Sun.Jul 05, 2020

Summer Reading List: 9 Books That Will Help You Understand The Covid Crisis

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This summer, I’m focusing my reading list on books that will help you understand the Covid crisis better. Related posts: Summer Reading List: Books That Explain The Future. Summer Reading List: [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. All Post




Connecting with a diverse range of my coaching and consulting clients over the past few weeks, has seriously deepened my understanding of the impact of disruption and adversity, on our stress levels and neurology, and the importance of leading and managing these factors, from both the business and the human perspective.

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#1,767 – Sign Language Gloves

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

How do you say, “2020 sucks” in sign language?

How to select the right innovation projects

Innovation 360 Group

November 17, 2020. 2020 Events Client Event Event Webinars

#1,769 – Let’s All Take Vitamin D

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

The other day I learned that vegans have to take Vitamin D supplements or face dire health consequences – because of their diets they aren’t getting enough Vitamin D naturally and that is a recipe for disaster.

#1,771 – Let’s Ban Deodorant

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

When it comes to stopping COVID-19 we may need to start thinking outside the box. And it doesn’t get much more outside the box than the idea of banning deodorant to force people to not only wear masks, but to do so properly, with their noses covered.

#1,768 – Electric Scaffolding

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

I’ve been writing a lot about COVID-19, about all the latest mask innovations, creative ways to practice social distancing, and the all important pursuit of a vaccine but there are other medical breakthroughs worth mentioning as well.