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How to Build an Innovative Corporate Culture Without Breaking the Company


In an effort to outpace competitors, industry-leading businesses have invested heavily in innovation. An innovative corporate culture allows businesses to hurdle industry roadblocks with relative ease. Additionally, an innovative. Corporate Innovation

The Rise of the Innovation Department


Companies of all sizes are organizing their innovation programs around their crowds these days. The reason for this is because a great deal of research has emerged that proves the power not just of valuable ideas, but connections between valuable ideas.

Start With The User In Mind When Integrating New Technology Into A Process


Companies with a restricted view of innovation can miss opportunities to create new value for customers and themselves. The restriction is their perspective on innovation, like believing that technology by itself is innovation; it’s not.

The State of Open Innovation Today

Innovation Excellence

Last summer I wrote about an interesting report exploring the extent of open innovation around Europe. The study, conducted by the European Academic Network for Open Innovation, showed the growth in open innovation, with the majority of organizations practising it in some form or other.

Innovation: Five Signs You Might Be Faking It

Every company wants to be a leader in innovation, but how can you tell if your company is really innovating or just going through the motions? See the 5 signs you might be faking innovation and what to do if you are.

Never Trust an Atom (and Sometimes Your Brain)

The Human Factor

While browsing in a bookstore the other day (yes, I prefer real books to digital readers for business reading), I saw a young person wearing a tee shirt that gave me a good laugh. The front of the shirt had a colorful graphic of an atom, with electrons swirling around the nucleus.

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Are You Ready To Build A Business From Home?

The Human Factor

Image source. Contributed post –. Do you believe that you have all you could ever ask for from life right now? Do you feel happy, content, and enriched? Are all of your wildest dreams fulfilled? If you have answered yes to each of these questions, then this post isn’t for you. Because you’ve done it.

Introducing Switchers

Innovation in Practice

I am excited to announce a new book that was just released by my friend and colleague, Dawn Graham. Switchers is the first book written specifically for the career changer , to help them to realize their dream of landing in a new industry or function.The first step is recognizing that the usual rules and job search tools won’t work for a switcher. Resumes and job boards were designed with traditional applicants in mind.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Design In Business

The Human Factor

Image source. Contributed post –. Small businesses can often make the same mistakes when it comes to areas like design.

A Talk based on the book – Thrive at SAP Asia

Rmukesh Gupta

As part of an employee engagement activity, I was given the opportunity to deliver a talk based on my latest book – “ Thrive – Mindsets and Skillsets needed to succeed in a world dominated by smart machines & intelligent algorithms “ . I tried to record the audio of this recording and would like to share that as part of my podcast. The recording is not very clean and there is some noise through out the recording and I am sorry about that.

11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

Learn the 11 proven strategies that you can implement quickly to get every employee innovating and contributing to the growth of your company.

Traits That Suit The Medical Industry

The Human Factor

Contributed post –. When you’re in search for a new career, it’s always important to think of the traits that you have so that you can choose a career that would suit you. As you can probably imagine, some traits such as impatience wouldn’t suit an industry such as the medical profession.

Insights from the LES 2018 Annual Meeting


Our team members Kim Ayers , Danny Soltan , and Bob Miller recently attended the LES 2018 Annual Meeting , which, conveniently, took place here in Boston. LES is the Licensing Executives Society; this was the meeting of its members based in the U.S. and Canada. The group and its members “maintain a commitment to the development and protection of IP Commerce.”.

Professional Grade Workshop Templates


Designed by Experts, to Give You a Leg Up

Why Conscious Consumers Should Have You Rethinking Your Next Innovation

New Market Advisors

Conscious consumers?—?those those who make a deliberate choice to support ethical businesses with their purchases?—?are are hardly a new phenomenon. Customers have long been boycotting companies that employ poor labor practices, promote intolerance, or harm the environment.

6 Ways to Build a Successful Innovation Program

Learn how forward-thinking leaders use crowdsourcing to impact their company’s bottom line through methods such as creating a culture of innovation.

How Einstein Would Solve a Problem If He Only Had an Hour

Idea Champions

Other Einstein quotes. Our half-day workshop on this. Idea Champions