Sat.Jan 16, 2021

How to Remove Roadblocks to Creativity

Idea to Value

When people think about what barriers a marketer may have to success, they usually think of technical challenges. They think of things like defining a target audience or anticipating consumer response.

#2,063 – CES 2021: Project Hazel

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

The other day I wrote about the MaskFone, a mask that helps you make phone calls. Now comes Project Hazel from video game accessory maker Razer which will help project your voice so that people can more easily hear you when you have a mask on, often people’s #1 complaint about wearing masks.

#2,064 – CES 2021: Rollable Phones

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

The best part about CES is seeing what the next generation of tech may look like. These products aren’t necessarily on the verge of coming out. Sometimes they’re just prototypes. But despite their uncertainty there is often a sense of inevitability.