Sat.Apr 04, 2020

Your Questions Answered for Ask Docs Anything About COVID-19 (Again)


Thank you to everyone that joined our second webinar on Ask Docs Anything About COVID-19. We were joined again by Dr. Greg Jacobson and Dr. Mason Mileur to answer all your questions about COVID-19. If you missed our first webinar, be sure to check out our recap.

Video 59

#1,618 – COVID Voice Detector

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

The process for getting tested for coronavirus is an arduous one to say the least. Usually involving a tenuous journey to a testing site, culminating in an unpleasant nose swab, followed by a stressful, nerve-racking days long wait for results.

Skillset vs. Mindset

Idea Champions

Yesterday, as one of my clients introduced me to a roomful of people attending a leadership development workshop I was facilitating, something she said caught my attention: Innovation skills. That's what she was telling the 41 business leaders of the future they were going to learn from me.