The allegory of good government, through the ages

The Future Shapers

Its name: Allegory and Effects of Good and Bad Government (in Italian Allegoria ed Effetti del Buono e Cattivo Governo ). Innovation leaders can learn much from this work and use to guide decisions from design to implementation. Adaptability Scenario Planning Innovation Leadership

Design Thinking for the Future of Work

Instead of “business as usual”, however, companies have been forced to adapt to social distancing requirements and other health-related policies put in place by local and state governments. Design Thinking At Work. Design Thinking Workshops and Training.

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Combining lean startup and agile with a design-led approach reduces business risk

Innovation Excellence

collaboration Creativity Design Governance Innovation Leadership Management Research Strategy #designthinking #riskmitigation agile flow leanFor most corporations, leading in quality means continually pursuing organizational excellence.

Agile 112

Organizational Design: Clearing the Runway for Collaboration and Breakthrough Thinking

Innovation Excellence

Technology has allowed numerous industries to grow at a rapid pace and has streamlined countless business processes…but it still can’t learn, design, and discover the way people can. For these reasons, it’s crucial for leaders to design organizations with their people in mind.

Closing the innovation leadership gap

Paul Hobcraft

Some three years back I worked in collaboration with Jeffrey Philips of Ovo Innovation to build an integrated innovation framework that is designed as a strategic part of the corporate boards’ need to deliver and cascade down the organization.

Occupying Terra Incognita: How Governments can shape the Future

The Future Shapers

At a time when the future feels so troubled for so many with the rise of automation, environmental degradation, increasing threats to peace and prosperity and rising inequality, the role of government in shaping the future has never been more important. We can choose to be passive in the face of technological change, governing without acknowledging or adapting to the new world in which citizens live. But how can governments actively shape the future?

A Model for Dual Corporate Innovation Management

Tim Kastelle

How much time does your CEO/executive management spend strengthening and protecting the current business model, versus designing the next one? Premise 3 : Exploitation- and exploration-oriented initiatives are separated in terms of organizational anchoring, governance and funding.

Digital technology is changing the innovation ‘game’

Paul Hobcraft

We need to change our thinking and design in the digital insight part more specifically within and along the innovation process. It is outcome learning as the driver for metrics It is how we design this in a more comprehensive manner will be a real challenge in 2017.

Swimming along a road in a flood of digital transformation

Paul Hobcraft

The blurring of our lives, of the breaking down of the different old industry demarcations, the blending of government, corporate and social engagements is giving increasing voice to each of us as individuals, all happening due to this exponential set of connections.

The backdrop of digital transformation and its consequences

Paul Hobcraft

The report was designed to help you to trigger your thinking, and make you aware of multiple challenges and opportunities you may encounter on this journey. Digital transformation is now omnipresent and has the potential to reshape the way all organizations operate.

Report 163

The Case for Dual Innovation

Innovation Excellence

The first time I was advocating the idea of a dual innovation approach, here also referred to as organizational ambidexterity, is now more than 5 years ago.

Twelve Jobs that Robots cannot do

Destination Innovation

Design humorous, provocative or eye-catching marketing campaigns. Government Leadership of Innovation Work and Career artificial intelligence automation bricklayer fastbrick jobs mcdonalds PWC robotThe Hadrian X robot is made by Fastbrick Robotics from Australia.

Strategic goals and design principles for establishing innovation centres

Innovation 360 Group

However, ignoring innovation and the capability it can give an organization is not a viable option in today’s marketplace, so the question is how can we better design such capabilities to drive forward innovation? Some studies indicate that up to 99 per cent of businesses are trapped in H1 due to “spiral staircase” leadership, whereby in the interest of safety and risk aversion, leaders mandate step-by-step projects with narrowly-defined goals and a predictable ROI.

Strategic goals and design principles for establishing innovation centres

Innovation 360

Strategic goals and design principles for establishing innovation centres. However, ignoring innovation and the capability it can give an organization is not a viable option in today’s marketplace, so the question is how can we better design such capabilities to drive forward innovation? Setting strategic goals and how to make the correct design choices. Outlining the strategic goals is the first step to follow when considering the possible design choices.

