Sun.Oct 01, 2023

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We Need To Take A More Evidence-Based Approach For Transformation And Change

Digital Tonto

Today we are in a change crisis. Businesses need to internalize new technologies like AI and adapt to new realities like hybrid work, but still struggle to adopt decades old skills related to lean manufacturing, agile development and cultural competency. If we are going to drive the transformations we need to compete, we need to take an evidence based approach.

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The Art of Leapfrogging across the Energy Transition.


The art of leapfrogging accelerates the Energy Transition Any search for advantage or validation of making a change must consider the art of leapfrogging, especially in the Energy Transition we are all undergoing. Leapfrogging can accelerate the rapid and transformative progress toward a more sustainable and efficient energy ecosystem that provides advantage and customer identification.


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Twelve Digital Disruptions of Your Sales Cycle

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Geoffrey A. Moore The good news for a salesperson selling into a disrupted industry is that the forces of change are bringing net new budget dollars to the table. The bad news is, the budgets have not yet landed. In effect, then, there are two kinds of sales opportunities to target.

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Balancing Intuition and Data: The Dual Pillars of Product Innovation


In the rapidly evolving landscape of product innovation, two guiding forces emerge: intuition and data. At first glance, these might appear contradictory. Intuition, with its roots in gut feelings and experiential wisdom, seems almost archaic when placed beside the cool precision of data.

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LLMs in Production: Tooling, Process, and Team Structure

Speaker: Dr. Greg Loughnane and Chris Alexiuk

Technology professionals developing generative AI applications are finding that there are big leaps from POCs and MVPs to production-ready applications. They're often developing using prompting, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), and fine-tuning (up to and including Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF)), typically in that order. However, during development – and even more so once deployed to production – best practices for operating and improving generative AI applications are le

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Top 10 Human-Centered Change & Innovation Articles of September 2023

Innovation Excellence

Drum roll please… At the beginning of each month, we will profile the ten articles from the previous month that generated the most traffic to Human-Centered Change & Innovation. Did your favorite make the cut?