Wed.Jan 12, 2022

Case Study: Xaxis Teaches Us About Accelerating Careers and Solutions


Overview: Xaxis, the world’s largest programmatic media company, realized that despite the company’s global reach, it didn’t have a global innovation program.

Fourth Grade Slump: Why 9 year olds become less creative temporarily

Idea to Value

Most people would agree that children are naturally more creative than adults. After all, there is evidence that creativity falls steadily as we get older. However, did you know that there is a time period at school when many children may also become temporarily less creative?


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Three Examples of how Edge Computing can Give you an Edge

Daniel Burrus

Nearly all of us thought the Internet was the most revolutionary breakthrough in the storage and transfer of information in the early nineties.

Top 100 Innovation and Transformation Articles of 2021

Innovation Excellence

2021 marked the re-birth of my original Blogging Innovation blog as a new blog called Human-Centered Change and Innovation.

New Ways to Reach, Influence, and Close More Deals with Intent Data

Speaker: Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing Strategist and CEO of Marketing Interactions

Acting on intent data when applied to buyer context can be a game-changer for gaining attention by increasing relevance, which drives purposeful engagement toward purchase. But all intent data is not the same. In this webinar, learn the difference between interest and intent, and the best ways to use the right data.

Tech Trends From the Consumer Electronics Show


With more than twenty years of experience in the world of technical innovation, we’re pretty good at predicting where tech trends will go. Part of what makes us so good at our job is a love for digging under the surface to see what’s going on and why.

Answers to Your Questions About The Year of Living Creatively

Idea Champions

"Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." -- Helen Keller. The next Year of Living Creatively course begins on January 30th, 2022. If you are interested, but not yet certain if the course is right for you, the following links will help you decide.