Network Operating Model: How To Design, Build & Embed An Agile Operating Platform Geared For Mounting Complexity & Rapid Change…

The Future Shapers

I will also do my level best to unpack the following Network Operating Model design thinking in a practical and accessible way. New technology will require new delivery models and new styles of leadership. Taking A Customer Journey Approach To Operating Model Design.

Agile 62

Organizations suffer constantly from unhealthy Innovation tension

Paul Hobcraft

Often we forget to reinforce the very design within our organizational structures, we leave role structures incomplete and uncertain, or we always seem to be changing them, before they have had any real chance to ‘form and storm.’

System 191

Why Design Thinking Will Fail

Business Innovation Design

Similar concept applies to the most-hyped innovation process; Design Thinking. Not living up to the hype will be the cause of failure of Design Thinking as the sought-after innovation process. However there are good reasons why Design Thinking has been prominent in the recent years. Design Thinking is a creative problem-solving approach with specific tools, methods and mindset designers are adept in.

Identifying and Implementing Innovation Measures

Integrative Innovation

Rather, the crux of effective innovation measurement is to understand the problem that measurement should solve for the organization and, based on that insight, to design and implement a useful and usable innovation measurement framework appropriate to the organization’s needs.

Dynamics within the system are always dominated by the slow components.

Paul Hobcraft

“Slow constrains quick, slow controls quick” The only way to ensure speeding up is to be more coherent on the purpose, clarify the bounds and governing principles that need to be enacted and expect delivery on a clear, set timing.

System 150

Focusing on moving from disorder in today’s world

Paul Hobcraft

This requires clear leadership and direct communications to attempt to impose immediate actions and re-establish order. To borrow and adapt a phrase from F.

System 172

Nesta’s Landscape of Innovation Approaches

Paul Hobcraft

One of their team, Bas Leurs , who is their head of learning experience design has been working on “ A Landscape of Innovation Approaches “ I read version one in February 2018 and did not pick up on version 2, published as a blog in December 2018. It clearly has that bias to government and the UK civil service but all innovators, irrespective in the private or public sectors will extract good value out of this I know. You sometimes need to kick yourself.

The Case for Dual Innovation

Tim Kastelle

How can interfaces between dedicated units and core business be properly designed in order to develop disruptive ideas up to commercialization? In fact, it’s now a question of how they can be adequately organized, governed and operationally implemented.

Survey 203

A really worthwhile report on Innovation not to be missed from Innovation Leader.

Paul Hobcraft

draw in people with very different professional backgrounds that have design, engineering, and technology as their core- It really can transform thinking and product solutions.

Report 244

Thoughts about How to Define and Use Metrics Effectively

Rmukesh Gupta

We measure all kinds of things and it has slowly but steadily become common practice to move to pay-for-performance models in every sphere of life including businesses, policing, healthcare, education, non-profits, governments, etc.

Navigating Innovation Options


An innovation program designed to bring already-identified ideas to market with the most efficient use of employee time looks much different than a broad capability building effort aimed at white space. Innovation is a core business process.

Shifting our thinking within the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Paul Hobcraft

Overhaul though, I was a little disappointed, as it lacked the real leadership insights you come to expect, strong personalities did not seem to shine through this year from the speakers and panelists give. Data can give us the raw material to design our virtual world, to model them.

Digital Transformation: Dual Approach to Business Model Innovation

Integrative Innovation

sustainable integration of the disparate Explore and Exploit management systems/operating models across their dimensions – such as mandates/objectives, leadership/governance, metrics, organizational structures/processes or culture.

Defending Europe, including the Brits, on innovation

Paul Hobcraft

You get the impression those in Europe’s leadership are beating back the waves of progress, not embracing them- it is all self-serving. Yet we see growing polarization as people can’t see the future as the European leadership itself, bickers and argues.

