Tue.Mar 24, 2020

Example COVID-19 Crowdsourcing Campaigns


We are living in unprecedented times. I’m sure many of you (much like the team at IdeaScale) are experiencing the impacts of COVID-19’s rapid rise in personal and profound ways. So far, I’ve been heartened by how so many of our partners, colleagues, customers, and friends have responded with everything from digital happy hours to connect in times of social distancing to new methods of supporting response efforts without leaving our homes.

Coronavirus Crisis Only Heightens the Need for Innovation and Co-Creation


Those of us that work in the innovation management sector need no convincing of the benefits that it can bring to businesses and government departments all over the world. Adopting an innovative culture and approach allows an organisation to survive and thrive in the highly competitive modern business world and helps prevent them from becoming irrelevant or even obsolete. The post Coronavirus Crisis Only Heightens the Need for Innovation and Co-Creation appeared first on Innovation Management.

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The Future Shapers

For anyone of my generation, the concept of artificial intelligence is viscerally embodied in the jet-black camera lens, with the red-iris-yellow-lens eye, of the sentient computer HAL 9000 in Arthur C. Clarke’s and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Arthur C. Clarke believed this level of conversational AI would be a reality within 20 years. It’s taken us rather longer than that, but the last decade has seen astonishing progress.

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One Quick Thing: IL’s Weekly Meeting for Innovators

Innovation Leader

Join Innovation Leader for a half-hour weekly Zoom meeting to talk about what’s happening right now in the world of corporate innovation, strategy, and R&D. Each meeting features a special guest — and input from you

How To Create A Movement To Drive Transformation In Your Company Or Industry

Speaker: Greg Satell

Everybody has something they’d like to change, whether it is a problem in their organization, their industry, their community or society at large. But how can you get your ideas for change to take hold beyond a small circle of likeminded people? What you need is a cascade: small groups that are loosely connected but united by a common purpose. When they synchronize their collective behavior as networks, they become immensely powerful. A business model is disrupted, an industry is remade, the preceding order is no more and the world is transformed.

4 Questions for Today [COVID-19]


Sign up for today's webinar to find out how much you know about COVID-19 and learn the answers to what you don't! How long are we going to be physically distant? I don't know the future but since so many people ask me, I would like to give you my thoughts on how this is going to play out eventually. If you haven't had a chance to read about the Hammer and the Dance yet, I recommend you go read this first.

Is Online Collaboration Any Good?


These certainly are uncertain times. We are all rapidly having to adapt to new lifestyles and work structures at an exponential rate, as buildings close and we receive instructions to social distance and stay home. With these sudden and disorienting changes come unprecedented challenges and, as a small business, we have been facing them head-on.

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The Green Choices Your Business Really Needs to Be Making

The Human Factor

Going green with your business is something that you might do for a number of reasons – and one of them may not be profitability. You might be making your own moral choice to make your business greener and more sustainable, or you could be listening to the demands of your customers who are looking for eco-friendly choices. Making your business better for the environment isn’t always going to be the cheapest choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong one to make.

#1,608 – Dinner Bonds

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Social distancing and mandatory shelter in place orders are a necessary evil as we try to combat COVID-19. But these practices put a strain on small businesses such as restaurants that are getting shut out as people stay in. Fortunately, there may be a way to keep these mom and pop shops afloat: dinner bonds. The idea is relatively simple. Pay now. Eat later. Spend $75 today in exchange for a gift certificate worth $100 when things return to normal.

Keep Your Business Connected During Global Pandemic

The Human Factor

With how things are at the moment for a lot of businesses around the world, it means people working remotely, and working from home. Making sure that a business is connected can be something that is difficult, especially if you have a large team that are all working from home during the pandemic. But it isn’t too difficult to make sure that there are some strategies to implement. You want to keep communication at its best, no matter what the distance is between you and your colleagues.

The Perception of Ideas as Problems

Idea Champions

Here's something I've been noticing lately: Business leaders and managers tend to respond to the introduction of a new idea not as an imminent solution to be nurtured, but as a new problem to deal with. Ideas, one would think, would be welcomed , especially by an organization's movers and shakers talking the talk about innovation.

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

These Tips will Help you to Improve the Aesthetic Appearance of your Business

The Human Factor

As a business, it’s so important that you adapt and that you also take into account the aesthetic value of your business. Changes do not need to be overwhelming and this is especially the case if you take things slowly. Open Things Up. The first thing that you need to try and do is open things up as much as possible. Get rid of the cubicles you have and also switch to open desks where you can. It’s really okay for you to start out with a few desks as opposed to revamping your entire office.

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If Corona Doesn't Kill US, Distance Learning Will

Idea Champions

Here's your comic relief for the day, especially if you are a teacher (or parent) faced with the challenge of transitioning from traditional classroom learning to online, distance learning. I tip my hat to the thousands of dedicated teachers around the world who are making a heroic effort, in a very short amount of time, to make the changes necessary to adapt to these challenging times. Here's to resiliency and adaptability! Here's to creativity and collaboration.

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