Wed.May 05, 2021

Going beyond the 5 bold steps offered to Reimagine the American Innovation Agenda

Paul Hobcraft

I have been reading a report written by Stephen J Ezell of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) along with a guru of innovation, John Kao, of ILSi on their concerns that something is amiss with the U.S. innovation system.

The story of the Vasa, the innovative ship that sunk immediately

Idea to Value

What happens when the scope of a project is constantly changed? Well, usually complete and utter failure. In 1626, the King of Sweden Gustavus Adolphus was at war with Poland-Lithuania.


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Why generalists will become more valuable

Jeffrey Phillips

As we leave the COVID lockdown and the economy picks up steam again, I think many businesses will recognize a need for more generalists on their team. That could pose a problem since so many people have structured themselves and their careers as specialists.

Data 156

Making sense of innovation pipelines, funnels, and portfolios

The Future Shapers

If you have heard of the innovation pipeline, innovation funnel, and innovation portfolio, you might have wondered—what is the difference? And more importantly, does it matter, or is it about semantics? That’s exactly what I want to address in this article.

Quantifying the Value of Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is built on the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which enables manufacturers to collect, analyze, and present real-time data and analytics in easy-to-understand and highly customizable formats.

How an End-to-End Innovation Framework Promotes Competitive Advantage


Constantly changing consumer expectations and demands, along with enormous competitive pressure, put innovation at the top of every strategic plan. Innovation Management

Speaking Up Effectively

Michael Roberto

Source: Flickr After facilitating a conversation the other day with a group of managers, I went back to review something I wrote back in 2009 in a book titled Know What You Don't Know.

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