Mon.Apr 26, 2021

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Social Innovation - the What, Why and How


When thinking of innovation, we usually think of new technologies developed by companies as engines for their own growth. However, there is more than that to innovation. It doesn’t just help companies grow; it also helps the society prosper. Today we’ll dive deeper into social innovation and show how it can serve your business.

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The 1950 speech that started creativity research

Idea to Value

Very rarely do we come across a specific moment where we can see an entirely new field of research begin. However, on Sep 2-8, 1950 , Joy Paul Guilford gave an impassioned speech as new president of the American Psychological Association where he introduced the need for more formal research into the previously vague field of creativity. It was this speech which kickstarted the field of creativity research, pioneered by himself and other researchers like Paul Torrance , and led us to the world wh


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One constant and one big change to consider in your business

Jeffrey Phillips

David Bowie sang a song about change called Changes. He spoke about the need to change - to "face the strange" - and find a new reality. Another band - Rush - talked about change as well. In their song Tom Sawyer, they wrote that "changes aren't permanent, but change is". What these rock stars and others help us realize is that change is constantly confronting us, as people, as society and as institutions.

Change 201
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Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile? There is a Bigger Thing Happening


(This is guest post by Alejandra Gonzalez , a seasoned business model strategist, product owner, and innovation coach. In this post, Alejandra shares her perspectives on when and how to incorporate lean, agile, and design thinking into your product lifecycle. Enjoy… -Ash) As a product design manager and portfolio owner, I have found myself endlessly defending why it takes 9 months to design and launch a product with no guarantee of success.

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Empowering Retail Associates to Enhance the Customer Experience

Speaker: Andrew Regan, Managing Partner at BlueSeed Retail Ltd.

Did you know that 70% of new retail technology fails to deliver expected benefits and can often decrease customer value, service, and experience? With that in mind, how can we empower our store associates to leverage new technology to optimize the customer experience and boost productivity? This exclusive webinar with Andrew Regan will dive into strategies to empower retail associates for success with new technology.

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Air, Water, Food


There’s no time like the present to set goals. Here’s a framework I use for myself and those I manage or advise. I generally try to classify projects into three levels of priority before I consider adding resources to anything on deck: Air, Water, and Food. In the unlikely event everything classified under Air, Water, and Food is done and behind us, I might move onto the next realm of importance, but generally, if it’s not Air, Water, or Food, it is going to get a very low priority, I’m st

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Building a World-Class Innovation Culture: Bayer

Strategyzer Innovation

In our work with companies, we have observed significant changes in the attitudes that leadership has towards innovation. Leaders now value innovation as the most important driver of growth. But even with leadership having understood the importance of innovation, there is still a need to ensure that companies create the right culture for innovation to thrive.

Culture 107

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How to Develop and Maintain a Positive Attitude

Tullio Siragusa

How to Develop and Maintain a Positive Attitude. We read despairing worldwide headlines on an almost hourly basis. We’ve heard of livelihoods and lives being lost and being stuck at home for over a year. There is a general dread of the most horrifying virus that through mutations may never come to an end. It is reasonable to assume that our physical, emotional, and mental health has taken a massive toll recently.

How To 80
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Pfizer Joins Apple, Google and Amazon in Exclusive Top 10 Most Innovative Companies

Entrepreneur - Innovation

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer, creator of one of the most effective vaccines against Covid-19, reached the list prepared by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), dominated by Big Tech.

Company 71
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Edge AI: discover the new limits of Artificial Intelligence


Ten years ago, we would not imagine that Artificial Intelligence would be at today’s levels. Now, it is part of industries and even devices for customer service. The time has come to take a step forward. The new frontier is Edge AI. In today’s post, you will understand what this concept is and why you will hear it a lot in the coming years.

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Empower people to create extraordinary products: ‘Empowered’ book by Marty Cagan, with Chris Jones

Rapid Innovation in digital time

Experimenting 100 innovative solutions over 20 countries in Africa twice a year: that's the process we describe in this compelling interview with David L. Ross, Innovation teacher at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Future Focus: Constructing Unshakeable Stability in Your Manufacturing Supply Chain

Speaker: Jay Black, Senior Account Executive

We’ve all heard the buzzwords to describe new supply chain trends: resiliency, sustainability, AI, machine learning. But what do these really mean today? Over the past few years, manufacturing has had to adapt to and overcome a wide variety of supply chain trends and disruptions to stay as stable as possible. Stability has become key in this post-COVID world, and will remain key moving forward.

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What a recent HBR article gets wrong (and right) about innovation metrics

Commodore Innovation

A recent HBR article ( here ) claims that use of innovation metrics (especially financial metrics) too early will “suffocate” your most promising innovations. The author, Scott Kirsner, asserts that measuring a new product with the same metrics used for established products (e.g., return on sales) leads to implicit (or explicit) benchmarking by business leaders (e.g., the CFO)—and that results in an unfavorable perception of the innovation.

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How to Take Advantage of Distractions for Greater Creativity

Innovation in Practice

We face hundreds of distractions every day. There is no way to escape them completely. We can’t just get up every morning and spend hours thinking silently. . What are we to do in this world that is full of distractions and clutter, then? . Take advantage of them. . Whether you are working amidst noisy kids or blaring email notifications, here are some ideas for how to use those resources and be creative despite all of your distractions: Utilize the Principle of Constraint.

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What a recent HBR article gets wrong (and right) about innovation metrics

Commodore Innovation

A recent HBR article ( here ) claims that use of innovation metrics (especially financial metrics) too early will “suffocate” your most promising innovations. The author, Scott Kirsner, asserts that measuring a new product with the same metrics used for … The post What a recent HBR article gets wrong (and right) about innovation metrics appeared first on Commodore Innovation.

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Innovate or Die

Entrepreneur - Innovation

The pandemic has forced us all to change, adapt and engage our customers at a faster rate than any economist could have predicted.

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Unlocking the Secret to Product Team Success: Data, Empathy, and a Whole Lot of Communication

Speaker: Donna Shaw - Senior Product Manager & Eric Frierson - Director of Innovation for Public and School Libraries

Successful product management is more than building a product: you’re also building a team. Working with cross-functional teams can appear chaotic, especially if your goals differ! It can be challenging to figure out how to communicate with team members and stakeholders. However, with some forethought and insights, you can build a successful product management team—one that collaborates to create a product that truly delights your customers.

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How Leaders Can Use a Delegation Framework


Great leaders understand the value of delegation. When a team leader delegates responsibilities to individual contributors, it illustrates the leader’s belief in their potential—this can save nearly 79 percent of team members from quitting. This also frees up time for leaders to focus on more critical and important areas of the business. As your organization and team grow, so do your responsibilities.

Project 59