10 Industries The Internet of Things Will Change Forever


In other words: The Internet of Things is a technology that will drive the next economy. As Nico Adams of CSIRO points out , with IoT companies can evolve from product businesses to service businesses that are capable of affecting real economic and social change.

The Internet of Things brings fresh Innovation Opportunities

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The Internet of Things (IOT) will have a dramatic impact on product and service innovation. Gartner group forecast that the number of wirelessly connected products will increase from 5 billion today to 21 billion by 2020 (not including smartphones or computers).

The Internet of Things Is Creating Smart Airports

Daniel Burrus

For these individuals, massive crowds, endless delays and a rash of other headaches hardly add up to an intelligent environment. One exponential technology—a technology that is growing at an exponential rate—that’s helping to create smarter, more efficient airports is the Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to new technology, many other aspects of airline travel have definitely improved. That’s the promise of IoT.

Power Couple: Unlocking the Innovation Opportunities of Big Data and the Internet of Things

Robert Brands

On this blog, we first wrote about the Internet of Things (IoT) in the blog post entitled “Innovation Management: Keeping Up with the Digital World.”

Data And Technology Don’t Change Your Culture, They Reveal it

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Related posts: If Big Data Is To Live Up To Its. [[ This is a content summary only. All Posts Management Technology Big Data Internet of ThingsWe shouldn’t be so quick to blame algorithms.

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Power Couple: Unlocking the Innovation Opportunities of Big Data and the Internet of Things

Robert Brands

On this blog, we first wrote about the Internet of Things (IoT) in the blog post entitled “Innovation Management: Keeping Up with the Digital World.”

Over The Next 5 Years, IBM Sees Atoms Fusing With Bits To Create New Insights

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All Posts Technology Analytics Big Data Future Internet of ThingsIBM Research sees a new era emerging in which software and instrumentation will combine to give us unprecedented insights into the physical world Related posts: How to Create Insights.

10 Emerging Technologies That Will Drive The Next Economy


There are many that in combination will drive massive change across enterprises and all size of business. Those of you in the know will not be surprised, but people in Tijuana have no idea what’s going on. Leaders should always be asking themselves What’s new?, What’s next?

Regional Highlights: Exploring the UK's Innovation Ecosystem


Even in light of rising uncertainties due the Brexit, the UK is likely to remain a hotbed of innovation and disruption in fintech and the tech and communication industries. Trends London FinTech Internet of Things (IoT) Big DataWith high-quality support systems and thriving communities for entrepreneurs, the UK, and London in particular, has long been home to startups from all over the European Union.

Why do we need every object and device around us connected?


And so on… In the not so distant future, devices and objects will become intelligent and will be connected to the internet exchanging thousands of gigabytes of data every day and maybe every minute; making our lives, supposedly, more efficient. Driverless cars.

Know Your Emerging Trends


Last year IBM Marketing Cloud published a finding 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone (2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day). Things are moving at a pretty brisk pace nowadays and our lives are changing as a result.

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Io(M)T Challenges

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Each day, more and more things get connected, creating an event bigger and bigger smart world creating more and more data that makes us more and more vulnerable to cyberattacks and intrusions. The new Apple watch – Health/Healthcare Innovation Internet of ThingsApple has unveiled the Watch Series 4 at its annual event at the Apple Park in San Francisco.

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The Innovative Internet of Everything and Everywhere

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No Place Left to Hide Everywhere you look around you, there’s a hidden world layered on top of the one you see. This world is made up of information and data, silently being measured, transmitted, and analyzed. Technology Innovation Internet of Things privacy

The Internet of YOU

Technology Created

The Internet. When you think of the changes its brought into our lives, it really does give one pause. The definition of “oeuvre”? Symptoms of meningitis? The web is a first class citizen in your toolbox to do these and many more amazing things.

Digital Technology MoshPit

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It’s designed to uncover unlikely, but useful, combinations of technologies, products, services, trends, and insights that lead to breakthrough innovation. GFi is now offering a new version of MoshPit to discover ideas that exploit new digital technologies. Data Analytics.

Here’s How To Keep Your Data Project From Running Of The Rails

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We were told that “data is the new oil.” The Internet of Things combined with the ability to store massive amounts of data and powerful new analytical techniques like machine learning would help derive important new insights, automate processes and transform business models. Technology Big Data data Data Analytics

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Transform Your Customer Relationships

Daniel Burrus

For many, an organization’s relationship with its customers used to be largely limited to the point of sale. Thereafter, contact was a good deal more incidental—maybe a bit of anecdotal feedback or a response to a satisfaction survey, but that was usually it. One Hub: The Internet of Things (IoT). January’s annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas highlighted the broad potential of products and services related to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Disaster: CEO’s Ignoring Digital Innovation

Gregg Fraley

Turnover of CEOs is already high, about 14.9 % a year as of 2016*. The demands of digital leadership and the enterprises of the future could dramatically accelerate that rate in the next few years. We constantly witness the global reach and influence of social media.

Transcendent Computing Emerges

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They must have known they were at a tipping point but just couldn’t quite sense the enormity of change that was about to take place. What emerged of course was the era of personal computing. What developed was the era of connected computing.

