3 Keys to Team Building Exercises that Create Impact


I was the “interviewee” for an “Inside the Executive Suite” article from Armada Corporate Intelligence about how to plan team building exercises that create impact for work teams. 3 Keys to Team Building Exercises that Create Impact.

You Have Observed and Thought. Now What?


You build a team, execute a plan , and keep working it. He didn’t just fix the tables, he worked on the formulas and design of the book until it was simple and accessible to the point where the ship’s cook could use the text to find the ship’s location.

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Improv for Business

Gregg Fraley

And it’s only partially about collaboration and team bonding. Improv schools like Second City and IO Theater in Chicago lead executive or team workshops, and their focus is on team building. Improv is a Swiss Army Knife for Problem Solving.

Ending the UX Designer Drought

Boxes and Arrows

The user experience design field is booming. For user experience design to remain the vibrant, innovation-driving field it is today, we need to make enough designers to fill these positions. Fortunately, there are a tremendous number of people interested in becoming a UX designer. UX design is a strategic discipline in which practitioners make recommendations that can have a big impact on an organization’s revenue.

Innovation Training Under Utilized

Gregg Fraley

Teams and work groups don’t know how to be collaborative. Training the teams, having a skilled facilitator in-house, and frequent practice of divergent thinking are essential to effective idea generation sessions. Training Accelerates Innovation.

4 Team values to build a culture of innovation [with video]


Since Pris, CEO and founder of Be-novative graduated as a psychologist, she often speaks about the psychological factors of how to build an innovation culture every day. In fact, these 4 values we share within our team, Be-novative as well, since the time our startup was founded.

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Are Design Patterns an Anti-pattern?

Boxes and Arrows

Design patterns are generally considered a good thing, but do they actually help run a user experience group? As a user experience group manager and an observer (and sponsor) of design pattern exercises, I’ve come to have serious questions about their actual utility.

Interview with Pascal Cools from the Flanders District of Creativity

Idea to Value

Essentially, it was designed to help companies think of innovation in a different way. What does it take to encourage creativity and innovation across an entire region?

Creating Joy with JoyMakers Innovation Sprint


Research and Analysis Altogether, we had 10 sessions with our partner’s team (Joy Ventures) devoted to analyzing and defining the mission and the challenges we are aiming to solve?—?the And of course… to team up! The teams had access to Joy Ventures mentors throughout the program.

8 Successfactors of Organizing a Global Hackathon


From the Facilitators’ point of view What does it take for a team to win? Distributed teams were formed by like-minded people from different backgrounds across Asia (279 teams), Americas (88 teams) and Europe (106 teams) bringing in various viewpoints about their future products.

3 Innovation Specialists Busting the Myth About Brainstorming

Innovation in Practice

When thinking about creativity in teams, we often imagine a bunch of people in front of a flipchart throwing on the paper whatever comes to their mind – brainstorming. This is how Mark McGuinness defines the term: “‘Brainstorming’ is such a common word that it’s often used to describe any meeting or conversation designed to generate ideas. Maybe that’s a bit much to take onto your plate as a 5-person team…. Design Thinking Innovation Inside the Box Strategy

Stop Slowing Down Your Innovation Projects

Peer Insight

Here are six affordable steps you and your team can take tomorrow to accelerate your time to market: 1. Framing facilitates decision-making and helps to align broader teams, build confidence, and make decisions with leadership.

Business Innovation Using LEGO Models

Innovation 360 Group

That includes activities such as drawing, writing what-if scenarios, fleshing out conceptual designs, building working models, guiding collaborative flights of fancy and throwing out all assumptions. Business Innovation Using LEGO Models.

36 Articles to Explore Strategic Planning Process Activities


Yesterday, we identified the six types of strategic planning process activities we use to design a client’s strategic thinking workshop. Interacting (Networking, meeting, team building). 3 Keys to Team Building Exercises that Create Impact.

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Driving Holism in Cross-channel Projects

Boxes and Arrows

Podcast Summary Today on Boxes and Arrows, Chris Baum talks with Patrick Quattlebaum, Design Director at Adaptive Path. Patrick has some interesting insights and tools that designers can use to develop experiences across channels. Quattlebaum explores the difference between atomism and holism, and how designers often struggle with making parts of an experience that really needs to be thought of as a whole. Show Time: 29 minutes 29 seconds.

How to Improve Your Next Brainstorming Session


Have people turn off their phones and be 100 percent present at your brainstorming venue, which could be a park, a café, or even just a conference room in another building. Have a Designated Note-Taker.

Rethinking the measuring of innovation

Paul Hobcraft

This side of the innovation balance sheet gives the commitment and sense of belief that can encourage investment, as the people side equates to the measurement of the team within a new venture. Those that are leading to improving the softer aspects of innovation (our left side of the innovation balance sheet) that would contribute to its build and health. Skill of working together effectively – team building, encouraging diversity.

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Stimulating creativity in your organization


Actively hire for creativity and also enable to creative mindset to emerge from each and every member of your team. E.g. a wall decorated by employees, interactive lunches or team building events, flexible project teams.

Creating Digital Entrepreneurs 


How do we build a culture that embraces innovation – and can successfully face the challenges of the digital age? So, it is essential to build awareness around your company’s digital initiatives – and to give your employees and leaders the opportunity to be part of future.

