in: the kind of divergent thinking necessary to innovate, in specific meeting behaviors and facilitation skills, and in innovation process, approaches and frameworks. Here are details regarding innovation courses you can attend in the near future, Denver, August 28 – 31.

Innovate Where You Are — and With Who You Have

Gregg Fraley

Off-Site Innovation can indeed spur creativity. I like what Cardinal Health and Crimson Cup are doing in Columbus, OH with offsite innovation spaces. P&G’s Innovation Gym is another great dedicated off-site innovation space. Not every organization can afford separate innovation lab facilities , or, can innovate away from their business location. Or, can even have a dedicated innovation team. Projects alone can change cultures.

Innovation 2015 or Five Lame Excuses?

Gregg Fraley

Innovation ca feel a lot like that — your competition is a big tough impossible-to-beat player like Superman. I’m going to be like a broken record in this blog post ( I wrote a similar one a year ago ): If you don’t have an Innovation Plan, you aren’t doing innovation. And if you’re not doing innovation, you are planning something else — your demise, your death, your toasting. . Projects are what change culture.

Ten Things United Airlines Might Have Done

Gregg Fraley

The incident, the background of the problem, and the half-baked apology signal a sick culture. United Airlines is a jaded, faded, uninspired, culture — that will die — unless they pull out of this lack-of-innovation, and lack-of-consumer-empathy death spiral. Two Points to Make related to Creativity and Innovation: 1.) This is a cultural problem. Culture change doesn’t happen without a project.

Video 59

Projects Are How Innovation Happens

Gregg Fraley

Innovation is complex and difficult — but one thing about it is not. What’s quite simple about innovation is that projects are what make innovation real. are Not Innovation. Thinking about things is not innovation. Having beers and kicking ideas around are not innovation. Brainstorming sessions are not innovation. Idea Campaigns are not innovation. Guided visualizations are not innovation.

Economic Development Teams Need Innovation Training

Gregg Fraley

But in the spirit of an Economic Development “What If…” What If all those other Amazon bidders had put that same energy, and money, into doing innovation projects that are smaller in scale, but, new, different, and clever in their regions? What kind of innovation projects might they have done instead? Invest in arts and culture building and community quality of life? Would hitting innovation singles, quarter after quarter, year after year, make more sense?

Got a Great Idea? Don't Take Credit For It

Innovation in Practice

We want to resist the temptation of judging ideas depending on where it came from. If we like the person, we tend to like their idea. And what this means for you in practice is that you have to find a way to strip ideas of their identity. You can boost the creative out put of your team just by making sure these ideas don't get thrown out prematurely. That keeps the ideas anonymous. It helps them eliminate that natural tendency to have a bias to that idea.

Ideation Rate: Quantifying a Culture of Innovation

Planview Spigit

MIT’s Sloan Management Review recently published a story that focuses on the research Spigit conducted with Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management around quantifying a culture of innovation. In other words, we set out to move beyond the why behind creating a culture of innovation and look at the how. In doing so, we surfaced actions a company can take actually build and sustain a culture of innovation.

An Innovative Culture: Define It, Cultivate It and Use It to Enable Transformation


A culture of innovation is more than a buzzword. Many organisations struggle to first define what makes a culture innovative, let alone build an innovative culture. If these mark the beginning of the journey, how do you then take the innovative culture you’ve put so much effort into building, cultivate it for sustainability and use it to drive business transformation? WHAT DEFINES THE CULTURE OF AN INNOVATIVE ORGANISATION?

Seven Essentials of an Effective Innovation Project Manager

Gregg Fraley

Outsourcing innovation project management might be the most strategic money you spend this year. It’s not a new idea but it’s one more companies should consider. But first: If you’ve not got an innovation plan in the process of being executed, right now, you are treading water and will eventually drown. So what’s stopping you from kicking off an innovation initiative? Innovation feels like extra work to operationally focused people.

Mash-Ups for Innovation, a How To Guide

Gregg Fraley

How to Do Mash-Ups for Innovation. This is an article length, comprehensive post on Mash-Ups for Innovation. To say the least Mash-Ups hold great promise in helping people and organizations find useful and sometimes breakthrough innovations. This article will likely be part of a book on the front end of innovation that’s in development, stay tuned. If your looking for a quick way to jostle up fresh ideas, go with the simpler ones. Elaborate the ideas.

