How machines learn (a great video explanation of deep learning)

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In today’s dose of inspiration, I wanted to give you an insight into one of the most innovative technologies of the past few years which has the potential to revolutionise entire industries: machine learning.

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UI Pattern Documentation Review

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Producing a common pattern library, however, implies that the patterns presented are at the very least, consistently documented and most probably presented in the same single classification system. Documentation to fully describe a UI standard is, by its nature, extremely detailed and complex.

Crafting a wonderful Primary Document: Part II

Gijs Van Wulfen

Crafting a wonderful Primary Document: Part II. It is quite simplistic when creating remarks to jot a situation reduced fast and learn that in case you evaluate your remarks soon after you can not remember if it is your own personal notion or possibly a quote from someone else. Methods And ; plagiarism. Other peoples’ keywords. A good expectation trainers have of your essays is basically that you will recognise and insurance quote from many posting by many people.

Using Wikis to Document UI Specifications

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This documentation is commonly known as a UI specification or UI spec. However, designers should be aware of a wiki’s benefits and drawbacks for documentation, since UI specs uniquely reflect a project and its context.

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How to Write an Analysis Document

Gijs Van Wulfen

Watts 2010, administration, new york: cengage learning. Subsequently, businesses will have inplace effective manufacturing methods and techniques. How do I Generate a Compare-and-Contrast Essay? We do it many of the time. We match up and we distinction virtually everything that occupies our attention. It helps us to produce options somewhere between one thing and one other, no matter if to acquire beefsteak or hen, tea or coffee, observe a movie or require a nap.

Ways to Learn Creativity

Innovation in Practice

Let’s look at how you learn it. There are various schools of thought about how to learn creativity. But there is still so much to learn about the brain. The problem for me is we have very little documentation about their methods.

How to Produce a Position Report with Trial Documents

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Relish sharing and do not plagiarize When summarizing may perhaps be educational in your audience which have not learn the original show results, it happens to be honestly for the instructor who has to see if you’ve gotten undertaken the mandated browsing to be able to summarize it with recognizing and with a few competence. But my partner and i have reconciled. The Summary Essay Assume it! The summary essay can be required not as soon as but a great number of moments.

Applying AI and Machine Learning to Patent Data Analysis


Artifical intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques are changing the world of patent data analysis. A patent document is a well-structured document, with title, abstract, claims, and description all clearly defined. These facts make patent data very suitable to be processed with machine learning techniques. At yet2 , we started to use machine learning and other statistical methods quite earlier.

Agile Frameworks: learn how they work in practice


Communication – clarity and confidence, resulting from the personal conversation between the work team and the client, with the elimination of documents. Learn – build metrics to justify continuing the project, incrementing it, or restarting.

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Learning Design Thinking By Design Doing

Rmukesh Gupta

After a lot of deliberation and ideation, we decided to use the process and explore if we can make documentation fun. So, there were no post-it notes, no charts, no empathy maps or customer journey maps, yet, the participants were able to experience and learn about Design thinking.

Why Don't We Reflect & Learn?

Michael Roberto

Most leaders acknowledge the value of learning from past experience. Some organizaitons have established highly regarded best practices for deriving lessons learned from past projects. Army pioneered the After-Action Review process, and it has documented the substantial benefits derived from the systematic use of this lessons learned methodology. What seems to be preventing these powerful learning experiences from occurring in organizations?

Teaching/Learning UX: Considerations for Academic-Industry Partnerships

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At the same time that knowledge in the academy is often chopped up into discrete units called disciplines, however, there are other obstacles to establishing UX as a real concern that are specific to state- and federal-funded institutions of higher learning. service-learning or volunteering). A big focus of this class is the creation of documentation, because that’s part of the course description that was approved. But how is “documentation” increasingly being produced?

Learning by Doing

Michael Roberto

Sternin proved the value of learning by doing in an amazing project on malnutrition in Vietnam, while he and his wife were working for Save the Children. The malnourished families learned by doing. They'd written position papers and research documents and development plans. change learning by doingOn Twitter the other day, I saw a great quote from Jerry Sternin.

Application of advanced analytics and machine learning in the banking industry


According to the Global Banking Outlook 2018 study conducted by Ernst & Young, 60-80% of the banks are planning to increase investment in data and analytics and 40-60% plan to increase investment in machine learning. Analytics and machine learning on their own are mere buzzwords.

UX One-liners

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However, learning from our approach, I found something about the way we bring people into the fold that we can stand to improve. Big Ideas Deliverables and Documentation Learning From Others Process and Methods A little background to start: I’ve had the honor of working as a designer-in-residence for General Assembly’s User Experience Design Immersive Pilot Program (UXDI) from June through July.

Are Design Patterns an Anti-pattern?

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Should they spend time on documentation or collaborate on projects? Should junior people learn from the documents or, as is typical in the crafts, apprentice with an experienced designer? Should they spend time on documentation or collaborate on projects?

Forms: The Complete Guide

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All the code we’ll be writing will go inside jQuery’s $(document).ready() The $(document).ready() after $(document).ready(function(){ So that’s one less thing to learn. (I Within our $(document).ready() Bonus learnings! Deliverables and Documentation Method

Forms: The Complete Guide—Part 4

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All the code is inside the jQuery $(document).ready() Within $(document).ready() Learn a few key things in JavaScript/jQuery. The jQuery documentation is pretty good. It means we need to learn a bit of JavaScript, but we can do a lot with a little.