Agile 65

Transforming workplace culture with your innovation management program


At a high-level, what we’re talking about is building organizations where employees are productive, personally fulfilled and able to respond adaptively to the dynamic work environment of a 21 st century organization. Building Autonomy Supporting Environments.

Unexpected Business Decisions

The Human Factor

Your team will respect you more for it as well, seeing the boss walking around helping with the ‘real’ work can be pretty inspiring and motivating too. It’s always good to know you’re part of a team that pulls together in adversity! contributed post –. Getting Your Hands Dirty.

Building Your Innovation Team: Jobs, Roles and Proficiencies

The Inovo Group

“The strength of the team is in each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” The first step for a leader tasked with creating this innovation system is to build his or her support team. A Framework for Building an Innovation Team.

3 Traps of common market research methods

Moves the Needle

Market Research and Product Silos vs. Cross-Functional Teams For starters, product and market research are usually two separate activities. They require two separate teams. Market researchers generate insights from potential customers that are reported to the product team. Sometimes it’s an agency that gives a report to an innovation lead, and then to a product team. This is why we’re such a proponent of cross-functional teams, where everyone builds empathy.

How to Run a Good Brainstorming Session

Rmukesh Gupta

Last week I was invited to run a Design thinking experiential workshop for the STC conference in Bangalore. As a design thinking coach, I end up facilitating a lot of such brainstorms as it is one of the core steps in the problem solving approach. Share It: The second step is to ask every to share their ideas with the team. This is again done individually first and shared with the team later.

Building an Idea-Driven Organization at HCA


I instantly knew that the book contained the foundation of the culture I would hope to build in MidAmerica—my only question was whether the MidAmerica team was ready for it. In preparation for the first offsite meeting I would have with my senior leadership team, I asked them to read the first chapter of the book so we could discuss it as a group. From these “simple truths”, my team and I worked to develop a structure that would support an Idea-Driven Organization.

Experimenting Your Way to Bolder Innovation


If you want to create a successful, hyper-growth company, you've got to focus on empowering your teams to rapidly experiment.” The evaluation team selects the best one, and authorizes an experiment team to dedicate their time to completing it.

Qmarkets’ Winter Product Release – Prime Your Idea Management System for Success


Experts Can Assign Experts: This new feature enables designated experts to pass on ideas to other experts for further assessment. New Collaboration and Team Building Settings: A ‘Join the Team’ button can now be added, allowing users to combine their unique skillsets towards bringing an idea to life. Aside from focusing on delivering new features and functionality, our new product release is designed to give your IT personnel greater peace of mind.

How to Ensure that Your Next Conference Will Be a Big Success

Idea Champions

We design and facilitate conferences that make a big difference -- memorable events that are totally engaging, enjoyable, and radically increase the odds of your conference outcomes sustaining over time. AGENDA DESIGN: Most corporate conferences are like American cities.

6 ways to grow your curiosity

Rmukesh Gupta

Holding a curious mindset is a great starting point when you’re leading your team or organization. Your team won’t either. And how can you help your teams build this ability? Why did the customer so much like the very item that was designed to irritate and anger him? Share this with all your team mates. If you’re in a truly new space, you won’t always know the answers. You’re going to venture into the unknown together.

The Final Day of WOIC 2014

Open Innovation

I wasted nearly an hour trying to get the (original and latest) client app to work — it’s not clear if it failed due to bugs in the software or in the user design. It seems to be a common team-building formula — except that (beyond Finland) the spa/sauna element is rarely used.

User Research With Small Business Owners: Best Practices and Considerations

Boxes and Arrows

Given the many hurdles small businesses face, designing tools and services to help them succeed has been an immensely rewarding experience. When socializing your findings to a product team, building empathy for the participants and their challenges is key. Art / design (e.g.,

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Using Wikis to Document UI Specifications

Boxes and Arrows

Introduction The role of the interaction designer is to specify the interface’s behaviors and elements, so that engineers know what to build and how the product should operate. As designers, we often find ourselves working with teams that are using agile processes.

Agile 83

Experimenting Your Way to Bolder Innovation


caption id="attachment_21197" align="alignleft" width="330"] Jeff Holden - "Build a team that has an experimental ethos"[/caption] Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon, states : “Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day…”.

Experimenting Your Way to Bolder Innovation


caption id="attachment_21197" align="alignleft" width="330"] Jeff Holden - "Build a team that has an experimental ethos"[/caption] Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon, states : “Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day…”.

A Dream: Learner-Centered Professional Development for Growth

Boxes and Arrows

But ten years later, when we were designing the first Macintosh computer, it all came back to me. And we designed it all into the Mac. Maybe some coding classes and a "team-building class."

When innovation led to a reversal of fortunes


Apple has refashioned consumer experience with its iconic branding, stylish design and a diverse product range, its own retail stores, and important partnerships with the competition. The climb has been quite an uphill task for the iconic toy designer.

Is Recognition The Key To Unlocking Your Workforce’s Productivity?

The Human Factor

They can condition team members to act in their own self-interests at the expense of what’s best for the team, they can turn friendly competition between colleagues nasty and unpleasant and can actually sabotage the kind of workplace culture that you want to perpetuate.