Adding Eye Candy: 4 Visual Best Practices to Boost Engagement on Your Idea Generation Platform


The same principle holds true when it comes to boosting user engagement on your idea generation platform. By leveraging profile pictures, idea images, gamification badges, and other visuals that align with your company’s branding and culture, you can effectively convey to users that the platform is set up for their benefit. The campaigns and ideas on your platform should be complemented with attention-grabbing visuals that convey what the projects are all about.

Adding Eye Candy: 4 Visual Best Practices to Boost Engagement on Your Idea Generation Platform


The same principle holds true when it comes to boosting user engagement on your idea generation platform. By leveraging profile pictures, idea images, gamification badges, and other visuals that align with your company’s branding and culture, you can effectively convey to users that the platform is set up for their benefit. Campaign & Idea Images: Help Your Users See the Big Picture. User Pictures: Make Your Idea Generation Platform More Personable .

Expert Interview Series: Michel van Hove of Strategos About Creating Innovation Within a Company’s Culture


Michel van Hove is the co-owner and partner of Strategos , a strategy and innovation consultancy that helps companies grow. We recently spoke with Michel to hear his thoughts on how to successfully foster a culture of innovation within a company. Later, I worked for multinational companies in fast-moving consumer goods and specialty chemicals on strategic innovation initiatives. Working on innovation in industry roles can be very demanding.

Disaster: CEO’s Ignoring Digital Innovation

Gregg Fraley

Does Any CEO Have the Luxury to Ignore Digital Transformation and Innovation? Innovation + Business + Technology = Digital Leadership. There is amazing opportunity for digital innovation and organizations that adapt have the potential for huge growth and success. Even those organizations with existing continuous improvement and innovation programs need to amplify and expand their efforts. The innovation effort alone is complex.

Small “i” Insights or Large “I” Insights Yield Different Innovation

Gregg Fraley

Qualitative Consumer Verbatims Lead Directly to New and Improved Ideas. Disruptive Innovation Requires Reframing of Consumer Words and Need States. Working with Fortune 1000 companies I’ve found cultures rich in respect for qualitative research. Listening to consumers is a skill any entrepreneur or innovator can cultivate. They’re not bad, but they rarely lead to disruptive innovation. Consumer feedback is often directly applied to innovation.

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GFi Innovation Public Training Course

Gregg Fraley

Innovation Intensive . Master Innovation Trainer: Gregg Fraley. Course Description: Innovation Intensive is a one day, deep dive, into fundamental and advanced concepts in innovation. It examines culture assessment, strategy, and on-going project management. In addition, it covers management mandates, project cycles, resourcing, idea management systems, idea generation, concept development, prototyping, and pitch presentations.

How to Create and Run an Innovation Pilot Program

Innovation in Practice

And innovation pilot programs help you do that. . How to Run an Innovative Pilot Program. The best time to strike the idea of running a pilot program is where there’s a lot of uncertainty in the organization. Offer the idea of a test pilot program.

Keeping Your Innovation Momentum

Innovation in Practice

At some point in your journey to drive innovation, you’ll want to take a deep breath and ask – what happened here? I’ve seen too many innovation programs get off to a fast start only to fizzle out later. It’s probably time to re-do the innovation audit that you did at the start of the program. Next, you need to remind everyone why innovation is an imperative – the so called Burning Platform. Here are some ideas. This will help you put metrics around innovation.

What do we expect from Innovation? Mostly disappointment

Paul Hobcraft

Good innovation is notoriously hard to achieve. There are so many obstacles and uncertainties as you take an idea or concept through to eventual release. Others looking at the innovation progress keep demanding tangible evidence and quantifiable guarantees that the outcome provides clear returns. Much of the innovation discovery journey is a disappointing one. A promising idea did not foresee a roadblock that cannot be resolved.

Report 172

The Future of Open Innovation | Collective Campus


There is a cultural shift in which innovation is no longer a linear process but part of an interconnected ecosystem where people, organizations, and sectors can foster inspiration, idea-generation, co-creation, and validation of ongoing iterations