Sat.May 11, 2019

Innovation Capital Lies Within Organizational Learning

Paul Hobcraft

We need to know how to unlock the real value of innovation both personally and within the organization, we work for. If we do not fully understand where the innovation capital comes from, how new capital and stock can be provided, innovation will remain tentative, always stuttering along.

Business Innovation – Creating Team Cohesion

Innovation Excellence

Team cohesion is what will pull you through in turbulent times. I always say there are three ways a team can survive – as a structure, as a team or as an idea. For example, when we started the TA magazine it only existed as an idea in our minds. We dreamed to create a. collaboration Innovation

#1,496 – Imagining Tech Celebrities as Game of Thrones Characters

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Will Dany follow in her father’s footsteps and turn into the Mad Queen? Is Tyrion Lannister going to make a power play after finding out that he is really a Targaryen? Who is going to kill Cersei Lannister and take over the Iron Throne?!