The Wheel of Innovation: Lessons learned from >1,000 companies and 62 countries

Innovation 360 Group

Beside what’s shown in Figure 1, competences are crucial, but the capacity to learn is what really counts (and is also a subset or the 67 capabilities in Figure 1). The post The Wheel of Innovation: Lessons learned from >1,000 companies and 62 countries.

Integrating UX into the Product Backlog

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In my view, this is far better than other traditional approaches to documenting requirements that are often detached from user’s goals. “Agile Development: Lessons learned from the first scrum” Cutter Agile Project Management Advisory Service, Executive Update, Vol.

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Alignment Diagrams

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” The phrase “alignment diagrams&# describes a class of documents that reveal the touchpoints between a customer and a business. Learn about alignment diagrams. Deliverables & Documentation Big Ideas Deliverables

Persona Grata

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Perhaps what I’ve learned will help others in their journey to hone, tweak, and improve their work as well. In the summer of 2011, I interned at Cooper, where I learned (among other things) how to use personas. I learned that personas, though important, are never used in isolation but rather implemented in conjunction with other processes, concepts, and methods that support and augment their use. The fundamental understanding of users is important, not the document itself.

Lessons I learned from my summer class


In theory, educators now have lots of inexpensive tools that can be used to make their students’ learning experiences more meaningful. I know what has to go into planning reusable technical labs that allow students to use all their cognitive powers to concentrate on lesson objectives (and not on learning yet another tool). If they are helping other students learn the technology, they are being robbed of learning time.

10 Tips for Creating a Personal Learning Plan

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" Tips for Creating a Personal Learning Plan. Brainstorm some learning goals for the next 6 months. Where do you want to be a week from now, a month from now, two months from now, at the end of your learning experience? How do you want to learn? Can you connect with other people who are want to learn the same thing? Come up with a preliminary plan for pursuing your learning. Learning shouldn't be relegated to when you're exhausted.

The Wheel of Innovation: Lessons learned from >1,000 companies and 62 countries

Innovation 360

Beside what’s shown in Figure 1, competences are crucial, but the capacity to learn is what really counts (and is also a subset or the 67 capabilities in Figure 1). Internal innovation on the other hand (the left part of Figure 2) is about how to organise for knowledge creation and sharing, production, process development and redesign, supply and cross-border learning.

Why Build, Measure, Learn – isn’t just throwing things against the wall to see if they work – the Minimal Viable Product

Steve Blank

I am always surprised when critics complain that the Lean Startup’s Build, Measure, Learn approach is nothing more than “throwing incomplete products out of the building to see if they work.”. Unfortunately the Build, Measure, Learn diagram is the cause of that confusion.

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The Engineering Stakeholder Interview

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The company’s executives weren’t excited to see those millions go down the drain, but they were glad they’d learned about the issues before throwing away the additional millions they’d planned to spend. Deliverables Deliverables and Documentation Process and Methods

User-Centered Design is Everyone’s Responsibility: A Launch Checklist

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A project launch checklist is a document that brings greater visibility to small but important tasks that are often overlooked by project teams. Many of these items are crucial to the project launch strategy but are never formally documented. Learning From Others Methods

Creating the Persuasive Pattern card deck

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To cater to both sides of design, I started the journey of mapping and documenting useful psychological insights used by designers. Having documented useful psychological design principles, I was still struggling to put them to practice with my development teams.

Trusting the Process

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The SOW described the content deliverable as a Word document that outlined the content strategy. Therefore, my team dutifully created a document that contained everything the client needed to guide their content strategy. As we compiled the content strategy document, we knew it was unlikely to be useful. This example, and the lessons learned from it, demonstrates the importance of keeping deliverable format open to change until more of the unknowns are fleshed out.

The Sales Stakeholder Interview

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Sales people often don’t take the time to probe and learn the need behind the feature request, but the answer to this question may hint at some things to look for in customer and user interviews. Deliverables Deliverables and Documentation Process and MethodsThis is an excerpt from from Kim Goodwin’s excellent Designing for the Digital Age. It is quite long, so we’ve broken it into several sections. Many thanks to Ms.

Five Technology Tools for Capturing and Sharing On-the-Road Learning

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This got me thinking this morning about the right tech tools for this kind of trip, which, in turn, led me to think about how learning needs to get out of the office and into the field. Learning on the Road. For me, that implies that as learning professionals we need to get into the field where people are doing their work and start capturing what people are doing and how they are doing it to share with others.

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When Information Design is a Matter of Life or Death

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Medicine or patient information leaflets refer to the document included inside medicine packaging and are typically printed on thin paper (see figures 1.1–1.4). An option would be to provide the document written to different educational levels.

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Top 10 yet2 Blog Posts of 2018


Our team wrote a number of widely read blog posts in 2018, spanning the topics of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, adjacency in tech scouting, startups and their comparative value proposition, anonymous searches in tech scouting and more. AI and Machine Learning Blog Posts. Applying AI and Machine Learning to Patent Data Analysis. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques are changing the world of patent data analysis.

Unleash Your Visual Superpower!

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In years of presentations working at an agency, I learned to sense the tension building before a design was revealed. One opportunity for designers is to “own” the future, to use their unique skills to document and maintain the future state of the product.