7 Ways to Appeal to Your Customers through IoT


To understand the impact of IoT on customer service you first need to know what it is. Briefly defined, IoT is a system of interrelated devices, digital machines, and objects that have unique identifiers. All these entities also have data transfer capabilities over networks without the need for human/human or human/computer interaction. Trend Alert automation customer engagement customer service Internet of things IoT

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Plateaus are Harder Than Mountains

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Bold claims have been made about applying “big data” to solve the world’s problems, from health (Fitbit) to saving energy (Nest). A clean design with big numbers and charts looks good, but how can we make sure people actually understand the data? Withings has the data.

Artificial Intelligence: A Question of Data

Daniel Burrus

Business people, not to mention the public on a global basis, are getting increasingly excited, as well as concerned, about the potential of artificial intelligence (A.I.)—so and the vast quantity of data that China is capable of generating on a daily basis, has many wondering if the U.S.

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Why Containers Will Eat the IoT World

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Container technology, with its ability to package and deploy an application and its dependencies in an isolated, secure, and lightweight virtualized runtime environment, is one of the most exciting technologies of our times.

Why Your Company Needs Data Analytics

Daniel Burrus

Data analytics is the science of extracting patterns, trends, and actionable information from large sets of data. Think of business intelligence as the ways in which companies use data to improve their management and operations.

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Why Smart Cities, Businesses and Homes Will Transform Your Life

Daniel Burrus

It’s no wonder that new applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) are moving ahead fast when almost every new device we buy that has a plug on the end of it or a wireless connection to the internet. We can expect a dramatic rise in IoT systems infrastructure to ensure that the ever growing list of devices, systems and environments remain connected, always online and talking to each other.

Data Gathers in a Cloud. It Takes off from the Edge

Daniel Burrus

In a way, the exponential growth of machine-to-machine communications and connected sensors, what we call Internet of Things (IoT), is rapidly becoming an example of too much of a good thing. Fortunately, edge computing can help make that wealth of data a good deal more usable. Edge computing is a type of information technology system in which data is processed as close to the original source as possible.

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Being Digital : Innovating For a Smarter, Faster, Lighter Enterprise

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This is especially true of enterprises that were ready to innovate early and began their computing journey decades ago, like we did. To me, any enterprise that wants to meet the demands of its digital native consumers, should start ‘thinking’ digitally, not just ‘adopt’ digital.

Innovative Technology That Supports Ageing with Dignity

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The density of people in cities is only set to increase, and the question of how to maintain a certain quality of life in urban areas has become much more important. For many years, the Digital Citizen and Connected Social Systems Research and Innovation Program, which I lead, has been closely tracking the phenomenon of Smart Cities to see how the interplay of human, digital, and physical planes can be explored to address this question.

ChatOps: Encouraging Conversations in IT Operations

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We all know the power of collaboration in operations – when teams interact, learn, and work together, operations improve multifold. In fact, collaboration is one of the fundamental principles of DevOps – the cultural shift that has enabled businesses to become agile and responsive. What if our systems – applications, databases, servers, and networks – are able to interact with our teams, respond to their questions, notify them of alerts, or, in general, chat with them?

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Predictive Analysis Using Sensor Data

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A little over a year ago, when I wrote about Predictive Analytics for Man and Machine , I discussed how predictive analysis of sensor data from humans and machines can help create wellness-driven systems for people’s health and predictive maintenance for machines, respectively.

Big Data in Formula 1 Racing: Don't Overwhelm Humans

Michael Roberto

Fortune has a fascinating article about how Formula 1 teams are using the internet of things and data analytics to win auto races. According to the article, "These machines, each valued at more than $9 million (a steering wheel alone is worth $77,000 or so) are more than just pricey contraptions capable of whizzing around the track at more than 200 miles per hour. They are also intelligent, thanks to the many dozens of sensors fastened to them.

Nine Questions CEO’s Should Ask About Innovation

Gregg Fraley

The man asking, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, was dead sincere. ” Now I knew he was having a bit of fun. Do you have an innovation plan for the integration of digital tech? If there is some aspect of this I can assist with, please get in touch, gregg@greggfraley.com.

Digital Transformation: the Elephant in the Python

RTI Innovation Advisors

As technologies become more pervasive, and our ability to gather and process a lot of information increases, it makes sense to think about how digital solutions may change the way we work, either by replacing monotonous tasks, automating entire business processes, anticipating future trends and hundreds of other ways. Companies will gather data from those sensors and provide feedback on optimal usage, maintenance and repair or replacement needs.

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Business Model Strategies & Tools for Disruptive Digital Innovation


Disrupt using data. More data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. Beyond all the data collected by computers and websites, every smart phone includes at least eight sensors, each producing data around the clock.

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Intensity of Use of Technology, Not Just Access, Is What Creates Economic Opportunity


The Next Economy will be driven by these emerging technologies : artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, drones, big data, internet of things, 3D printing, genetics and blockchain.

Paulo Malta

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Experience as independent consultant on Innovation and Business Model transformation helping customers taking advantage of technologies like Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) to gain competitive advantages in the market. Areas of expertise. Internet of Things. Post-Graduate degree in Investments and Financial Markets, Portuguese School of Bank Management (ISGB), Lisbon, Portugal. Based in Lisbon, Portugal. Background.

Either You Drive Disruption Or You’re Outpaced By It


Every single industry, domain and business is being disrupted by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain, internet of things, drones and 3D printing.