A Model for Integrative Innovation Management

Integrative Innovation

How much time does your CEO/executive management spend strengthening and protecting the current business model, versus designing the next one? Premise 3 : Exploitation- and exploration-oriented initiatives are separated in terms of organizational anchoring, governance and funding.

Delving into a complex world: helping to keep pace

Paul Hobcraft

The emphasis from many of these leading consultancies has been on establishing a clear “thought leadership” approach to underpin their expertise and attract as a ‘go to’ resource. It does seem thought leadership really can have a direct commercial impact.

The Billion Dollar Breakthrough You Missed

Gregg Fraley

Deliberate combinations, aka concept blends, can be done by individuals, companies, non-profits, or governments. Design Thinking, Agile, Lean, and older frameworks like CPS (aka Osborn-Parnes) are all attempts to find the system, the process steps, that will assist in repeating innovation.

Uncharted Waters Disrupting the Corporate Boardrooms

Paul Hobcraft

Now corporate governance includes overseeing new business development with its itchy elements of experimentation, demand for scalability, risk of failure and navigation in a fully digitized and unpredictable new business world.

Innovation and Organizational Culture

Tim Kastelle

Chandy found that corporate culture was a much more important driver of radical innovation than labor, capital, government or national culture. Viktor Hwang has introduced the term “social contract” as set of values that governs people’s organizational life.

Future-proof Your Innovation Management: Dual Innovation

Integrative Innovation

The specific logic in each of these playing fields manifests e.g. in specific leadership, processes, metrics, governance and people / culture factors. Figure 3: Organizational design options for Reshape the Core (Playing Field 2). This article was co-written with Frank Mattes.

Finding the Meaning and Purpose of Digital Transformation

The Future Shapers

It is often entangled in corporate governance and culture. It is these forces that we need to understand and master to align our business, operating, and governance models to the new reality. Only then can we design a “digital-proof” corporate structure to boost digital competitiveness.

Scaling-Up: The Foundation

Integrative Innovation

Its uniqueness lies in designing a distinct ‘Playing Field’ between the explorative (radical or disruptive) innovation domain, managed by corporate units and the exploitative (mostly incremental) innovation domain, managed by BUs. Design Thinking, Lean Start-up or Sprints).

Can Africa’s Entrepreneurs and Innovators solve Africa’s Problems?

Destination Innovation

What can save Africa from its many problems; grinding poverty, corrupt bureaucrats, incompetent governments and dire infrastructure? It is designed to be easy to assemble in rural communities. The design enables the toilet to quickly eradicate odors and bacteria.

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No, it’s not a perfect proclamation or unusually eloquent, but it could be a spark to ignite meaningful pressure on those in our government who need it most. Government services have to be provided so we don’t bump into each other. Demand leadership, demand shared vision.

Risk and Innovation frustrate me

Paul Hobcraft

Few, however, have developed the agile, iterative approach that can drive breakthrough innovation rather than drowning it—or have created the risk-tolerant, organization-wide governance structures that allow such capabilities to flourish ” Stepping over the risk marker drawn in the sand.

Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 1

Tim Kastelle

Leadership through vision and influence, rather than command and control, is required. It requires a more deliberated approach, such as the lean startup process, design thinking or a combination thereof.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

Daniel Burrus

Artificial intelligence applies to computing systems designed to perform tasks usually reserved for human intelligence using logic, if-then rules, and decision trees. Innovation Leadership Mobile Strategy Technology Transformation Trends A.I.

Confusion or Diffusion in Energy Transition?

Paul Hobcraft

We lack any clear roadmaps or commitments from industry sectors, governments, or institutional framework. Achieving a 2015 Paris Agreement on climate targets was an achievement that is still in some level of being undermined at Government level.

Shifting Innovation Perspectives for 2019

The Future Shapers

We looked at designing the future and shaping the journey, and at the importance of communication in engaging people in the transformation required. And we looked at new approaches to leadership and its criticality to success both in shaping and delivering the vision as well as in leading through change. Leadership. Andrea Sutton, Vice President of Design Technology at AT&T commented in November 2018 that. “ Is this down to the leadership team? Leadership.