Sun.Nov 20, 2022

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We Can’t Define The Change We Want To Pursue Until We Define Who We Want To Be

Digital Tonto

Today, we stand on the precipice of a new paradigm. We’ve suffered through a global financial crisis, a pandemic and the most deadly conflict in Europe since World War II. The shifts in technology, resources, migration and demography are already underway. The strains and dangers of these shifts are already evident, yet the benefits are still to come.

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Overcoming The Challenges Of Reinvention

Faisal Hoque

Commitment, timeframe matters when remaking your organization.


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How Do You Measure Power?

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Geoffrey A. Moore In a recent blog, I argued that management needs to be accountable not only for delivering current performance but also for investing in power initiatives that will fuel future performance. Compensation systems that focus solely on the former too often result in a hollowing out of the enterprise, as […].

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Crowdsourcing the FFL Way

Flying Fish Lab

At Flying Fish Lab, we follow a few Crowdsourcing Design Principles to raise the chances of success. Share with us your challenge, and we will transform that into a focused and engaging crowdsourcing brief. We will convert business jargon to everyday language to entice and excite the crowd to help you solve your challenge. We work with many crowdsourcing platforms and will choose the right ones to ensure you have a diverse crowd to truly deliver a rich collection of intelligent naïve solutions.

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2024’s Retail Odyssey: Going Small, Artificial, and Augmented!

Speaker: Joe Cicman - Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Jason Cottrell - CEO & Founder at Orium

Significant modifications are on the horizon for digital commerce in retail and customer experience come 2024. The pace of tech shifts will intensify, businesses are set to defund legacy solutions, and attractive opportunities will surface as social and retail media players join forces. To stay ahead of the curve, digital leaders are experimenting with less risky initiatives and scaling back on outdated projects that no longer yield impactful results.

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Innovation Accounting & Product Led Growth – A Failed Experiment

IM Insights

By Elijah Eilert. I recently wrote an article called What is Innovation Accounting? Explained by Artificial Intelligence , and was surprised by how well the tool, called OpenAI, managed to describe what innovation accounting is. The challenge then arose to ask OpenAl to produce an article about innovation accounting by providing only subheaders as inputs for the tool that would then generate the paragraphs.

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Are We Ready To Give Up Agency To Save Time?


I have spent the better part of the past few years advocating for goods and services that cater to the inherent slothfulness in all human beings. I’ve concluded that the automation of many of the daily tasks would make my life significantly easier. If the automation is carried out correctly and is audited, it will… The post Are We Ready To Give Up Agency To Save Time?