Mon.Jan 24, 2022

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What leaders get wrong about innovation

Strategyzer Innovation

Most people overestimate the value of ideas. They think they just need to come up with a good business idea to be successful. The reality is ideas are free. They're everywhere.

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What is ‘True Creativity’? (part 1 of 5)

Idea to Value

*Big announcement time*. You are creative. Even if you don’t feel it all the time, you have the capability to do great creative things. And yet, most of us don’t FEEL like we are creative anymore. I would not be surprised if you had times at work in the past few years (or maybe even the past few days), when you felt: Uninspired. A lack of passion.


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Society 2045’s Radically Collaborative Organizations

Tullio Siragusa

Society 2045’s Radically Collaborative Organizations. In our lives, we all have some pain and challenges. These challenges and pain are mostly a result of our choices. We are free to make different choices that will change the outcome of our lives. It only requires research and study to make a difference. We can make a difference in others’ lives too.

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Finding Ideas In The Mundane and Familiar

Phil McKinney

How many times have you walked past something and not really seen it? How many times have you seen something a million times without ever really noticing it? It's easy to take the familiar for granted. We're so used to it, we see it as mundane and stop paying attention. “The Disease of the Familiar”, […].

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Brick & Mortar Retail Relevance: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Speaker: Jay Black, Senior Account Executive

Let's set the record straight: in-store retail isn't dead - it's evolving! Faced with the digital age and the demands of omnichannel shopping, some retailers are thriving while others are struggling to adapt. Join Jay Black in this exclusive session as he explores the strategies that set successful stores apart, including: Crafting unique and unforgettable in-store experiences 🛍️ Mastering the art of retail demands 🛒 Navigating inventory challenges in today's climate 📦 an

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Parallels Between the 1920’s and Today Are Frightening

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Greg Satell It should be clear by now we are entering a pivotal era. We are currently undergoing four profound shifts, that include changing patterns of demographics, migration, resources and technology.

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hellofuture rebrands as IDEATE + EXECUTE


what happened to hellofuture? In 2021, hellofuture celebrated its 10 year anniversary, and when we looked back upon the last 10 years, we realized that we’ve done much more than help our clients welcome the future. For the most part, we’ve helped our clients IDEATE new products and EXECUTE them into existence. We… Managed a… The post hellofuture rebrands as IDEATE + EXECUTE appeared first on IDEATE + EXECUTE.

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Brunner And Black//Brown Launch “Outset,” an Industry Initiative to Help Brands Realize a New Source of Growth Through Diversity


PITTSBURGH, PA, and LOS ANGELES, CA – (January 25, 2022) – Brunner , the award-winning marketing services agency, and Black//Brown , an advisory and impact studio specializing in diversity storytelling and strategy, are teaming up to launch “Outset,” a new industry initiative designed to change the way brands leverage diversity in their marketing efforts to create more substantial revenue outcomes–especially within the B2B brand space.

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The Rich Get Richer with Crypto and NFTs


The great promise behind crypto was a redistribution of power and wealth from the haves to the have-nots.

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When Hiring Leaders from the Outside Fails

Michael Roberto

Source: NBC Sports When organizations struggle and falter, they often look to the outside for new leadership. They hire CEOs from companies that they consider to be top notch. If the firm has excelled, then presumably, it has star members of the C-suite who could make terrific CEOs elsewhere. So goes the logic. Of course, we know that these outside hires don't always work out.